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101 Paper cuts on every inch of your body

Jesus, imagine how long this would take! Definitely not the best way to go.

That would hurt so bad

102 Poisoned

This could be by consumption or by venomous injection.

This is one hell of a way to go. Should be in the Top 10.

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103 Stabbed

Just don't let it be with a blunt object.

104 Being Killed in the Holocaust

The holocaust took place in World War Tao when Adolf Hitler ruled Germany. They took over many countries. When they invaded them their main priority was to find all the Jews. The reason for this was Hitler didn't like them. They would of been gassed, beaten or worked to death. Babies would have been thrown into ovens.

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105 Laughing to death
106 Vehicular accident that everybody survived except you

there are lots of accidents that this thing happened, all of em survived, being in coma then recover but one person died. - ronluna

that's very unfair and it sucks - ronluna

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107 Heart Attack

Having a heart attack is nowhere near as painful as the other ways to die and it is unexpected how is this the worst way to die?

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108 Terrorist attack

That's why I'm at war. After high school, I'm going into the Marines

Be safe. Also, make sure you have a therapist before you go

109 Fighting
110 Hanging upside down above a slowly filling bathtub until water gets in your nose and you drown

This would be horrible, if you want to see how it ends you can see it on the civil war movie.

No way this is more painful than paper cuts.

Its like drowning but intensified

Slow painful and wet

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111 Beheaded

The head is still alive for about 8 seconds, after being cut off from the body!

Its fast so not that bad

I can't believe this isn't higher, wow, being decapited must be awful, I saw some videos of liveleak of people being decapited and wow awful! I also heard you're actually conscious for some seconds after losing your head, imagine knowing you just were decapited and it is going to die soon.

112 Being eaten by teletubbies and regenerateing daily just to be eaten again

I'm gonna say that's the worst but couldn't you escape them eventually,

I'm going to have nightmares tonight

You wouldn't be dying then.


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113 Sucked by quick sand

You actually can't die by getting sucked by quicksand. You just get stuck. Eventually someone will find you. You could float in quicksand, crazy, but it's true. - Pegasister12

Who ever quick sand is you want to meet up?

I like getting sucked

114 Being hit repeatedly by a spoon until you die

Reference to The Incredibly Slow Murder With A Very Inefficient Weapon. - GentleTrouter

My boyfriend tried to kill me this way via spooning :(

This is how I'm going to go

Ya can't kill someone with a spoon! you scoop with a spoon! - BLAZEDAFOX

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115 Dying without Jesus Christ

420 blaze it, no! 316 praise it

This is the absolute worst, not for the means or cause of death, nessessarially, but because one would be banished from the Presence of God into eternal torture. Worst, worst, worst.

Obviously the worst

I already will and at least it's not gay

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116 Watching The Tim and Eric Awesome Show

Ren and stimpy is hell more crazy

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117 Lost at Sea

No one can save you you have no communication

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118 Under a fat person sitting on you

Think of all the sweat and lost items. This is a horrible way to die. This would be a slow and painful way to die. No man should have this happen to them - cbrophy

That's sort of mean. :(

I guarentee that the person who said "that's sort of mean" is a fat person

FAT ALBERT, I forgot I was behind him. - BLAZEDAFOX

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119 Hello Kitty kicks you in the face and your head explodes shortly afterward V 3 Comments
120 Eaten by a duck

Damn that's a nasty way to go eaten by your closest and most innocent friend the duck

Accualy ducks have really pointy teeth search it up I'm serious

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