Worst Ways to Drive

If you become a driver someday, don't try to drive like any of these ways.

The Top Ten

1 Driving with Nicki Minaj

You don't want her to sing "Stupid Hoe" or "Anaconda" while driving! - Neonco31

This is also known as 'suicidal driving', children - TwilightKitsune

I'll die if she sings her songs in a carpool karaoke. - Powerfulgirl10

2 Drunk Driving

Also known as Driving Under The Influence (DUI). - Neonco31

3 Driving While Listening to Music

You'll get distracted and will probably run over a pedestrian. - Neonco31

4 Driving Without Tires

How can your car even move without tires? - Neonco31

5 Driving Without Headlights During Nighttime

You can't see where you're going and you might run over someone or crash into something else! - Neonco31

6 Driving While Blindfolded

Just similar to driving without a headlight during the night. - Neonco31

7 Twerking While Driving

A loose reference to Breadwinners. - Neonco31

8 Driving Like an Idiot

If you're brain is screwed, then... - Neonco31

9 Sleepdriving

A reference to sleepwalking. - Neonco31

You'll easily kill somebody. - Powerfulgirl10

10 Driving Without a Seatbelt

You'll get flung towards the dashboard during an impact and that could hurt. - Neonco31

The Contenders

11 Driving While Texting

That reminds m of this one time, this woman next to our van was distracted by her phone. The phone was in one hand, and the other hand was doing nothing. So NEITHER one of her hands was on the steering wheel. Idiot... - Powerfulgirl10

I hate it when people do this. It's selfish. It can WAIT!

12 High Speeds

Speeding is still a killer for many drivers today. If you speed:
You increase your risk of crashing and the severity of the crash
You can kill or injure yourself or someone
You have less time to react meaning you will hit a pedestrian
You will have less control even in bad conditions
You will pay more hospital bills
You will have to pay the price
You will go to prison
Your family and friends will have to attend your funeral :(

30 km/h " few are killed
50 km/h " half are killed
60 km/h " most are killed

It’s never cool to speed. It puts you and others at risk! Being 10 minutes later is better than being dead right on time. Driving at the speed limit saves lives, speeding does not!

13 Driving with very low fuel
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