Top Ten Worst Ways to Punish a Child


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1 Put a knife to their throat

Someone did that to their child? A ban from electronics is enough... - Pony

Why would you do that in the first place? That's child abuse! - LucyHeartfilia

Da heck!?! - Markerzegamer

2 Beat them with your fists

The worst, as it's skin-on-skin and the child is still alive at the end. This list is awful, I certainly hope it wasn't really based off your childhood! - keycha1n

Hey I'm 13 adoted and one mistake and WAM my "mom" HITS ME I CRY AND AM CONSIDERING SUICIDE - adventurer

3 Bust their head open with a tire iron

And you said this was based off of your childhood... God... - AnonymousChick

4 Shoot them with a BB gun
5 Nearly drown them in a river
6 Beat them with a steel toe boot
7 Force them to throw up
8 Hang them

No parent ( in sane state of mind ) would do that,i mean come on would you be willing to kill your son! - Toucan

Been there, done that. Sister tried it.

9 Push them off a bridge
10 Beat them with a clothes hanger

The Contenders

11 Throw them into a ceiling fan
12 Spank them

This is not child abuse. It is punishment for their wrongdoing. Parents should not do it multiple times 24/7 or for no reason. It should be done if the child has done something that hurts themselves and/or others. I'm not an adult or parent, but I know that it isn't child abuse if done appropriately and reasonably.

That's child abuse, y'all

13 Hit them where they're weak
14 Choke them

This would be child abuse. - Minecraftcrazy530

HAPpends to me - adventurer

15 Give them the finger

Not really. It isn't that bad.

That's probably the least abusive one on here.

16 Force feeding them extremely hot tea
17 Make them lick their own feet

I hope they took a bath before having the punish, because if they did that, it wouldn't be so horrible. - tent2

18 Force them to watch Teletubbies

What's wrong with Teletubbies? - RockFashionista

19 Have the parents embarrass them
20 Burying them alive

The worst way EVER

21 Force them to watch Barney and Friends
22 Force them to watch Oogieloves
23 Force them to watch In The Night Garden
24 Put them in the bed of the truck with a large rattlesnake
25 Force them to listen to Justin Bieber
26 Starve them
27 Slice them in half


28 Make them watch Fred: The Movie

Pure torture, I tell you.

29 Ground them
30 Tie their leg to a ceiling fan and watch them spin round and round
31 Swat them with a fly swatter
32 Make them watch The Nutshack
33 Say that their favorite restaurant will be bombed
34 Force them to be a furry
35 Make them drink an entire bottle of hot sauce with no relief drink
36 Make them stay outside for a day in a dust storm
37 Put a dictionary on their head and hit it with a heavy hammer
38 Throw a phone at their head
39 Shackle Them
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1. Bust their head open with a tire iron
2. Shoot them with a BB gun
3. Put a knife to their throat
1. Beat them with your fists
2. Shoot them with a BB gun
3. Put a knife to their throat
1. Put a knife to their throat
2. Bust their head open with a tire iron
3. Beat them with your fists


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