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221 Being tortured and killed by Voldemort

No that is bad, I mean meeting him is bad but being tortured too!

222 Asking someone out and then getting murdered by them on your date.
223 Taking candy from a baby who somehow know ninjutsu


Ooh candy mua haha... wait no ah.

224 Die of exhaustion after getting last place in a snail marathon.

I can't tell if this is a reference to the Great Snail Race or to that one stupid Snail pixar movie, but either way they both suck and I hope this never happens IRL. - Cesium

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225 Falling into helicopter blades V 1 Comment
226 Being covered in peanut butter and bird food (in the nude) while being slowly dipped into a pool of piranhas feet first on live television

This is so stupid it's funny

227 Stabbed with scissors

It is painful to get stabbed everywhere with scissors and die from losing blood.

228 Being forced to kill your family, friends, and yourself with a whip, in that order

I'd rather use A.45 ACP against the bullies because a Beretta M9 just doesn't have the same power A.45 has

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229 Eaten by rats

Just imagine having 100s of rats crawling all over you digging through your skin and gnawing away at your bones while you squirm and watch them do it until two of them come up and eat your eyes out. Then you're still left to squirm and writhe until god mercifully let's you bleed out some long time after

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230 Try to take off your shirt and suffocate V 1 Comment
231 Get your skin peeled off with a potato peeler
232 Balls torn and eyes torn out and bleed out V 1 Comment
233 Mesothelioma

Pretty much suffocating slowly over several months

234 Slowly crushed in a garbage compactor

Slowly crushing- types of deaths are the worst.

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235 Jumping into a pit of lava V 1 Comment
236 Wound infection
237 Rabies
238 Seppuku
239 Eaten alive by a pack of wolves

Wolves usually rip off your legs so that you can't run. Whether or not you're alive after that depends on how much blood you lose. If you happen to be alive after that, they will start eating you anyway.
It would be kind of freaky to see yourself being eaten alive. - JamesBourne

240 Of Embarrassment

if thats possible i wouldn't want it happening to me. - THEMASTER

My brother and one of my cousins goals is to embarrass me. - njalabi63989

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