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441 Getting ran over by a truck then he doesn't know he hits you so if you survive he runs over you and you get squashed like a hedgehog.
442 Getting your balls ripped off.

So basically being awake for a vasectomy

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443 Getting molested by Micheal Jackson while playing E.T. The Video Game

I'm considering killing myself just so this doesn't happen

I'm not ready for the internet yet...

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444 Tripping into a meat grinder

How can this even happen?... And just watch, I'm going to trip into a meat grinder some day. Eh, at least I saw it coming. - mattyg2391

Like you turn into a burger? That's my only goal in life.

Somebody actually died from this

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445 Not having ever listened to Rush

That would definitely be the absolute worst way to die! If you die this way you are seriously DEPRIVED!

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446 Being operated on in a surgery room V 1 Comment
447 Of Embarrassment

if thats possible i wouldn't want it happening to me. - THEMASTER

My brother and one of my cousins goals is to embarrass me. - njalabi63989

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448 Listening to your Favourite Song

Personally, I think that's a good way to die in my eyes.

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449 In your sleep

Not bad because 1. You won't know this 2. It's still sleeping except you will wake up in either heaven or hell - njalabi63989

That would be the best way because you would feel no pain.

That would not be bad because you won't even know

Like never waking up

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450 Playing your favorite game V 1 Comment
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