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81 Being killed with a baseball bat by a green Hippo

Umm... Hello? Are you people not voting and commenting for this because of something I don't know about? This is undoubtedly the worst way to die. I'll never get over the fact that under 1% of people voted for being killed with a baseball bat by a green hippo. Go and try it, then come back to the list and tell me what you think then. It's the worst. It just is.

Oh come on I really expected this to be first, or at least second. Come on! A green hippo! That would be absolutely horrible, seeing that big-ass hippo beating you up!

The randomness is out of the question. It's a bad way to die, irrespective of how peculiar it is. - PositronWildhawk

A green Teletubbie would be worse. - PythonProgrammer23

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82 A Slow Death With a Chainsaw Slowly Digging Into You
83 Drugs

terrible. we know major toms a junky! - 2234

84 Airplane crash V 1 Comment
85 Beaten to death
86 Being amputated slowly, starting with finger and toes, one per hour. Than legs and arms, your head, and finally, you would have your head being used as a bowling ball

ISIS does do stuff like that but I think bowling is a bit extreme...even for them

Really sounds likes something that those scumbags over there in ISIS would do.

Funny, but when you think about it...

Sounds like Isis :(

87 Animal Attacks

Yeah you're spending a day with a nice swim in Hawaii. 2 minutes later a shark quietly comes close to you and eat you alive. - njalabi63989

Animals won't give you fast and painless deaths... - FireWasp2004

Wolves for example. Chased and then torn to peices. Sometimes they will start eating before there prey has been killed. =^v^=

88 Having your head blow up
89 Industrial machinery accident
90 Being cut up
91 Plane Accident

Probably the most horrible way to go because car accidents you can survive but if your plane is about to crash can either pray for a miracle or wait for your doom. If you survive a plane crash, then you would be extremely lucky. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

My biggest fear is dying because of a plane crash

Plane acident because you wound probably die alone and die in pain

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92 Listening to Old Shep by Elvis Presley

This song can kill people This song is a criminal murderer it should be arrested - Coldplay

I couldn't get past the first verse after hearing this song because I heard it could kill you - idolangelx13

I've never heard this song... and now I never will!

Purple Shep - PythonProgrammer23

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93 By a drunked penguin holding a ray gun

One time, a friend of mine sacrificed his life to save me and my other friends from a drunked penguin holding a ray gun. It was a noble death.

pretty unlikely with it having flippers, but hey, they could get angry.

In that case the worst way to die would be falling into a pool full of teletubbies

I love penguins so much I actually would not mind

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94 By the hands of terrorists V 2 Comments
95 Watching Dora the Explorer

Dora the explorer, More like Dora the jackass If you watch one nanosecond of it, You will die.

If you are older than the appropriate age group then yes you will die a slow painful death

I'd rather go to the Dora world and kill her than watch her for even Planck time. - njalabi63989

No...please...anything else...

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96 Beaten by a cucumber

Laugh out loud! Being killed by a cucumber, silly!

More like you beat up the cucumber

Um... WHAT!


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97 Cardiac Arrest

If Michael Jackson died that way and at that young age, I know it's bad.

98 Falling off the Burjai Dubai and landing on your balls

worst then empire state building

Because I know millions of girls with balls as well.

If you are a boy ouch that would hert and I'm a boy ohhh how painful

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99 Falling into a Black Hole

Falling into a stellar-mass black hole would be horrifying, even if it is unlikely. Imagine falling into one, and have your body being stretched out to the point of being ripped apart by the extreme gravity, and then have what's left of you be crushed into a space smaller than an atom, or have your atoms/subatomic particles scattered about in a parallel universe. Yeah... Not the best way to go.

Maybe that's what happened to the floating corpse of Drax from Moonraker...

After some several million years, that is.

I heard that when you fall in a blackvhole, your body gets stretched out like spaghetti... - Iamcool


100 Balls sledgehammered

What if you don't have balls? - BLAZEDAFOX

Oh my.. - Potamusgaind

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