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61 Raggedkit
62 Bellaleaf V 4 Comments
63 Scourge Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .

How dare you insult his name. You're just like Ruby, Socks, and Tigerstar!

I really love Scourge. His name came from when his mother told him about a scourge on all good cats. The definition of Scourge is like a disease or whip.

Scourge is amaze balls!


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64 Greenflower V 1 Comment
65 Sunfish

I love this name and of RiverClan PERFECT!

I do see something so wrong with this. A Sunfish is a really large fish. So, that's like calling the cat a tad large. But, if it wasn't truthfully a really big fish, it would be fine. But, it does take a long time to think of names, so I guess it's fine either way.

Poor judgement on cats on this website, no offense, but if you put a comment button, some comments are going to be bad like this one, UH, WHY IS THIS NAME HERE? I'm OUTRAGED! - Night blossom

I love this name it's beatiful and pretty-sounding.Not every name must make sense to be good. - cassiabez

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66 Oddfoot

If you read code of he clans it says he was born with a twisted paw so it does make sense a little...

It makes sense because he has a twisted foot

Now which is worse... Oddfoot, or deadfoot. And anyway, what IS wrong with my paws, a lot of cats have crooked or bent paws!

I still like this - Naphtali

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67 Buttheart

Interesting. This is a really mature name.

Stop being so IMMATURE - Spottedtail


68 Stumpytail

I actually laughed when I heard this name! I guess it's just the word stumpy...

Stumpytail?! Clawface and Rowanberry are so mean to even call him stumpykit!

*at gathering* Hey, Stumpytail, "Let me introduce you to Berrynose! He has a stumpy tail, but a normal name! "

I would have named him Stumpybrain in honor of his stupidity

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69 Rusty

HOW DARE YOU?! Firestar's awesome

Rusty is a great name for an orange cat. Why is it on this list!?!?

Anyway, enough ranting about his name, I actually think Rusty is a pretty sweet name for an flame-coloured tom xx


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70 Furzepelt

Um, this name isn't to bad, but what in the world is a furze? Laugh out loud I'd feel better if I knew what I was naming my kit:) Furze. What a funny name.

What the crap is furze? It sounds like a science expirement gone wrong!

Furze is another name for gorse. And there is a bunch of Gorse- cats, so Erin Hunter just got creative.

Instead of acting idiotic, you could look up what "furze" is. - Naphtali

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71 Sharpclaw

Isn't that the name the Ancient Cats used for warriors?

Yes, but some warriors don't know about the tribes at all.

I hate Sharpclaw always trying to be leader instead of Leafstar

This means cat in Survivors, so there calling sharpclaw "cat"

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72 Floss

Just sounds weird! Dental floss

Smoky says, Floss, you have such pretty teeth, and that's why I call you Flossy Poo.

Floss and yellowfang should meet up some day

Dental floss!

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73 Marigoldkit Marigoldkit

I sounds so adorable!

Mouthful, yet beautiful -Firestorm

It is WAY TOO LONG! And it sounds weird to say out loud...

I honesly think the name "Marigoldkit" Is great also "Marigold" Is good preffix.I love these Herbs prefixes. - cassiabez

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74 Crookedstar

Poor Crookedstar. Curse you, Rainflower and Mapleshade! They ruined his life.

Mapleshade didn't ruin his life. He would've ruined his life even more without her. And she didn't curse him. The cats he loved would die either way. - Catsarah123

Rainflower should have been nicer to him.

It is awesome. I love crooked star

Curse you RAINFLOWER - Spottedtail

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75 Graystripe

Really. Who the heck put this up here? Graystripe makes the most sense out of the names... Why go against it?!

I love Graystripe, he has good character and a nice name.

I like Graystripe, but I didn't know he had any stripes until later!

I love the pre-millie graystripe

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76 Fartlove

"i now name you fartlove, because I am mentally disturbed."

Hello children


WHAT - Lunala

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77 Whitewater

I just HAD to laugh at this.

Another stupid name that's an actual word. These names really bug me a lot, and whitewater means "fast shallow stretches of water in a river"

It's off of white water rafting, where you ride over Rapids in a tube, and it sounds cool

Am I the only person who likes this name? It's so cool! - Spottedtail

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78 Woollytail

Woolly tail is possibly not related to sheep at all. His tail could've been so fluffy.

Yeah his tail might of felt like wool or something

Woollytail? Does the cat have sheep wool on his tail?

He is a sheep but got transformed into a cat but his transformation was incomplete so his tail was still wooly so his adopted mother b liek. Mom ' his tail has wool. Woolykit' Woolypaw ' but mom my tail is wooly not my paw! ' Mom ' SHUT UP! '

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79 Cloud With Star in Belly

-looks at cloud-
-screams because:
a. Clouds don't have bellies
b. Stars are millions of light years away from our clouds
c. Mix a and b and you've got yourself a name that makes no sense!
But I do think this is a cool name, even if it makes no sense.

None of the Tribe names are supposed to be literal. There's Stone Song, which doesn't make sense, and lots of others. - Naphtali

HELLO! It means that a star is shining behind a cloud!

It sounds silly but I still like it - Naphtali

*dies of laughter*

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80 Duckface

I bet Duckface always makes a duckface. Get it? Ha..Ha

I like the prefix duck. It should be used more in the series. And face is used for a cat who has some specific feature on their face to match the prefix, or a really pretty/handsome look

What the heck? It sounds like this cat has an orange bill sticking out of his face, and he looks like a bird. I mean, where do these names come from. The name involving jay is OK but this, its just pushing it.

This cat takes selfies - Lunala

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