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261 Maggottooth

Named this after he ate a maggot!

This is pretty gross I don't even know if it's a real name (Looks it up) and of coarse its in a fanfic.

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262 Ashflight V 1 Comment
263 Rowanflame

Hello! RED FLAME! Makes total sense!

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264 Finchspots

This would fit for a dappled brown cat. In my opinion, this name is very reasonable.

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265 Mothsong V 2 Comments
266 Russetblaze V 2 Comments
267 Silverdusk

Firestorm, you might wanna look up, because your name is on the list...

Dusks can be silver, right? I think it's pretty.

Its more than pretty! -Firestorm

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268 Waterbreeze V 2 Comments
269 Snowblaze

Really? SNOW AND FIRE! Those are like total opposites!

What's wrong with this? MY NAMES SNOWDROP!

You, Snowpaw shall now be Snowblaze due to that you are about to caught on fire.-Nightstar

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270 Hopefur

Hope is a good prefix in my opinion, and it's also a twoleg name, but HopeFUR! That leader SO messed up. Is her fur hopeful? Is her pelt the color of hope? It just doesn't make sense!

271 Foxfang

His fangs are like a foxes. Come on peopl, quit focusing on how it sounds!

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272 Wolfeye

I don't even think they would know what wolf's were yes I know there was a pack of stray dogs but I don't think they would know about wolf's.

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273 Onyxfeather

Onyxes don't have feathers on them.

Yes, because wild cats TOTALLY know what onyx is. Heck, they think a chunk of quartz is a special stone called the moonstone, and sent by StarClan. So of COURSE they know what onyx is.

I have no words for this one- Hazelstar

God..Whats next? Furrycow?! Leafstar?! that u?! -WolvesNight

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274 Nightwhisper

The whispering of the trees in the night...sounds pretty to me! It's all mysterious, don't you think?

This sounds really nice. Read Tigerclaws Fury! That book is my favorite novella-WolvesNight

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275 Lavapelt

I agree with the comment about lave would they even know what it was like did one of them live in a volcano?

Is his pelt made of lava? This Warriors name is SO fake!

Do the cats even know what lava is?


276 Hazelpelt

It only means they have a pelt the color of hazel! WHO KEEPS POSTING THESE!

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277 Stormcloud

It sounds like a rouge name. This is the name of former kittypet Frankie in Bramblestar's Storm.

I like it! It's in honor of the storm that brought him to ThunderClan.

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278 Weedwhisker

It sounds like he has whiskers made out of weeds.

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279 Alderpaw

What's Alderpaw's best warrior name? Alder Face?

Alder is a type of tree. Its called alder bark. FYI for the post under this one

Alder bark is, well, bark of a tree. It eases the pain of toothache.
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

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280 Chickenstorm

Ooh! A tornado's blowing by on the birth of this kit! Ooh! It blew past a barn! Ooh! It picked up all the chickens! - Snowdrop

The mother of this lad just loved eating chicken. And the leader thought. "Storm and chicken. Why the hell not? " - ZeFortuneTeller

There be a storm... Of chickens

This cannot be real unless! there is a barnclan 0.0! Watch out warrior fans for the next warriors series The hunt for barnclan Chickenstorms quest!

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