Top Ten Worst Warrior Cats

Cats I hate and you should hate them too! I mean, they are so bad >:(

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81 Longtail

Longtail deserves to be on this list.

U people suck ik he tried to hurt rusty but he changed and u longtail haters are jerks

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82 Mumblefoot
83 Raggedkit
84 Mousefang

Makes mice sound real spooky

85 Pinestar


86 Fireheart

Isn't that FIRESTAR?


87 Marmalade

Sounds like a name Leafstar would give no offense to her though she is nice and I feel pity for her when her mate dies;@

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88 Tallstar

You just put this on here because you were bored. Obviously. Stop putting random cats on this list that don't deserve it. - Bluestarleader

WHAT. WHAT. WHAT. WHAT. WHAT. Tallstar is my FAVORITE cat! Y'know, I think you don't even have a reason to hate him. Have you ever read Tallstar's revenge?

89 Tigerfall

Doesn't exist.

90 Rainheart

Nope doesn't exist.

91 Dawnwhisker
92 Duskwater

Not real.

93 Brightsky

Does nOT exist.

94 Killfang

Really? Killfang?
(also doesn't exist)

1. This cat doesn't even exist.
2. Sterotypical name. - Bluestarleader

95 Sorreltail
96 Fernleap
97 Frozenleaf
98 Tawnypelt
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