Worst Ways to Wake Up


The Top Ten

1 With Your Head In a Microwave
2 In a Prison Cell
3 In the The Middle of Armageddon
4 Dead

That does not make sense whatsoever

Waking up at A Justin Bieber Concert isn't that bad. I don't know why everyone hates Justin so much. (i hate him too)

How you be able to wake upn if your dead unless your a spirit and I think that this is the 9th worst way to die

5 At a Justin Beiber Concert

Waking up to this, is pretty much like having your head in a microwave... Completely unbearable. - MeowMix

Oh God, I hope not! - letdot52

6 On a Boat In the Middle of Unchartered Waters
7 In a Whale
8 Tied to a Chair
9 With a Serious Hangover

In every other case listed here you might eventually find out that it's only a dream. This one definitely isn't, which makes it fate worse than nightmares. - saaarsdej

10 In a Padded Room

The Contenders

11 Naked, In a Stranger's Bed... That Is the Same Gender As You.

No homophobia intended... But as a guy, I would much rather be in a female strangers bed rather than another man... I'm getting shivers now. - MeowMix

12 Somebody Jumping on You
13 Pet Peeing On You
14 With a script to read that will be filmed live with the 20 hottest celebs, and you have total amnesia and can't read.

I love reading! And embaresed in front of all those hot people, shudder, so awful

15 Tied to a Tree
16 Finding out that a car accident happened, your family died, you're paralyzed, and you have to eat through a straw for the rest of your life. And you're only 10.
17 With Your Hands Glued to Your Balls
18 Lost In an Extremely Dense Forest
19 On a Peruvian Castle
20 With School Just Minutes Away
21 In Hell
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