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181 Being tortured to death by a chicken nugget

No...this is too much...I think I'm gonna barf...

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182 Being trampled by a stampede of elephants

This so random that I think it would not happen to me!

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183 Hypothermia
184 Drug overdose Drug overdose
185 A mellonballer to the eyes, three kicks to the groin and arsenic in your drinking water
186 Limb in a blender
187 Listening to Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart
188 From Bird Flu
189 Bound, gaged and forced to watch WCW during the 1990's

I wouldn't mind dying this way. I've seen lots of videos like this on YouTube so, it wouldn't be so bad compared to being burned alive.

190 Being flushed into the toilet
191 Falling down from the peak of any huge mountain like Mt. Everest
192 Having no sleep for 3 days straight V 2 Comments
193 Vehicle suffucation
194 Being smashed by a fast car

What differences being smashed with a slow car?!

195 Getting in a car accident in which the other driver was drunk and you were not

It has happend and it sucks

196 By listening to the Jonas Brothers

I'll die like that. I'm surprised the jonas brothers haven't died themselves. Why do you need coment quality/

197 Attacked by a tiger
198 Watching the Simpsons
199 Getting zapped by Pikachu in a batle against all the Pokemon in the world V 1 Comment
200 Explosive Decompression

If you've seen Licence To Kill, then you'd have probably been traumatised by
the death of Milton Krest. If I have to leave this Earth, then please, oh god,
don't let it be this way.

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