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21 Spottedleaf

Well there's one thing I don't know she did not do those things!
P.S. all of those other good cats ( like firestar, cinderpelt, squirrelflight and other onesbut not all of them) didn't do those and who are you guys!

She was a mary-sue who Firestar fell in love with at the drop of a hat she was annoying and I would personally like to give Clawface a bunch of flowers for ridding us of her.

She was a good cat. She might have been a Mary-sue, but Firestar needed someone perfect in his life that he could dream about for generations. Don't vote for her.

Home breaker

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22 Heathertail

I hate people who hate kind, innocent cats who don't deserve to be on this list.

U people are jerks heathertail did break the warrior code, yes. But Graystripe did, and we all love him! Right?

She's a little bi- mousebrain! Heather was always just a whiner. ~ Sweetsong deputy of RiverClan - SweetsongRiverClan143

23 Oakstar
24 Appledusk

I hate him. If it wasn't for him, Maple wouldn't be evil. She would've become leader!

He's SUCH A POO he should be before blue star or anyone!

*Sees Jerkdusk* *Glares* *Kills*
There is my opinion. There you go, Mapleshade. - TheAlbinoWolf

Mapleshade had a good reason to kill him. - IcetailofWishClan

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25 Nightcloud

All her problems were caused by herself. She knew (it says so in the Ultimate Guide) Crowfeather didn't love her, and yet she became his mate so that she could have kits. She also ENCOURAGED her kit to hate Crowfeather.

She was used by crow feather, how would you feel if the cat you love just used you all long and never love you.

Bone -proud leader of pack of savage souls rouge pack

I hate her...kinda

I don't hate her but Leafpool shouldn't be higher than her on the list. Sorry ^^

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26 Crowfeather

LeafpoolLover, Leafpool wouldn't like that comment. He tried to run away with Leafpool but she decided not to at the last minute. She was bad to him if anything.

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27 Violetpaw
28 Lionblaze Lionblaze Lionblaze is a character in the Warrior Cats series . He is part of The Three, along with Jayfeather and Dovewing, and has the power of being undefeated in battle . However, the power if removed from him after the Clans are saved from the Dark Forest .

.. How is he mean to ivypool?

He's arrogant, stupid, and is mean to ivy pool, I hate him

I like him a lot x3 😺

29 Stormtail

Father to Snowfur and Bluestar.

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30 Purdy

And Mousefur ISN'T short-tempered, lazy, or ugly? He's a good cat and always loves to tell stories; he gave up his good life to go the Clans, which aren't the best. WHY IS HE ON HERE?

I don't understand. Purdy was just a nice old elder with a slightly different word use.

OH COME ON PEOPLE! I love purdy! he's os funny!

Purdy is a good character!

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31 Oscar

What a flipping JERK. I mean, it was enough for Firestar saying: "why don't you just get a nice cozy house instead? It would be MUCH easier." But, "oh your Stupid. You just go into that vulgar wilderness and get yourself killed when you could be loved and stroked? " And the stupid part. I HATE OSCAR!

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32 Clawface

Leader: I shall now claw your face.

He killed Spottedleaf. He should be tortured. True, it was under Brokenstar's lead, but he is still a murderer. Not to mention stealing those ThunderClan kits.

Let every cat old enough to...whateverstones for a clan meeting! Claw(your)face(off), you will be exiled from ShadowClan you stupid dung! Raggedpelt speaking...

33 Raggedstar
34 Leafpool Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

Leafpool was nice. Why does everyone hate her? Sure, she was annoying, bossing around Jayfeather and telling him to become a medicine cat. Besides that, she was awesome!

I don't know if I like her or not. I have mixed emotions for her - Oliveleaf

Well well. Everyone LOVES this cat. But think about it. She was mean to Jayfeather, told him what to do, I mainly hate her for what she did to Jayfeather. Not a good medicine cat. Not good.

She is a traitor and forces her kit to be a med cat like which mother would do that and next she gives her kuts to squirelflight

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35 Dawnpelt

So if Jayfeather was a Riverclan cat this would have made more sense. But a Thunderclan cat who can barely swim risking his life? Seriously Dawnpelt! Did I mention he was a medicine cat (who never showed any sign of being murderous). Dawnpelt, get it together! - Ravenfeather

She had no right to accuse Jay Feather of killing her brother flame Tail
(She's a nice cat (sometimes))
JAYFEATHER WAS TRYING TO SAVE YOUR STUPIED BROTHER! Gez...why would a medicine cat kill another clans medicine cat anyway?
DawnPelpt your stupied

36 Clear Sky

Selfish cat. He just cares about being right. He gave up thunder and feels fine about it. He started the war between him and Gray Wing which killed Falling Feathers and Jackdaw's Cry. Two of my favorite cats.

Clear Sky should be above Firestar

Gray Wing is obviously way better than Clear Sky.

Oh, gosh. He was the Jerkiest jerk in Jerktown.

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37 Frecklewish
38 Antpelt

Ants in your pants and pelts in your ants

He was obviously named after his color.

You must have a hard time scratching buddy. - Leaftail

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39 Mistyfoot

If you hate Mistyfoot you hate warriors. Also, she's only hear because we vote for her so we can say she's good. Don't VOTE

I like Mistyfoot- she is a great cat. Whoever said she is ugly, fat dirty and dumb is an idiot

Mistystar is one of the awesomest cats. She is described in the books as being pretty, lean and muscular, and smart. If anyone hates these cats they must just hate warriors.

Ugly, fat, dirty and dumb

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40 Hawkheart Hawkheart

He killed Moonflower!

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