Top Ten Worst We Bare Bears Characters

We all love certain we bare bear charcters but that annoying we bare bear character is so annoying

The Top Ten Worst We Bare Bears Characters

1 Nomnom

His is stupid

Why does Grizz even like him for what he did?

After kicking him out of his limo, trying to send their beloved crab to jail and being a really sore loser in pandas sneeze grizz still likes him like what

The is guy is a jork - Toptenanimallovers

2 Andy Bangs

He has the most annoying voice EVER

Cancerous children making videos.
How could it be worse?

He is so annoying even his voice - Toptenanimallovers

3 Ralph

This huy was a jork using charlie to hurt people - Toptenanimallovers

4 Panda

He's so irritative I mean come on he stole the bears phone and he said the power the bears shouldn't have to traded there phone for the panda phone

He is neckbeard nice guy narcissistic idiot.

A idiot fat bear.

He's crazy, I mean, who says that his phone is his life? I don't know if people say that...

5 Corey

He betrayed the 3 bears by stealing there only 100 dollar they will ever have - Toptenanimallovers

6 Tim

His name was actually tom.

He kidnapped panda for peet sake - Toptenanimallovers

7 Nerds

They were jorks and destroyed ice bears vaccum cleaner he worked really hard on that - Toptenanimallovers

8 Grizzly

The dumbest of the trio, that's all.

He's a terrible role model to children

Brown fat guy.

He is one of those fame-thirsty characters I had ever seen in my life and I kinda hated him. So I voted

9 Pet Owner

He tried to throw them out in he cold - Toptenanimallovers

10 Darrel

He was kinda of annoying - Toptenanimallovers

The Contenders

11 Chloe

I am going to be honest with you guys, I'm not a BIG fan of Chloe. She gets on my nerves A LOT. Daniel Chong ruined her character a bit and she doesn't have THAT much character development. Chloe is only 10 and she's in college. Yeah, so it's a show but still. That's not a good thing because then she is going to be making money at a young age. That is not good. I also feel like she should interact with others more instead of having her shyness taken out. She SERIOUSLY needs to come out of her shell, it is sickening.


12 Professor Lampwick

He was so mean to chloe - Toptenanimallovers

13 Ice Bear

Ice bear good bear

Ice Bear is best bear - AliciaMae

Ice Bear is the best bear, not the worst bear! :( :( :(

14 Charlie

Charlie is honestly a really annoying character how he gets in the way in episodes. The way he acts he's a bit snotty and gets mad pretty easily. Also how he does the most just to go somewhere or do somethinv right..

15 Ranger Tabes

She was so annoying - Toptenanimallovers

16 Lucy

She's has a boyfriend!

17 The Demon

That dog is crazy, how can he survive a jump like that?

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