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1 World War II

I put a lot of research in this war, it's a very iconic war both in history and movie, and media alike. With a lot of civilians death and many men who sacrifice their life to defend their homeland from the Genesis of the Nazi and The Japanese Imperial.

Many gave their life to serve in war and protect their country all to stop Hitler. This was a bloody scary murderous war you would not like to be in!

It helped bring the world to a deeper understanding of warfare, and brought the US to the height of it's power.

15,843,000�"85,000,000 deaths. - TeamRocket747

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2 World War I

Not sure about death toll, but for sheer horror WWI is definitely worse than WWII. A sampling of the horrors: poison gas, trenches, mortars, bombs, machine guns, tanks, etc. , most of them seen for the first time.

WWII was bad for sure, but it really shaped the way the world is today, further elevating the US, the next generation, and the women's movement, to name a few.

World war one was the deadliest conflict ever it killed 17 million people and it was thought that war to end all wars because the deadly conflict on country's and the allies won.

The poison gas for trench warfare was chlorine it will fell like someone is putting an ignited blowtorch to you're sinuses

Should be #9 in my opinion. Mongol Conquests deserves this spot. - TeamRocket747

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3 Napoleonic Wars

You mean " invasion of the little corporal".

Should be #19. - TeamRocket747

4 American Civil War

"not deadly" yet it's called the bloodiest war in american history and had the most american deaths, a lot of them from diseases, and family members killing each other, and it lead up to the death of abraham lincoln as well. I wouldn't say this is the worst war in world history, but definitely in american history.

More americans died in this war then in ANY OTHER WAR COMBINED!

Slavery is bad! Get over it!

Yes it was! didn't matter how inaccurate muskets were! people had new weapons to mow down the enemy in brutal nasty ways! - Mikbiter15

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5 Vietnam War

A horrible war full of horrible experiments and was the only war America lost (by backing out)

A Pointless war! We shouldn't have been involved!

This is when America was kinda evil

At the end 'MURICA threw a huge hissy fit because they backedI'm American but this war was stupid.

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6 Thirty Years War

All I have to say is SCARY!

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7 Russian Civil War
8 Chinese Civil War

This war is what turned democratic China into a communism.

9 Iran-Iraq War
10 Hundred Years' War

It's A HUNDRED YEARS guys seriously - User4873

The Newcomers

? Texas Revolution

Aw yes, the war my state was in. Come and take this spot, (see what I did there? ) - TeamRocket747

? Seminole Wars

Why isn't anyone voting for this? These were 3 wars the USA lost

The Contenders

11 English Civil War
12 War In Afghanistan

So, Bush the Tush, you think it's good to blame an entire country for a terrorist attack. - TeamRocket747



Militaries death
USA - 2,234
UK - 453
Canada - 158
France - 88
Australia - 79
Germany - 57
Italy - 53
Denmark - 43
Poland - 43
Spain - 34
Georgia - 29
Netherlands - 25
Romania - 23
Turkey - 14
New Zealand - 11

13 American Revolutionary War
14 Spanish Civil War
15 Trojan War
16 Korean War

Any civil war is terrible. Brother on brother should not happen. What makes this the worst is that we are still divided. - MrKorea

Why Kim Jong-un is horrible. -TeamRocket747

17 War in Iraq
18 Croatian War for Independence

The struggle that engulfed Yugoslavia saw many masacres, yet alsomany great battles. the Croatians fought in vukovar outnumbered 17 to 1 and held them ooff for 2 months befoore being sent to concentration camps with civilians (who were also kids and pregnant women) and shot and thrown in the dirt. this struggle tops many in this list, yet isn't known as much as any of these.

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19 Chinese Three Kingdoms war

50 million people killed at the end of the Han dynasty - fartducks101

20 Gulf War
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