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161 Sneezecloud

So... This cat is a cloud of sneeze? WHAT A STUPID NAME!

What, So he stays sick.

Gross. This name makes me sick to my stomach.


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162 Hailstep

I heard somewhere that the suffix -step means that the cat is wise, or has long legs. Hailstep was both

What kind of name is this? Does hail step or something?

163 Brook

It's actually Brook Where Small Fish Swim.

Whats a brook anyway? - allara43aj

I love brook where small fish swim -Silvermist


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164 Cherrytail

Cherry tail is a pretty name how would you like it if you got bullied because of your name? that's just rude

This is a pretty name, but do the clans know what cherries are?

Pretty name -Firestorm

Cm on I love cherrytail!

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165 Angelfeather

It is beautiful, I wouldn't mind being called this.

This isn't even a warrior cat!

Uh. Cats don't know what angels are, sweetheart.


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166 Breezepelt Breezepelt

Actually when I first heard this I knew he was a black cat - allara43aj

I don't get it. In drawings and animation things, a breeze is either light blue or white. How is it black? -Nightstar

How can you tell the color of breze and how can you put it on a pelt and if a breze did have a color I dought it would be black

167 Mousefur Mousefur

Her pelt is brown makes total sense

This is an actual cat but she died - Shadowblaze

Her pelt is made of mouse😂

Brown. Pelt. Seriously.(😄)

168 Featherfeather

How about Heatherfeather?

I'm going to EXPLODE!

Poor she-cat... - IcetailofWishClan

Hey this is Featherfeather, cat from Clanclan. Starstar has apppointed Clawclaw the deputy, not Featherfeather. so sad and all doubles are from Clanclan.

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169 Flabbyfur V 3 Comments
170 Sodapaw V 4 Comments
171 Mousebrain

Rude to any cat, if it WAS a real name. - IcetailofWishClan

Either fake, or Leafstar

Why y'all so triggered

Someone's adding nonexistent cats

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172 Whorlpaw

Why are there so many fake name's and also it looks like people started giving up looking through these.

173 Firefern

Firefern is a beautiful name.

174 Squirrelwhisker V 2 Comments
175 Lovefart

So immature. Please stop with the fart names

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176 Poppycloud
177 Bluebellkit

The name is strange, but maybe a little unique. - HollyleafOfThunderClan

Oh my... I don't even know what a bluebell is...

Seriously... Snowbird and Scorchfur, don't give these stupid names to kits. Like Bluekit is fine but Bluebellkit is not. Like you could just be called Bluebell. DONE. - Snowie

178 Perchkit

I think perch may be a fish too...

This one actually is real! Remember guys? Perchpaw killed Mapleshade!

Wow... I mean, it sounds ADORABLE! But, think, what would his warrior name be? Perchfur? Perchtail? Perchstorm? Just... No.

A perch is a type of fish, duh. Perchstorm? A storm of perches! Perches flapping everywhere in RiverClan! CATS WOULD NEVER GO HUNGRY AGAIN!

Perchfur, well that makes sense. Maybe Perchkit looked like a perch!
Perchtail makes no sense unless birds all perch on his/her tail.

179 Ratscar

One, his mom named him after a rat, what the heck shadowclan hate rats. Two why would you have your warrior name based off a scar from one of the most hated animals known to the clans? Such a fail name poor ratscar.,

Actually it says ONE of the most hated animals of the clans not THE most. So boom.

Sounds like Rats-car. WATCH OUT! Rats are driving around the forest in miniature cars!

Does it really matter that cats hate rats I mean there is a cat called foxleap and cats hate foxes

I LOVE RATSCAR he's LIFE O.o losers weepers...-Sneezecloud-Fan

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180 Barley

I think that he was very nice for taking in Ravenpaw. Cute name too. - Dasiy

Barley is an adorable name! - Snowdrop

Barley a good name, ravenpaw shouldve put him on a plate of eggs - UrsastarOfForestClan

Barley was a loner

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