Worst Ways to Die In Outer Space


The Top Ten

1 Aliens take you on their ship and cook you for alien dinner

Isn't possible people I'm nerd - tomboy

2 A huge space peanut crashes your ship down
3 Your ship crashes to earth too fast and kills you
4 A retarded guy named Jim removes your space helmet and kicks you off the ship

Into a black hole

5 Your ship breaks in half for no reason and you float away
6 Jack Black turns into an alien and shoots you with his guitar shaped ray gun
7 Your cat scratches your space suit open and you fall of the ship and die
8 Your space suit self destrusts and you blow up
9 Your over protective grandmother wanted to make sure you were wearing a sweater so she popped your space suit with a pin and threw you off the ship
10 You are bored of outer space and commit suicide

The Contenders

11 Aliens take you, experiment on you, rip off all of your limbs, and then cook you too see how you taste
12 On a neutron star
13 Lost in Space
14 The door of the Space Ship Opens While You're Not Wearing a Space Suit

The pressure explodes you... Ouch...

15 You have unlimited oxygen and become lost in space while having to pee and you can't move at all, you stay in space for 80 years just to be captured on an alien spaceship, turned young again, and do it all over again.
16 Take your helmet off

Dumb ways to die

17 Floating in mid air and suddenly hit by a five thousand pound meteor that crushes you back to earth on your family

It would be sad you get hit by a metor being on fire and smushed and family smushed as well

18 After flying to space on balloons, have the balloons pop and take you back to Earth, where you die after being struck by lightning in the sky
19 Being sucked into a Black Hole
20 An alien takes off your helmet and launches you into a black hole
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