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361 Being suffocated by someone putting wet concrete around your head left to dry
362 Necrosis
363 Learning Justin Bieber will be your neighbor
364 Swallowed alive
365 A person who ate lots of baked beans sits on your face and farts on it
366 Buried Alive In Poo
367 Dying of shock that you are going to hell
368 Listening to Nicki Minaj
369 Playing Call of Duty: Ghost
370 Alzheimer's Disease

This should be at the top. Although it's not as painful as many other diseases, and the infected usually live a couple years after being diagnosed, but think about it. Not remembering your family, most important moments in life, your own children...
It's sad, for the person and his/her family. - ethanmeinster

371 The Brazen Bull

I don't know if this is already here, but you are basically roasted inside solid bronze, and the bull is made to make your screams musical. So, roasted alive, laughed at, and probably hated by the general populace.

372 Being licked to death by goat tongue barbs

First you are bound and soaked in a salt solution, then the goats lick you until your body is nothing but salty bones, worse than being grated because the goats will take breaks, giving you time to breath before they start licking again, this was used in the dark ages, and the goats, often starting with the feet would lick the legs to the point that they were just bloody stumps

373 Ling Chi
374 Getting stabbed in the face
375 Getting your head stuck in a drain
376 Have a laser start at your foot, and slowly make its way up to your head
377 Watching a Doctor Who episode with a major cliff hanger and then dying from heart attack because you found out it would come out next year.
378 Being sent back in time by a weeping angel

You won't be able to say goodbye...

379 Not finishing your favorite food when you started eating it for the first time.
380 Being shot by a dalek
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