Worst Warrior Cats Villains


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41 Willie

He tricked Ravenpaw and Barley!

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42 Snowtuft V 1 Comment
43 Onestar

Some people think its crazy but he betrayed firestar!

He is a jerk and betrayed Firestar. Plus he will do any thing just to make Thunderclan look bad!

44 Crowfeather

He was so mean to Breezepelt! but he is not that evil

You put to many hearts.

45 Rabbitclaw
46 Killfang V 1 Comment
47 Faketree V 1 Comment
48 Lolfur V 1 Comment
49 Tawnypelt
50 Gray Wing
51 Bloodfang V 1 Comment
52 Turtle Tail V 1 Comment
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