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221 Beachstar

I'm pretty sure there's no beaches in the books... besides, if there was, they would probably call it sand-lake or something like that - Ambergaze

I feel like he went to the beach and he was like "you know what I wanna become leader" - UrsastarOfForestClan

I think someone misspelled this... It's BEECHstar, not BEACHstar.

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222 Shimmerpelt

This reminds me of Sunset shimmer, its not a bad name, Sunset shimmer became good at the end of the movie and the other 3. - UrsastarOfForestClan

Shimmerpelt, from District 1!

You are so gonna hate me, but I don't like this name. It just sounds too sue-ish.

Shimmerpelt is a beautiful she-cat with all the toms padding after her with rainbow eyes and rainbow claws and so pretty lawl...

You get what I mean, right? Mary Sue?

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223 Havenpaw

And just how drunk were the Erins THIS time?! What IS a haven, anyways?! Whatever it is, I don't think CATS know about it!

A safe paw!...?


How many fake names is in this list!?!?!

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224 Plumwillow

Well they know what berries, cherries, pears, and apples are so I'm not surprised that they know what plums are.

How would these cats even know what a plum is?

Whats wrong with this website? -Firestorm

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225 IceHeart

0.0 we found scourge's heart! if I do remember in the manga (Its not a manga its not japanese) scourge was saying his heart was turning to ice. We must return scourge's heart ashfur needs this or they might get a divorce! (i'm just crack shipping don't kill me please)

Does she have a heart made if ice? It makes her sound mean!

Nice name, but makes her sound mean, and cruel hearted. -Squirrelleaf

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226 Palebird V 4 Comments
227 Beetlewhisker

Simple, a black cat with long whiskers.

His whiskers are black! Wait a minute...?

HELLO! Who names their son "beetlewhisker" IceWing is weird! WHO NAMES THEIR SON BEETLEWHISKER?!?!

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228 Misha

Why don't they just call him Michael!?

Misha is the Russian versian of Michael which is a male name and THIS IS MY HAMSTERS NAME!

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229 Adderfang

Adders are cool fangs are cool ADDERFANG IS COOL! -WolvesNight

This name makes sense, if he looked like somekind of adder and had very lonnnggg teeth. - UrsastarOfForestClan

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230 Tinycloud

Cute name I like it. But it kinda copies of littlecloud. -Squirrelleaf

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231 Thistleclaw Thistleclaw

This was Tigerstar's mentor and supposedly he taught Tigerstar hate. But thisleclaw sounds cute, not fierce.

Hate this dude. But, have to say, not that bad of a name. -Squirrelleaf

Thistleclaw was evil..but he's still awesome! I dunno what id do without him...-WolvesNight ps I'm not in love with him I'm a boy...

Is he mean and fierce? 😿

232 Foxwhisker

His whiskers are like a foxes! Wait...his whiskers are red! No, that doesn't sound right either...

Foxes DO have whiskers. And, proof for the song, foxes do NOT say HATEEHATEE

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233 Mousewing

Mice cannot fly. So why name a cat after a flightless and wingless creature?!

This is simply a brown or grey cat that is swift.

It's so stupid. Probably a sky clan name! LOL!

Its nice -Firestorm

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234 Swiftpaw

I like it. It means he is fast and if he had become a warrior before he died saving bright paw/heart from the dogs, then I think his name should have been swift breeze, swift tail, or swift whisker!

This is a good name- sounds like he's swift on his paws. Also a swift is a bird

The prefix to a cats name describes their appearance, so Swiftpaw means white and grey/black. They are given this at birth, so naming a cat hopekit is a silly idea. How can a cat look like a hope? Exactly. Get your naming in order people.

They mean Swift- as in the bird.

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235 Mudfur

If I had this name, people would treat me like dirt. That's what he's named after, right? - Ravenfeather

I agree with these to comments below mine. I agree so strongly. -Squirrelleaf

I like would not want to be named mudkit it makes you sound like a piece of crap

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236 Ashfoot

It sounds like a boy even though it's a girl

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237 Ashfur

There is nothing wrong with this name. His pelt is the color of ash! People suck at determining if a warrior cat name is good or bad!

Ashfur is an awesome name! And I completely forgive Ashfur.

Ashfur! My fave warrior cat :3 this isn't a bad name. - UrsastarOfForestClan

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238 Wetfoot

Seriously? He's not in river clan

Him, webfoot, and duck face would get along so well. So, so, so well. -Squirrelleaf

239 Redscar

He's a medicine cat. How did he get a scar? Was he a warrior/warrior apprentice and got a scar before?

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240 Brambleberry

Do you even know what a bramble is? It's a lush plant with lots of berries...

She's a lovely cat and all but what do berries have to do with brambles?

Because blackberries grow on bramble bushes. It's a lovely name - why is it up here?

So beautiful! iwold like that name! -Firestorm

Lovely cat with a lovely name..
Bramble is a plant with berries on it, folks!

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