Worst Ways to Get Bullied


The Top Ten

1 Received death threats

My sister does this to me sometimes

I always got death threats and I would not sleep at night cause I am scared that they are true

Death threats are one of the most common ways to get bullied. I hate the fact that even in YouTube videos, people in the comments are like "This guy should kill himself" and that's just not funny. It shouldn't even be considered a joke. For all the people that are going through a bad situation in school, I will pray for you, I know what it's like, I've been there but it does gets better. - ShyChick

2 Punched in face
3 Kicked in balls

This should be number one

4 Pushed around
5 Locked in lockers
6 Called names

Believe it or not, sometimes words hurt the most.

7 Head dunked in toilet
8 Sexual harassment

Seriously? This should be number one. It's disgusting how no one takes rape and sexual harassment seriously. It's very damaging.

A very common weapon that is used in bullying at school.

This is so cruel and horrible. - ShyChick

Cannot literally believe this isn't higher. Come on, people, vote for this! Pushed around isn't exactly scary compared to being raped!

9 Get stolen from
10 Voted #1 loser in the school

Being ostracized by everybody for no reason, whatsoever.

The Contenders

11 Get a split punch done on you
12 Be set on fire
13 Pulled under water in the swimming pool
14 Kicking your parents' car
15 Looking at your parents' car and then laughing
16 Laughed at
17 Insults
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