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41 Graystripe

How could you hate best warrior?

I love Greystripe! I love Silverstream! I love every good cat that is on the worst cats list! Why do people think Greystripe and Silverstream are jerks?

HE IS SUCH A JERK! And why would he love Silverstream? She is a mary sue, too. Love at first sight does not exist, Erin Hunter!

I like him he was a nice cat and a good friend😸

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42 Silverstream

Silverstream is a name? Oops. I have a cat named silverstream in my books I'm writing, and so far it's my favorite one

Hey idiot with the chainsaw if you can't take that silver is a mary sue then you should go back to first grade

Overrated, overrated, and did I mention overrated? Everyone talks about how great she is, when she isn't! She's a stereotypical Mary Sue! - RiverClanRocks

Who ever calls her a Mary Sue (pulls out chainsaw) I will find you

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43 Foxheart

She has the name for a reason! She was rude to Yellowfang because she liked Raggedstar

True, Poor Foxheart has got a name that ACTUALLY describes her.

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44 Sandstorm

Because she's rude, mean snarky, stole Firestar's heart, kills innocent animals more than any kitty in the clan, has rabid fans, is a bad pairing for Firestar, hated Firestar when he first joined, is really ugly, a horrible excuse of a mate and a she cat.

Can't wait until she dies.

Whoever wrote the comment below is blind to their own problems.

I love Sandstorm you are idiots

Ok you would be angry at everyone if your father died
And a newcomer comes in happy the day he dies
She was sorry wasn't she

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45 Bramblestar

I hate Bramblestar, he does not deserve to be leader. He bosses every clan around, he showed favoritism choosing Squirrelflight as deputy, instead of being smart and choosing Graystripe because he had a chance to be deputy but didn't get it.

Bramblestar is the worst warrior/leader ever! Nerve he should of be leader NEVER! Hi is to proud of his self... And he is SO BORING! Why Firestar had to diy? Why not Bramble... Star!

I hate bramblecatr so mutch

No way. W

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46 Jessy
47 Whitestorm

He was wise. Your all idiots

I don't like him that much

Whitestrome was so loyal and a good deputy!


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48 Lizardstripe

She's so mean to broken kit! That's why he turned bad! Stupid lizard stripe

! She is the main reason why Brokenstar was a terrible leader! When her kits would pick on poor Brokenkit, Lizardstripe would only blame HIM! What an abussive foster mother... T_T

49 Tawnypelt

I mean her dad was evil but she wasn't

Why her? She's not evil or anything.

50 Daisy

She tried to steal cloudtail from brightheart!

Here, be with ashfur. -Puts ashfur next to daisy-
Me:-puts cloud next to bright, dove next to bumble, briar next to jay, cinder next to lion and gray next to silver. - - meows

Daisy did do wrong things, But she was good with kits, and helped in the nursery. ( AM I thinking of the wrong daisy, I doubt it)

I love her. She made mistakes, but she was a good, brave queen.

I hate her, she just sat around all day

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51 Half Moon

I think the author just put up a bunch of random names so haters can hate...

I hate you all

Note whoever put this up: YOU SUCK

HOW COULD YOU!? - Bluestarleader

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52 Leafstar

MACGYVER!? It has zero warrior in it. BILLYSTORM? Yeah I get the idea of the daylight warriors but the names are insulting! EGG!?!?! No! Leafstar stop! Really! What the twoleg? Naming a warrior after a product made from chickens pooping? What's next? Turkey?

Whoever put Leafstar on is an idiot

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53 Heatherstar

She is release tunnelers! Go to the DARK FOREST, Heatherstar!

54 Berrynose

Seriously what is with this cats name?

I HATE BERRYNOSE! First, he was stupid enough to get his tail cut off as a kit. Then he loves honeyfern but she dies and he makes a big show of mourning. THEN he takes poppyfrost ( honeyferns sister) and rushes her to the nursery to early AND she thinks he doesn't love her! One word: EVIL

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55 Leopardstar V 1 Comment
56 Badgerstar

Who in StarClan is Badgerstar? - Bluestarleader

57 Gray Wing

Gray wing was nice, Clear sky was a jerk

58 Cinderpelt Cinderpelt A medicine cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. She heals other cats in her Clan, ThunderClan, and is reincarnated into Cinderheart.

In my opinion, Cinderpelt is a wonderful cat! How could you say that!

First of all, Cinderpelt is a great medicine cat, and sencond, she did NOT get run over a twoleg car out of stupidity, tigerstar set it up! Really!


GET HER OFF THIS LIST - Bluestarleader

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59 Brightheart

Its not her fault she lost half of her pretty face :(

A bunch of losers who all feel sorry for her because she was involved in a vicous and brutal attack in which half her face was torn off and she was forced to be thrust in a time when her name litteraly was directly related to half he face being a bloody mess, and having nearly everyone avoid her...

Decent flaws, good personality: Why is she on this list?

How did she survive?

She is so stupid. My oc Moonbravery would cream her in a battle. She has no powers and is dumb. Even the weakest kit in Pearlclan Starkit can beat her and she is blind with no claws. Bright heart is not pretty. Her face is so weird. I wished a dog would come and eat her. Everyone seems to love her and say she is pretty. Ha she is nothing compared to my oc Pantherhunter who is a white she cat with black and brown eyes. Bright heart is ugly wake up people. You are being stupid her face is gross. My favorite cat is Frostfur but I found out she is her mom. Bright heart is nothing like frostfur frostfur is pretty and the best.

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60 Oakheart

Gasp, why is oak heart on here?


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