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441 Iron Maiden

Oh god no not that anything but that

442 Split in half by a train
443 Slowly dying of thirst

This is what happens to the worst of criminals in the world. They just tell you otherwise.

444 Watching Pony Porn
445 Being Forced to Eat Vegemite
446 Getting an overdose of chloroform to the face

I have never thought of that and honestly I would have know idea how that would feel. BUT I guess it would hurt bad!
p.s cats rule!

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447 Listening to Lavender Town

I listened to every form of soundtrack to lavender town... Am I dead? No.

Random Ghost uses Lavender Town Syndrome. Player commits suicide due to deppresion!

448 Dying of a heart attack finding out Neil Peart of Rush retired
449 Immolation
450 Being Crushed
451 Being Skinned
452 Asphyxiation
453 Via Wood Chipper
454 Falling off a building
455 ALS
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