Worst Ways to Treat an Autistic Adult

These are the worst things someone can say or do to an autistic adult that will really annoy them that should be illegal. I have autism myself.

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1 Talk to them with a baby voice

EVERYTHING on this list would annoy anyone, regardless if they're autistic or not

We are not babies, we are grown adults. Many of us were at the top of our classes. Simply because we have a condition that makes us unable to communicate effectively does not mean we are idiots. Idiots are the people who make assumptions about people with disabilities or conditions. These people who make assumptions should be the ones treated like babies, as they still have the knowledge of the baby, with the only thing saving them from mistreatment is being born "normal".

This happens especially after a meltdown. Autistics who have even the biggest meltdowns are still very likely to not have a mental age of 2. They are adults, not babies and don't assume they have a low mental age.

Please, all TopTenners, stop making offensive lists like this and 'Most Hated Countries' and stuff. I have autism and I am incredibly offended by list. Just ban them, OK?!

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2 Assume they won't be employed

Someone I'm close to tried to make that assumption before I graduated from high school. I didn't talk to them for years. I've also held down 4 jobs.

All this would piss me off - bobbythebrony

I see this as meaning I have no skills and I'm not good at anything and all the GCSE's I have worked hard on and got good grades are not worth it and I am throwing over 12 years of education out of the window.

3 Assume they are weak

Most of the time, autistic people are no weaker than people without autism. It can be very insulting to say stuff like 'I don't want you hurting your back' and carrying a 4kg object for an autistic adult who clearly doesn't have a physical disability.

4 Never trust them

People with autism are actually MORE likely to follow rules or be truthful, and are therefore more trustworthy. They don't value manipulation like many other types of people do.

People always assume thatall mentally disabled people lie all the time and that what they say isn't of as good quality compared to what 'normal' people would say.

5 Tell them they are totally in control of meltdowns

Not really. When I get pissed off I just become a different person and I don't think about getting punished or anything

A lot of the time, they are not. Whenever I have meltdowns, I forget the consequences and I can't stop myself.

Some autistic can control meltdowns

They could go to jail for meltdowns

6 Shout at them after a meltdown

This does no good. When I have a meltdown, I have no control over my actions. This is because my sensory system is overloaded. Shouting will only make the meltdown worse.

A meltdown is the natural result of too much pent-up stress: the person truly can't take it anymore and can no longer hold it back. The only prevention is to remove the person from the situation that is causing the stress, before it builds up too much. (Since we often have trouble self-monitoring, having people help us know when to take a break can be essential.) A meltdown means things were wrong in the environment. Trust me, "throwing myself on the ground and screaming in public" doesn't make my top ten list of favorite activities.

Meltdowns are not their fault and shouting will make them stressed! Plus, this is something they can't control.

What happen if you tell them to stop?

7 Repeat an instruction

It is a lot better to write it down if they don't hear or remember or if they weren't listening, especially if it is a long one.

8 Call them mentally retarded

They actually used that term in the 60s and 70s

9 Say that {grade below B} is amazing

This especially applies if it is something they are the best at. This way you are talking to them like they have a mental age of 10 when they are over 16. They need to be treated like over 16's.

10 Ignore them because they are 'weird'

This used to be done a lot in the 70's by prefects. The most sickening stunt ever. I can't think of any words to describe the most cruel, heartless thing ever happened.

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11 Want them to cover their stomachs in summer

How come stomachs are now private parts for autistics? I bet this is because either non autistics want to look sexy next to them, think they are all too fat and not toned enough or stop them having relationships.

This list item is confusing me. By the way, I'm autistic, too, but I'm a child. - RockFashionista

That's disgusting! Put your shirt back on!

That will burn your eyes if an autistic take off his shirt! Eww!

Seriously? Just 'cause they are autistic doesn't make it different. I AM AUTISTIC! But I'm a girl. - RockFashionista

12 Spank them
13 Threatening them

That's horrible! Why would anyone threating a person just because he/she/it is autistic?!?! You guys made me sick! - BorisRule

To the creator of this list: I have autism, but I am a 12 year old, not an adult. Why would you make such a mean list? Every person is good. 😢

14 Feed them hot sauce

I'm autistic and I like hot sauce...

15 Call them stupid

Some autistic can control meltdowns

16 Tell them they're disgusting
17 Slap them
18 Treat them like an animal
19 Disown them from your family
20 Put them on a leash
21 Whip them
22 Tell them (or anyone else) that autistics "are part caveman" and/or "don't have souls."
23 Abuse them
24 Fart in their face
25 Diaper them
26 Timeout
27 Rat them out to police for tantrums/meltdowns
28 Tell them they are being immature
29 Grounding them
30 Punch them
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