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321 Shatteredice

I agree with guy/girl below me.

A bit of a mouthful but what do you expect,they are mountain cats that have just formed the clan

And I'm such a derp I read Shattereddice.

Pretty cool-WolvesNight

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322 Pouncetail V 2 Comments
323 Scourgekit

Wow, your mama actually liked scourge huh

So this is what Scourge would be called if he was in a clan.

Oh my gosh I love Scourge! he's awesome! -WolvesNight ps how dare you put it on this list

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324 Deadstar

Are leader is dying! He's going supernova! GASHH! A black hole! RUN!

I'm sorry the comment underneath this one but its spelled our not are (yep I'm that person-_-) and what is with all the dead names what queens name their kits deadkit!?

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325 Cluckfeather

I am the same person who talked about barn clan and this is Chickenstorms mate.

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326 Superkit

Ha! Imagine if his warrior name was super cat. That would be the best. -Squirrelleaf

This queen thought highly of this kit (but ps most of these aren't real)

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327 Epicface

Why epic cats don't even know what epic really means and face seriously how can a cat have a epic FACE!

I name you Epicface, because your face is cool.

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328 Moonmoon

I HATE doubles. Seriously, this leader was coo-coo

I thought Moon as a prefix is banned. Moonflower was just a mistake. - IcetailofWishClan

Moonmoon is a warrior of ClanClan whose leader was Starstar and deputy Clawclaw.

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329 Leafleaf

Dude..this is annoying


Wow.. - IcetailofWishClan

Hey does everyone remeber the cat right before this moonmoon from clanclan? well this is her daughter.

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330 Gorsegorse

If this was a real name, it would be Leafstar's fault. - IcetailofWishClan

And of coarse this is moonmoon of clanclan's mate and father of leafleaf.

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331 Dustdust


Not. Real.

Sorry brother of leafleafkit and featherfeatherkit

Good for you Du std ust. - Icetail - IcetailofWishClan

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332 Fernfern

Poor Fernfern. That's all I can say.

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333 Fluffyface

He was a kittypet named Fluffy at first, until he joined ShadowClan, and earned his warrior name as Fluffyface later on.

334 Bobface

Bob was a kittypet at first. When he joined the clan, he was named Bobface. He never stopped looking like a Bob.

335 Bubbletail
336 Angryface

Okay all of these are becoming fake I shall comment once more when the names get real again.

337 Roundface
338 Butterball V 1 Comment
339 Waleheart V 1 Comment
340 Sniffkit
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