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361 Being swallowed whole by a yellow dragon and being kept alive in it's stomach for a week and then you finally die from the stomach acid and you are digested
362 You walk outside your house and a refrigerator falls out of the sky and lands on you.
363 Inflated
364 Playing sonic.exe and then he is coming to get your soul
365 Your teeth exploding
366 Being hit by a bus that runs into a boulder
367 Getting tied down to a table, then people put hooks all over your skin including in your eyelids and genitals, then a bunch of people pull all the hooks in different directions
368 Falling until your heart stops.
369 Being cannibalized
370 Asteroid
371 Being hit repetitively with a spoon until it eventually makes a soft spot in your skull and breaks through the bone
372 To be abducted by aliens

Really it is very scary when you see something weird that's not on the earth really. it would suck so much

373 Being killed by Freddy Kruger and Jason at the same time!
374 Cop shoots you in the balls
375 In your sleep

Not bad because 1. You won't know this 2. It's still sleeping except you will wake up in either heaven or hell - njalabi63989

That would be the best way because you would feel no pain.

That would not be bad because you won't even know

Like never waking up

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376 Listening to Gloomy Sunday Song (The Hungarian Suicidal Song)
377 Playing Polybius
378 Drowning at the Sewers
379 Getting ran over by angry bull at a ceremony in Spain
380 Getting Shot In the Butt

You would never be able to poop again.

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