Worst Ways to Die at the Beach

The Top Ten Worst Ways to Die at the Beach

1 A shark jumps out of the water and eats you

That would be really bad because no one will notice that you are getting eaten. Plus it wouldn't be very peaceful of a death. You would not be buried in the ground either.

It's horrible to be chopped up and eaten by a shark

Scuba diving is safer than surfing

2 Your friend buries you in the hot sand and forgets about you and you burn to death

Would be a slow and painful death, and your friend would also feel absolutely miserable over the tragic, fatal mistake he made.

3 You drop your umbrella in your eye and lose an eye but live but when in the hospital the nurse gives you the wrong drug and you passout and find yourself in the middle of the woods and a bear comes out of now where and eats you til you're dead

So the bear couldn't come to the beach, then?!

Haha, that made me laugh

Very descriptional. Where do you even get that idea?!?!

4 As you go in the water a bunch of jelly fish sting you to death

This is my biggest fear when I am in the ocean water...

That would be the most readonable

5 You drown in the water while the lifeguard uses the bathroom
6 You get too tanned and get tanned to death

heatstroke, sunstroke, are major concerns for people not acclimatized and or dehydrated, bad sunburn on first days out, only spend a few hours at a time in a day at first in the direct sunlight, till you get used to it, like in a year or two, people with pale skin have to worry about melanoma and there can be danger to your eyes from ultra-violet rays. A shark will probably let go once it realizes your not a seal or some other fish and if your unlucky enough to come across a great white, like on the west coast near san fran, then you can still possibly survive if you take the right precautions and preventions, they're are a lot worse people than their are sharks.

7 On the way home the tide comes in and you drown in your car because you can't get your seatbelt off

Hmm... The seatbelt always gets in my bloody way when I'm getting out of the car, so there is a 99% percent chance of this happening to me

8 A worm on the beach gets in your ear and eats your brain
9 A seagull eats off your finger thinking it's a worm and you bleed to death shortly after
10 Chuck Norris dives into the water, makes a huge splash, and you die in the splash

Well you drown in the splash instead - Jordansalesguy2392

The Contenders

11 An eel jumps out of the water and kicks you in the face
12 A Bomb Buried In the Beach

Yes, that has happened before. In Israel, in particular.

13 Choking on a hot dog from the snack bar
14 Drown in the toilet at the beach bathroom
15 Losing your bathing suit and dying of embarrassment
16 You get a sunburn, than at home, you put vinegar on yourself. But your vinegar smell becomes the reason why you dont have a good interveiw for your dream job the next day, and you die of depression.
17 The ozone layer disappears, and you die of ultraviolet rays
18 Getting stuck in the sand and suffocating
19 Drowning in 3 inches of water
20 Scared to death when the water touches your feet
21 Andre the Giant jumps in the water and kowabungas you
22 Aliens blow up the moon, the moon explodes, you're surfing and all of a sudden, the waves stop and you fall in the water and you land on a shark thinking it was a dolphin and the shark eats you and you die
23 You fall asleep then your friends bury you with sand and you get suffocated

This one made me laugh

24 A crab bit you and you fell in the mouth of a shark
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