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61 Gray Wing

Gray wing was nice, Clear sky was a jerk

62 Squirrelflight

She. Is. A. Mouse-brain! It's ALWAYS about Brambleclaw, not ever one thought about her clan! I wanna kick her to the old forest and hope she gets run over. Ya know, I thought Squirrelflight was cool, but now I don't think that at all anymore

She's too... angsty? I can't quite put my finger on it. She seemed to be always thinking about Brambleclaw. Brambleclaw this, Brambleclaw that. She was all about trying her hardest to get closer to Brambleclaw it was a bit of a hair-pull for me. If I were her, I'd be thinking about my clan, and not having a cat on my mind 99% of the time.

I liked her before, but she became to... eh. Brambleclaw this, Brambleclaw that. It got annoying.

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63 Lionheart

UGH, don't let me get STARTED on this...thing! He died for honor just so he could be loved again. He WANTED to die. Beared Lion...

64 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan . She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out .

People say she got no character dev. But she got SO MUCH char dev. She was shown as someone who lived by the code, but she was also loyal to her friends and her family. She thought a lot and was very reserved.

Whoever put this up is an idiot

All she did was obsess over the code. - RisingMoon

She's fox-dung

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65 Oakheart

Gasp, why is oak heart on here?


66 Swiftpaw


67 Feathertail

What!?! How is she on this list?!? She never deserved to die, but NOOO! Stupid tribe cats killed her and they are like, Yay sharptooth is gone, and the clan cats are like no, feathertail, and the tribe cats oh yeah, we care, and then really all they care about is how the STUPID sharptooth is gone, so put the tribe cats on this list instead! Feathertail never deserved to die!

SHE WAS DREAMY, Immature, silly, and plain weak.

U people SUCK SO BAD


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68 Sparrow
69 Palebird

Yeah she's mean to tall star

70 Sharptooth

Why?!? I always cry when I think about her death! Feathertail never deserved to go!

Yeah Sharptooth was a mean mountain Lion. -Tangle

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71 Silverhawk

STARTED THE EVIL CHAIN! Trained thistleclaw Thistleclaw killed Blue multiple times, he trained tigerstar (who I LOVE) tigerstar killed 9 cats got darkstripe darkstripe became an idiot also got hawkfrost who killed Hollyleaf! How much more EVIL can you get!?!?!

I mean he's VERY evil, he kind of started the Tigerstar/Longtail evil chain, but his name is really awesome. He is evil though

Evil Chain:
Silverhawk-Trained Thistleclaw to be evil Thistleclaw- Trained Tigerstar to be evil Tigerstar- Trained Hawkfrost to be evil Hawkfrost- trained cats in the DF, took 1 of Firestar's lives and killed the Glorious Hollyleaf D: ( Rest to be determined in rest of Warriors, the evil chain never ends! )

72 Tigerheart

Gasp! I love Tigerheart! He was just trying to help his clan! He didn't even do anything major, dove wing just a spoiled little best who's a over sensitive goody two shoes. I think he should get with ivy pool. They seem to have a good relationship during the dark forest battle.

He stole dove (dovewing) from bumble (bumblestripe)! Don't dove reject tiger!
She had to leave him for sweetheart bumble! - meows

73 Ferncloud

What no

Kit Machine

Too much kits I'm getting sleepy **yawn**~


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74 Petalnose
75 Misha

Misha, I hate you. You killed a pet bunny and blamed Stick. You took one of Leafstar's nine lives. You suck. I hate your guts. I hope you die.

I hope Misha dies slowly, painfully, and alone.

Misha made me temporarily hate cats.
Misha and her little pimp Skipper decide to beat on an innocent, cute pet bunny, not even for prey. Slowly torturing it, leaving the persuading, innocent Stick there like a wet rag. He tells her that the Twolegs will get angry, but oh, no. They don't listen. Then you know what this little b! Tch does? She yowls at the top of her lungs, then grabs her little pimp and beats the road. The twolegs come out and think it was Stick. They throw crap at Stick. This is why I hate her guts.
Also, due to cues, she might have killed that innocent pet bunny off camera too.
Did I mention she beat on Leafstar and took away one of her lives? (Bit her neck)

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76 Red

Red, the cat who acts like a stereotypical teenage girl.
Her kind father, Stick, always loves her and wants the best for her. She acts like a total brat to him and says she can do WHAT SHE WANTS and LOVE WHO SHE WANTS (Harvey) and YOUR NOT THE BOSS OF ME DADDY, when Stick says, "Oh no Red! Harvey is a bad cat! " All Stick is trying to do is look out for her, and in return, she's acting like a brat.
It might have been sad for Stick, and Harvey, but me, I'm glad that whiny cat is dead. All that trouble she caused for her poor father.

Her father didn't even mean to kill her, but she is a brat.

She was a jerk to everyone andthinks her own cats talking to clan cats are TOTALLY CRUSHING THEM YEAH SURE I'm glad she's dead.

77 Squirrelpaw

Squirrelflight. Right?

Is this your OC or Squirrelflight? - Bluestarleader

Squirrelflight is a warm-hearted, feisty, playful kitty. But my gosh, when she was an apprentice..
She was obnoxious, annoying, and her ego showed at every dang angle. She constantly bothered Brambleclaw,
Would not and could not leave you alone if you refuse to let her go with you somewhere. *COUGHJOURNEYCOUGH*
She kind of leveled out later on, but oh my gosh...
Leafpool, the opposite. She was epic as an apprentice, but when she was the medicine cat... That's a different story.

78 Bumblestripe

I hate you and the rest of your family apart from Graystripe Feathertail and Stormfur

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79 Longtail

Longtail deserves to be on this list.

U people suck ik he tried to hurt rusty but he changed and u longtail haters are jerks

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80 Mumblefoot
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