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41 Onestar

Some people think its crazy but he betrayed firestar!

He is a jerk and betrayed Firestar. Plus he will do any thing just to make Thunderclan look bad!

42 Crowfeather

He was so mean to Breezepelt! but he is not that evil

You put to many hearts.

43 Rabbitclaw
44 Killfang V 1 Comment
45 Faketree V 1 Comment
46 Lolfur V 1 Comment
47 Tawnypelt
48 Gray Wing
49 Bloodfang V 1 Comment
50 Turtle Tail V 1 Comment
51 Ruby

Pfft. If us people put our minds to this, it was actually socks and ruby who took over the forest! Them being mean caused all of this! - bluestar10

She was the cause of Scourge's evil!
1. She made him go to the forest
2. He almost got killed by Tigerstar (then Tigerpaw)
3. He turned into the epic monster that he was! Which was really cool. But still!

V 2 Comments
52 Blackstar

Killed stonefur, plotted with brokenstar (who was also evil) and went rogue for some moons!

I hate him with a loving passion.-.


Why do people think he's evil? I mean, sure (I don't know haven't read that far but I think I heard) he stopped believing in StarClan for a while, killed Stonefur, plotted with Brokenstar, etc...But in the end he was actually LOYAL to ShadowClan, and not just a dumb-brained piece of fox-dung. AND what WHY HAVEN'T I SEEN FOXHEART ON THIS THING YET?! Or maybe I missed it...DUN DUN DUUN

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