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161 Listening to a song by Amy Winehouse
162 Eaten to death by old people, they take forever to chew

That's funny I never thought of that but probably true! I wouldn't like that I can imagine them chewing on my arm with false teeth

Never thought I'd die of gummy bears

Saw my nan do this once it was bloody beautiful! here slobbery wet gums rubbing furiously against your fleeky flesh

163 Your mother nailing you to the ground, hitting your knees with a hammer, pouring gasoline on you and setting you on fire and walking away.

Definitely 1 of the worst watching the mother you love turn on you like that, a mum is everything to most people, and getting your knees hammered ouch the pain is unbareable then being burnt alive, worst part is your alive thorough all of it so you don't die instantly you have to feel every second of the pain

Wow! That's some imagination you've got there! - Britgirl

What kind of sick people think about his

Yes. just yes.

164 Have your blood slowly be drained from your veins while simultaneously being inserted into your throat

That would suck! Drowning by your own blood... Oh well!

It combines bleeding to dearh with drowning. You basically drown in your own blood. Not only scary but painful, this should at least make the top 5

165 Vegemite falling from the sky

I am Australian and for me that would be the best.

166 Alkali Bath

Drowning while you watch your skin turn into liquid. Your lungs burn as they dissolve. Next comes your eyes; you can't close them because your eyelids are long gone.

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167 Being skinned with a rusty pocket knife while being stoned by half melted rocks
168 Scalping

Extremely painful. Imagine skinning the top of your head slowly and painfully.

Ow yeah this is when people rip you head open for your hair.

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169 Falling into a meat grinder and being ground to death
170 Encased in concrete

Same as buried alive isn't it?

Like Han Solo - Benster7703

171 Umbilical cord wraping around your neck

Ya, I had my umbilical cord wrapped around me in a such a way that I was right side up unlike most unborn babies. A nurse recommended flipping me around, but my mom said no because it would kill me.

I hope no mom has to go through that happening to their kid.. My brother died that way :(

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172 Plutonian Space Pirate Attack

What how is that going to happen and why would it be painful unless they eat you alive than send you to hell to burn forever

173 Watching paint dry and then getting shot V 1 Comment
174 Being thrown inside a volcano

Hope the Air Force doesn't nuke it

175 Being trapped inside a demolished building
176 Being a sacrificial body for Akatsuki members, if they want to teleport to other places
177 Fall and break your neck V 1 Comment
178 Never getting to say I am sorry to someone you have wronged.
179 Being sucked into a tornado and getting hit by flying pieces of metal
180 Set your foot on fire and watch it slowly burn away whilst your head is being slowly lowered into a bucket of concentrated alkaline.
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