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121 Smudge

Smudge is perfect. - Night blossom

Smudge is a cat with black splotches all around his fur. I think this name suits him.

This IS A WONDERFUL name for a Siamese kittypet!

Hate ya smudgey -Icefire

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122 Sandstorm

You should be quiet cause sandstorm is an awesome name

Sandstorm is a great name! Whoever made this list knows nothing about warriors. - Mistyfoot

Come on people don't take These names so literary just because the name is not a real thing or just because some other reason don't take it seriously people
Their are a lot of names that don't make sense

We need a kittypet introduced called Darude - Naphtali

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123 Cloudtail

I think it's a good name.

I disagree with the person who said Bluestar is losing her mind.

He's one of my favorite cats. And Cloudtail is for his bushy tail

Makes me think of sausage. Like the tail made of clouds is divided into sections like sausage.

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124 Brightheart

What's wrong with her name? Half her face was practically ripped off, and she managed to still be a good cat. Brightheart just means that she has a good heart, as in she is a good cat.

She was named Brightheart as a way of showing that despite her facial injuries, she was still a loyal and friendly cat. I'm also guessing it was because she had been heartbroken that Swiftpaw died, but had moved on.

Brightheart is a beautiful name she should not be on this list

I love brightheart! She had face ripp off but she is still a good kind sweet she-cat -Icefire

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125 Grasspelt

I think anything Grass (something suffix) is a cheesy name, but hey, Erin Hunter needed names. - Jetflight

I need to find him at the gathering... Should I look for a green pelt?

It's a good name on my part - Night blossom

What grasspelt such a weird name

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126 Pricklekit

I love this name! - Night blossom

Aww that name sounds cute! Whats wrong with it?!

I think a name like Pricklestorm would make up for it. This name is great with lots of opportunity

This is a great name! Pricklenight would be cool...-Sharpclaw_Scratch_Skyclan

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127 Snailpaw

It makes him sound slow..

"Snailpaw, your supposed to be hunting! " "Oh sorry mentor, I'm a snail so I can't get out to the hollow fast enough. "

Snailpaw. Is his paw made of slime or something? Is he just really slow?

I,leafstar leader if SkyClan will name you snailpaw in honor of that snail by your foot-thelolgirl

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128 Hammerclaw

Apparently this was originally Tigerclaw's name before the books were published, but it was later changed because cats don't know what hammers are. what? Thank you, Erin Hunter, for changing his name. Maybe it didn't formally appear in the book, but I think it still deserves to be here anyway.

Is it just me or does Hammerclaw sound like a company of some sort? (Arm And Hammer anyone? )

Do forest cats know what a hammer is?

Reminds of Arm & Hammer

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129 Poopkit

Poopkit? Poopkit? Poopkit?! POOPKIT?!?!

What the hECK is wrong with the WARRIOR cat world,

Mommy I just pooped - Wolfpelt


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130 Kittenkit

Fake name. People, if they don't sound like proper names or don't have proper support from a book, consider it fake.

Um... Kittenkit? What about catkit? Either these are not real names, Or Erin hunter got REALLY lazy. I understand the mother saw a kitten at first, but DUH. WHat else do you think you could have seen? A fly?

This sounds like a Leafstar name...

Looks in dictionary:
What is the definition of redundant?
Redundant- kittenkit

Wow that's definitely a fake name

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131 Willowshine

Willowshine is a good name, there isn't anything wrong with it.

I think it's kinda pretty

I love this name! - Night blossom


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132 Newtspeck

Come on, guys, don't make fun of him! He just has newt-colored specks on his pelt! And it's not like he got to CHOSE his name!

He dies right when he's born. Or can he

Is he, like, part newt? Was his dad a newt? Who names there warrior Newtspeck? LMAO!

I actually like this name... a newt is a fish._.

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133 Cancer

I was eating tomato soup for dinner when I saw this and I couldn't help it! I died laughing got soup all over my phone. Also, just saying, this is probably another fake one thrown in by the people who made this website

Look, cancer is like green-cough in the human world. I'm kinda sorry for this cat. Cancer's bad. It should be stopped. - Snowdrop

Was this name really used in the book? I doubt it but if so, what kind of name is cancer?

This isn't a real name but if it is...
I will find who made the name and talk to them!

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134 Featherwhisker

I, leader, shall name you-puts a sparrow on her face- Featherwhisker!

This is a very good name guys very pretty and natural go run off and ruin firestars life

I am the fat kittypet leader also known as Pinestar/Firestar. Featherwhisker go live with that name!

Featherwhisker is a TOM, dummy.

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135 Mossypaw

What the Starclan? - Emberflame. It's so beautiful! - Frostbite. Guys I'm mossypaw.! - Mossypaw. Both: Runaway!

136 Sootfur

Why? Is his fur made of ash? - IcetailofWishClan

137 Blackfoot

Black star makes you think he is black. But he is white. His warrior name was Blackfoot. His foot is black.

Blackfoot is a good name, but black star makes you think he is a black cat

Yeah I thought he was a black cat too... I still imagine him that way

This is great name! Whats wrong with you scraps?! >:( -Sharpclaw_Scratch_Skyclan

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138 Toadskip

Seriously?! What kind of toad SKIPS?!

Toads don't skip. And cats don't name kits after small prey animals because it will make them sound weak.

Warrior cat names don't have to make sense but this name sounds weird to me

Reminds me of a toad skipping down a footpath or a skip (a giant dumpster bin thingy) full of toads - Lunala

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139 Toadstep

Again what's wrong with ToadStep the name does not have to make sense!

Toads don't give you warts.

Um, you could have just LOL. EVERYONE knows it's easier that way.

Sounds like a weird genre of dub step

Also reminds me of a cat stepping on a toad - Lunala

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140 Hutch V 4 Comments
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