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201 Tetanus

It's scarier than cancer. You have lockjaw in which you can't move your jaw making it hard to eat maybe. And spasms everywhere. Which makes muscles uncontrollable and move to an uncomfortable position. Even worse it can break your muscles and bones because of this

202 Drowning in a toilet
203 Never listening to Led Zeppelin

OH MAN! That would be SO HORRIBLE! Never getting to listen to such legendary music would be awful!

Led Zeppelin

V 1 Comment
204 After reading all 170 of these then being shot in the head by a Wiggle who is having an acid trip.

Ha ha this was awesome

205 Shaving your legs

La la la what the, AH

206 Getting hit by a hamster on a motbike
207 Getting attacked by zombies V 1 Comment
208 Burned by someone's fart flame

Funny because I'm not that guy

He ha ha ha I got riped off

209 On the toilet V 2 Comments
210 Your parents force you to go to a Justin Bieber concert when another kid loves Justin Bieber and wants to go
211 Your mother nailing you to the ground, hitting your knees with a hammer, pouring gasoline on you and setting you on fire and walking away.

Definitely 1 of the worst watching the mother you love turn on you like that, a mum is everything to most people, and getting your knees hammered ouch the pain is unbareable then being burnt alive, worst part is your alive thorough all of it so you don't die instantly you have to feel every second of the pain

Wow! That's some imagination you've got there! - Britgirl

What kind of sick people think about his

212 Watching My Little Pony

I watched this show and I didn't die - NexusUnterganger639

Trust me, watching pony porn is even more worse!

213 Mortal Kombat Fatality

Imagine getteing your spine ripped, or burned to a crisp skeleton, or dragged right through a buzzsaw, or being uppercut a hundred feet in the air and landing on metal spires, or getting your head uppercut three times, or your heart pulled out, or electrocuted to minced meat, or dying after a kiss from a hot chick... There's endless posiblities!

214 Getting stabbed with your own knife by someone who was huggin you and listening to country with your feet each in their own bucket of acid as a python wraps around your neck and scorpions pinch away at your abdomen and ignoring that you need to piss. V 3 Comments
215 On The Loo
216 The day after you've just had your first book published V 1 Comment
217 Being tortured and killed by Voldemort

No that is bad, I mean meeting him is bad but being tortured too!

218 Asking someone out and then getting murdered by them on your date.
219 Die of exhaustion after getting last place in a snail marathon.

I can't tell if this is a reference to the Great Snail Race or to that one stupid Snail pixar movie, but either way they both suck and I hope this never happens IRL. - Cesium

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220 Falling into helicopter blades V 1 Comment
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