Top Ten Worst Ways People Use to Humiliate Some One


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1 Pinpoint on their physical appearances

We tell everyone to love themselves and accept their looks, then we use them to bring others down. To which I say, people can't control their looks, and neither can you. I never thought I'd have to teach people how to insult others, but trust me, I can think of much better insults that don't involve appearance, because that's low. - keycha1n

2 Talking about weak points

The problem with being intuitive (I don't know if it shows much online though), is that if I ever suddenly became a horrible person, I could easily pick out someone's sensitive points and exploit it against them. I'm still scared I'm going to become that person. - keycha1n

This is what gives you reason to criticise them. - PositronWildhawk

3 Humiliating regarding nationality

Call me a chink, and I'll just have my dragon eat you while I kung-fu chop your head off. - keycha1n

4 Shouting at someone
5 Pinpointing someone's family background

I've had this happen to me before, and to be honest I'm still a bit vulnerable to attack from that method. - PetSounds

6 Pinpointing at nationality
7 Humiliating someone's religion

That's a major low that people should avoid even if you disagree that's not something people should toy with - samanime

8 Using abusive and indecent terms

Ha ha! So easy for some filthy liars to ignore others for Infinity.

They've crossed the line ; Ignore their existence for infinity. - Ananya

9 Humiliation towards someone's face
10 By underestimating someone's talents

Well, if you do prove your talent in future, anyone can guess who will be the humiliated one that time - Kiteretsunu

Call me a bad artist, and that's when you've crossed the line. Mind you, I'm a martial artist as well. - keycha1n

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