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261 Tangleburr

Its those sharp things that stick on your clothes and skin and stuff like that!

Nice name for a strong cat with strong personality! sounds cute -Firestorm

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262 Cloud With Storm in Belly

My name is Cloud With Storm in Belly because my name is Cloud and I'm always hungry. - Snowdrop

Yeah maybe he is hungry or maybe he really really badly needs to take a dump.

Leafstar? Is that you in the distance?

HELLO! It means a star is shining behind a cloud!

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263 Creekfeather

What's the relationship between a creek and feathers? Maybe Leafstar saw a feather floating on a creek or near Creekpaw and thought it was a sign.

Creekfeather is a nice name though I've never seen it-WolvesNight

When I first read the name I thought it said Reekfeather.. and then I was like what.. but it was because I was scrolling and it zoomed by really quickly. And ya it's a bit of a strange name.

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264 Crouchfoot

Just take away the R in crouch and it's the most fabulous name ever.

Maybe his foot is bent inward or something.

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265 Curlfeather

This makes TOTAL sense. I mean, when you see a feather, it's usually curled, right?

266 Darrel

This makes me think of Larry, Darryl, and Darryl.

This is not a real Warriors name!

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267 Diesel

Maybe the cat's mom was a car.

It's the name of a cat in one of the Warriors manga books about Greystripe, but isn't it like a car fuel or something?

What Twoleg or queen would name a kitten this?

What the..Leafstar is that you at the gas station?! -WolvesNight

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268 Dodge

Leader: Will all cats gather around the Highrock for a meeting. :: Cats gather around :: I will be taking in a Rouge and he will be named... Dodge! Because I feel like naming a cat after a meme! Hehe

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269 Doespring

I feel like this is one of like three cats with doe in there name and I think this name could work because doe's jump gracefully.

Doe, a deer, a female deer, Ray...-The Sound of Music

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270 Domino

This is a great name for a black and white cat! Who put this on! My cat's name is Domino!

Domino is fleck's friend in crookedstars promise. He had a smashed jaw too.

271 Badgerfang Badgerfang

Well he was named badgerfang because he was to young when he was an apprentice and died in battle so his mentor named him after his bravery and fighting skill. So it's a pretty good name to me.

I think he was named badger kit because he looked like a badger DUH plus I don't know if I'm wrong but he might have been one of the kits to young to be an apprentice I don't know

Badger kit fought hard for Brokenstar, and he was killed! He deserved a name.

His name isn't bad! - IcetailofWishClan

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272 Softclaw

Leader: This cat his so god damn fluffy I can't even see her claws lets just name her softclaw.

Softpaw, I give you your warrior name, Softclaw, because you are a terrible fighter. Is this name real anyway?

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273 Nectarsong

-See's leafstar in the distance- "Hmm that might explain it.."

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275 Flamewhisker

Does he have whiskers made of flames?!

Its nice -Firestorm

: : at the naming ceremony: :
Leader: -step's onto high rock- "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the high rock oh and also every single kit can come to. Today we giving flamepaw his/her warrior name! Flamepaw please step forward." -lightning strikes and sets flamepaw's wisker's on fire- (Because that's how lightning works).
"Oh great starclan put those wisker's out! " -leader shriek's doing nothing while clan helps-
"After that incident we shall name you flamewisker! " -leader walks away to let the clan party all night-

276 Maggottooth

Named this after he ate a maggot!

This is pretty gross I don't even know if it's a real name (Looks it up) and of coarse its in a fanfic.

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278 Rowanflame

Hello! RED FLAME! Makes total sense!

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279 Finchspots

This would fit for a dappled brown cat. In my opinion, this name is very reasonable.

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280 Mothsong V 2 Comments
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