Top 10 Worst Ways to Lose a Baseball Game

The Top Ten

1 Walk off balk
2 Forfeit
3 Blowing a 14 run lead

That would be terrible way to lose a baseball game - trains45

4 Slipping and falling when a ball is hit to you
5 Walk off grand slam when leading by 3 runs
6 Walk off by a guy with zero career home runs
7 Bad call by the umpire
8 After slipping on the basepaths
9 Other team has a comeback in the 9th inning
10 Blowing a 1 run lead by walking 5 straight

The Diamondbacks did this against the Dodgers last season

The Contenders

11 Game ending unassisted triple play
12 Other team has lots of home runs
13 Getting out after missing home plate on a walk off home run
14 By tripping just before a home run and getting out
15 Other team steals your signs
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