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301 Furzebottom

Yeah, why don't you just remind him of his fuzzy butt every time you say his name. MEAN leader!

Yeah I don't know I'm pretty sure this is really fake.

"Hai, mai bottom is made of furze"

Haa! I was literally LUAGHING right now! Heh, Fuzzybutt...

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302 Crouchpaw

Apparently, one of his paws was always bent inward.

Wasn't this already on here?

What could be this poor cat's Warrior Name?

Crouchfur? Nope!
Crouchheart? No way!
Crouchfern? Ewww.

You get the point...

303 Thunder V 4 Comments
304 Cinderheart

HER NAME IS FINE! (I'm writing in all caps when a name that is fine is put up here! )

It sounds like she has a heart made of cinder... Just saying.

I kinda disagree. Cinderheart's just too amazing to even make a pawprint on this list. - Snowdrop

305 Cinderpelt Cinderpelt A medicine cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. She heals other cats in her Clan, ThunderClan, and is reincarnated into Cinderheart.

I think its fine her fur is grey like cinder. And also cinder is burn wood not rocks and that looks pretty grey.

I mean come on it makes her sound like she has rocks in he fur and also makes her seem like she has shaggy and matted fur

I love her name. - Snowdrop

Her pelt is the color of cinder! Come on, peopl! 😠

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306 Crowfeather

That's a great name idiot. This is one of my favorite names!

I think it's a pretty cool name this is like when jayfeather was on the list.

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307 Swiftbreeze

Her pelt is white, she's swift, and so is the breeze! It's perfect!

I LOVE it she's spotted leafs mother and willow pelt and redtail

It means she's as swift as the breeze! it fits!

THe name is epic! - Spottedtail

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308 Birchface

Is the cat's face white with black stripes or something? The leader was Birchface's father, but Birchface still got a horrible name

Birch face is so horrible. Imagine a nest, on a face. If I were Birchface, I would either,1, kill myself,2, tell the leader to change my name and threaten to kill, or 3, become leader and change my name to Birchstar. -Nightstar

I can't be the only one who read "Bitchface" first...

309 Stonestream

The name means a grey she-cat who was swift or pretty.

Is it a stream of stones? I don't really get it..

Uuu it's a mouthful

310 Fierstar

It's spelled, "Firestar." and it's not bad!

Wasn't this already on here?

Fierstar is the leader of thunderclan now!

Firestar is stupid-Oh-Pretty-Ffirestar

311 Squrrielpaw

Nice name but SERIOUSLY this list is about NAMES

Squrrielpaw is the best in Warriorcats ever! Squrrielpaw is the kid of Fierstar and sandstorm!

Squirrelpaw is a good name. It's her character that makes people hate her. - Snowdrop

Her paw is a squirrel! 🐿

312 Runningwind

I think this is a great name for a cat

He runs like the wind!

This is cool. Running in the wind! -WolvesNight

I love this name! :( - Spottedtail

313 GrassTail

I wonder if his mum was eating grass then all the sudden she went into labor and then after called him grass kit and his leader happened to hate him and called him grasstail.

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314 Featherstorm

A tornado swept through when they were becoming a warrior and all the birds fell in the clearing and the leader said it was a sign and named her featherstorm and then the clan never went hungry again because they were practicly burried in birds.

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315 Furzepaw

Furze is another name for GORSE! Yet again, why didn't they just call him GORSEpaw.

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316 Whitethroat

This name is just sad... I mean, it could have been White something, but no, they had to choose throat. Makes me think of a white cat that can't eat or drink or talk properly

What, was he born with whitecough, which stayed with him all his life. bad name, but I would probably like him if he/she were real, unless it is and I didn't know

317 Fartfoot

Fartfoot? Fartfoot? Do the cats even know what a fart is?

He farted on his foot.

This is not a real Warriors name!

Meh I would name my kit that if they really sucked and I hated them.

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318 Fatkit

Hmmm you decided it was the right thing to flat out call the kit out fat huh?

This can't be real.

Their mom is messed up bruh...


319 Hawksnow V 2 Comments
320 Shatteredice

I agree with guy/girl below me.

A bit of a mouthful but what do you expect,they are mountain cats that have just formed the clan

And I'm such a derp I read Shattereddice.

Pretty cool-WolvesNight

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