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21 Alone

This should be at the top spot because I can't think of a worse way to die than when you are alone, that's just terrible! - Blazers

Not so much painful as it is emotional, I would at least call someone like in Magnolia and just talk until I die. - Drewstar

that would just be the worst... - JohnnyTheBird

Sadest way to die. Period.

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22 Suicide

You have no idea what you are talking about. Walk a mile in another persons shoes. Then decide, don't judge something you don't understand... The human experience.

This is definitely the worst way... If you don't like your life, there is always a way to make it better..

I would rather prefer to kill myself before someone else tries to kill me

You constantly beat yourself up until it seems like the only option.

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23 Shot

Head shot is quick, the heart is too but anywhere else will hurt like hell.

Getting shot in the stomach or the waist is said to be one of the most painful and slow ways to die

You will die if it was in the head or heart, leg or hand would hurt but would die unless you bleed to death. - Lucretia

Shoot Kim Joong Oon one can

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24 Being bound to a flesh-eating ant nest in the nude and having to watch the ants eat you until they ate your eyes.

This is best punishment for those who rapes women and disrespects women safety.
Its better if ants starts with their private parts.

That is very bad and weird. I wonder who would do that? Those people who do that must be crazy. Would you do that. I would not. That is just torcher. To the people that some people hate. That is just messed up

This would be the best type of torture you could get any type of looking at your death is bad for me!


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25 Being stuck in a glass block that is 138 degrees while wearing winter clothes...... A hot and sweaty death

Woah, that's hot... And with WINTER CLOTHES? It's be worse if the block was black... - Turkeyasylum

OH GOD before you even step into a box you would melt with this heat!

26 Listening to any song by Ann Wilson of Heart




I literally have NO idea who that guys is! sorry!
p.s cats rule!

27 Laughing at a joke so much you choke

I nearly did that once, and it was an absolutely terrifying experience. Not really, and I'm just going to keep on typing to fill up the Quality bar.

You choke but there would be a friend or a family member of yours or even a kind lady walking past you and see you choke. They would help you

Almost done that. But then you keep laughing because you choked. LOL

Dying doing what I love! 😃 - Cesium

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28 Electrified

Getting electrocuted sounds HORRIBLE! Think about it, almost anybody who has survived being struck by lightning described it as feeling like they got hit over the head with a sledgehammer! Or they say it is like one of those little static shocks you get when you touch a doorknob magnified hundreds of thousands of times! AH! Imagine your body becoming a FRIED CIRCUIT. OH. SNAP.

At least you wouldn't be able to feel anything, cause you'd be dead in a millionth of a second.

People actually used elecrtic chairs enough times before they were banned - Lucretia


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29 Listening to Panic! at the Disco

What panic! At the disco is awesome!

Also dying doing what I love! - Cesium

Yes, YES! I hate Panic at The Disco! They always blend their lyrics into one sentence and it always sounds crappy!

Oh dude no! panic! at the disco is amazing!

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30 Eaten by a shark

Truthfully, the shark would only attack because it believes the person is a seal, then, once they realise their mistake, they leave the person alone

Seriously how is that number 1? I think even just dying is worse the not being saved by jesus are you kidding me?

The only reason this is bad, is because not many people die from it, and you get embarrassed.

My elementary school principals brother died from a shark attack be such a terrible way to dir

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31 Stuck inside wet cement

Dig your way out that would save up

Just what

32 Getting Sucked Into a Jet Engine

There would be a whole lot of pain in that one but at least it would be quick - Ku

Man this would be terrible pain when every part of your body gets sliced up

33 Eaten by your best friend as a sacrifice

Now how would that ever happen? Unless your friend is a traitor or likes human meat

Is he a monster or a horror comic character?

Good friend he is

Since when is this Tokyo Goul?! - Untildawn8

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34 Being bound in wet raw hide and having all the organs squezed out of you like a tube of toothpaste

One word GROSS

35 Choking on fart fumes

That is like impossible but I am laughing so hard!

Not miserable, but funny because it's not happening to me

LOL what is this? - WonkeyDude98

Are you mad?

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36 Getting eaten by a Sarlacc

Just imagine boba fet still in there...

37 While on a toilet

This is where elvis died, and it was because of drugs not body fluids

I don't get this. How does someone die on a toilet. LOL!

Jim Morrison died of a heart issue on the toilet... - Lucretia

Cancer is the answer my friend

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38 Plane Accident

Probably the most horrible way to go because car accidents you can survive but if your plane is about to crash can either pray for a miracle or wait for your doom. If you survive a plane crash, then you would be extremely lucky. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

My biggest fear is dying because of a plane crash

Plane acident because you wound probably die alone and die in pain

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39 Getting Round-house kicked by Chuck Norris

The only thing worse would be if Bruce Lee asked to fight you. It would be worse than a Mortal Kombat showdown. The only reason he died is because Earthlings were too weak for him, so now he's giving demons and angels a beat down. God decided he needed a bodyguard.

Medical Dictionaries say that once your brain recognises your about to cop a chuck norris round house to the head, it purges down through the entire body and exits out the anus. - GhostDarkon

Ow that kick would have destroyed you completely.

OH MY GOD! I thought getting skinned was bad his foot would warp you inside out and turn youe bones to powder

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40 Locked in a hot tub

It would be like drowning in 100+ degree Fahrenheit water. I would be scared, and the hot tubs have chemicals in them. Swallowing too much water can kill you. You would get claustrophobic, and run out of breath. By far one of the worst ways to die. - Turkeyasylum

Wow... That would be slow and painful, the body loses energy in this situation

How does one get locked in a hot tub?

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