Top Ten Worst We Bare Bears Characters

We all love certain we bare bear charcters but that annoying we bare bear character is so annoying

The Top Ten

1 Nomnom Nomnom

The is guy is a jork - Toptenanimallovers

2 Andy Bangs Andy Bangs

He is so annoying even his voice - Toptenanimallovers

3 Ralph

This huy was a jork using charlie to hurt people - Toptenanimallovers

4 Corey

He betrayed the 3 bears by stealing there only 100 dollar they will ever have - Toptenanimallovers

Wait, there is a character named Corey in WBB?!
Corey from Grojband is way better and cuter than Corey from WBB. - ChatNoirFan18

5 Tim

His name was actually tom.

He kidnapped panda for peet sake - Toptenanimallovers

6 Nerds

They were jorks and destroyed ice bears vaccum cleaner he worked really hard on that - Toptenanimallovers

7 Grizzly Grizzly

He keeps annoys Panda, embarrasses Panda, stalks Ice Bear, keep forcing those two bears to agree what he want. He keeps making stupid faces that makes me want to punch him (no offense to the fans). Also, how people keep hating Panda because he always depressed yet Grizz is total annoying? - ChatNoirFan18

Honestly I hate this guy. He's such a prick to everyone. - TwilightKitsune

I can't stand Grizzly. I want to shoot him with a Desert Eagle

Vote Grizz to number 1. In my opinion, he is much worse than Nom Nom. - ChatNoirFan18

8 Pet Owner

He tried to throw them out in he cold - Toptenanimallovers

9 Darrel

He was kinda of annoying - Toptenanimallovers

10 Professor Lampwick

He was so mean to chloe - Toptenanimallovers

The Contenders

11 Ranger Tabes

She was so annoying - Toptenanimallovers

12 Ice Bear Ice Bear
13 Panda

An annoying little wimpy nerd

14 Chloe
15 Charlie
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