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61 Suffucating in outer space

This one is impossible you would implode way before you ever suffocated

You would freeze instantly before suffocating.

This is scary! This is what I'm afraid of. - Pegasister12

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62 Having a lethal injection

Actually sounds pretty painless

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63 Hanging

If you're gonna get hanged make sure it snaps your neck or else your just gonna hang there slowly suffocating to death.

Hanging is like the 3rd worst way to die. I can imagine that it's a little painful. You can't breath and there's nothing you can't do about it. At least after your world begins to fade out in blackness as your body stops working.

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64 Being killed by someone who betrayed you V 4 Comments
65 Being crucified

That's really bad. For you guys who don't know, they hammer nails into your hands and feet, then put you upright and let you hang by that. All while your naked, wearing a crown of thorns, and everyone you love is watching you starve/bleed out/die of thirst. Ouch.

No kidding! Why would God have sent Jesus if this wasn't the worst way to die?

All people that did not want to die in hell should reconsider their opinions!.

This should be number 1. It's unimaginably painful. Just as painful as black hole. - njalabi63989

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66 Crushed to Death

Now thinking of that Pokemon commercial with the bus. - BLAZEDAFOX

67 Car crash

One day, somebody in need of a new heart will use yours.

Unless you don't die and you're just left horribly paralyzed

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68 Having something really heavy fall on your head

Ouch. My head hurts just thinking about it.

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69 Dying without even knowing you died

Pretty much the best way to die. Lying in your comfy bed and then you drift off

I actually wanna know that I will die like 30 minutes before I do so I can call the ambulance to save me

So like dying when you sleep? That's not painful you'd be sleeping so it wouldn't matter

Dying while sleeping? I think that it is te best way to die.Now,you guys might think I'm crazy,but hey,you will die not feeling any pain,and not seeing the ones you love suffer.I think that this is the pick I would go for. - ZalmoTheBest

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70 Being eaten alive

Tasty human. Best with pinecones

That would be awful - NicholasYellow

by a human - Hspencer

71 Having your bladder burst

You would drown from the inside

It would have to be being eaten alive

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72 Impalement V 3 Comments
73 Gangrene

No this is a pretty bad and painful disease just nope

74 A headach so painful that you split your head open

Man after reading this I think I will throw up and have nightmares tonight.

Sounds painful and horrible.

Like that would happen

75 Sun explodes while watching current day ECW

Man I hope this doesn't happen

If the sun explodes you would have eight minutes to say goodbye

76 Choking
77 Run Over by a Lawnmower

That happened to my brother's friend. He didn't die, though. - BLAZEDAFOX

Ouch sounds painful

78 Hit by a car V 2 Comments
79 From Cancer

This is the worst way to die that actually might happen. Cancer, yeah, that would be terrible. Another one that would be bad is being crushed.

this is the way I don't want to die at all :( - idolangelx13

Oh my goodness. But you would not die if it was not that bad

Apparently kinder joys cause cancer and I just ate one... wish me luck! 😂Jks... cancer is a bad way to die and is horrible

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80 In Micheal Jackson's basement listening to Beat It

Just being in his basment is bad enough

I'd be dancing. Dunno about U guys.


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