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41 Melting in a volcano while simultaneously getting shot in the head while the Air Force is bombing the volcano

If you weren't shot in the head beforehand, then drowning in lava would be so painful.

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42 Being Cremated In Your Oven


43 Bludgeoned to death

Hittting the head would be painful, it would damage the skull and brain but if would be more immediate them some where else. - Lucretia

Yes, 100 cuts to the body without hitting a vein. Slow painfull death


44 Flaying V 1 Comment
45 Snake bite

That would hurt so much but probably would not die probably just would hurt that would be it.

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46 Stabbed in the back with a carrot

HAHA! A snowman pops out of nowhere takes off his nose and decides to stab you with it. Then he takes your nose off and keeps it for himself! Throws a few yellow snowballs at your dead body and skips away to Vatican City!

I have a "one thing theory" like if you were going to hear a recording, when you woke up, of everything that would be said to you, then you would hear one thing that makes you go "WTF!? " For me it's usually something like "I perform in a band of pirates." Thank you. "Stabbed
in the back with a carrot" is my one thing for today. - Trivium

Your being killed by something that's nutritious if this happened my mom would never make me eat another vegetable


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47 Getting trapped in a disgusting porta potty at a burrito eating contest. The port potty rolls down a hill and lands in a land fill. It is in the desert. You slowly die from thirst, heat, and horrible smells.

I would say this has a 00.01 chance of happening

Ya that probably wouldn't happen

That would be so disgusting.

Probably would not happen.

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48 Hacked to death by ax or machete

Jason, I told you about that!

Getting shot or comiting suicide would be better then this honestly. - Lucretia



49 While typing in TheTopTens

Yeah sure, I'm just gonna die for having writing my comment. Hello? Is there anybody H...

This one is so stupid. I mean, come on, seriously? Death is a serious thing you shouldn't joke about and honestly how the he-

, am I going to die while I'm typing? Am I now? How about now? How About N- - GentleTrouter

Lol. This would be ironic... but complete bullshfnn;gobjj jjj - JamesBourne

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50 Getting pushed into a volcano

You would get cremated and cooked. - Lucretia

51 Crucifixion

Why ain't it #1? - ziiiiiiiiing

Are you kidding me. You are nailed four times one to each hand and foot while you try to hold yourself up from being suffocated. After many hours possibly a whole day you can't hold on to air any more and you suffocate. that would suck.

52 Bomb Explosion

Terrible, just horrible. You burn and it takes forever to get medical attention.

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53 Riot V 1 Comment
54 Being cut up with a butter knife

Uh that's got to suck, seriously. Slow painful deaths are bad, not the fast painless ones, people. - floridiancat

The sharper the better, seriously. All though It hurt when I cut myself with a butter knife. - Lucretia

Make it rusty and I agree.

R.I.P. Bad luck brian - BLAZEDAFOX

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55 Whilst being tortured V 1 Comment
56 Disappear in the Bermuda Triangle

People don't actually die in the Bermuda triangle. It is said that there is a rift in time that resides there. for people who don't know what this does it places you somewhere completely different that looks the same but is several time periods away. If you get lucky it will place you somewhere within the same time period but several miles away.

Murder is worse if you didn't do anything wrong, but this way they won't even find you...
I wonder why that place is so mysterious.. Does it like swallow people?

It actually has been proven that there are no more or less average ships sunk in the triangle than the rest of the world.

It's Likely a passing storm sunk your boat is your death in the Bermuda Triangle

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57 Mutilation

Yes, bound with duct tape. The worst

If they shoot you first then mutilate you but if they go to cut of your foot... and then your fands... ouch - Lucretia

58 Suffocation from your head being stuck in a toilet that has been flushed

Worse would be if the toilet hadn't been flushed... Think about it

Wouldn't that be drowning? Or is it an empty toilet?

59 Disease

In bed for days, not knowing when you might die. Spending your last days of life weak and scared... =^v^=

Of course you can die by disease ^ - ^

60 Burned Alive

As bad as the eraser challenge is, ouch. - Lucretia

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