Top Ten Worst We Bare Bears Characters

We all love certain we bare bear charcters but that annoying we bare bear character is so annoying

The Top Ten

1 Nomnom Nomnom

After kicking him out of his limo, trying to send their beloved crab to jail and being a really sore loser in pandas sneeze grizz still likes him like what

The is guy is a jork - Toptenanimallovers

2 Andy Bangs Andy Bangs

He is so annoying even his voice - Toptenanimallovers

3 Ralph

This huy was a jork using charlie to hurt people - Toptenanimallovers

4 Corey

He betrayed the 3 bears by stealing there only 100 dollar they will ever have - Toptenanimallovers

5 Tim

His name was actually tom.

He kidnapped panda for peet sake - Toptenanimallovers

6 Nerds

They were jorks and destroyed ice bears vaccum cleaner he worked really hard on that - Toptenanimallovers

7 Pet Owner

He tried to throw them out in he cold - Toptenanimallovers

8 Darrel

He was kinda of annoying - Toptenanimallovers

9 Grizzly Grizzly

Honestly I hate this guy. He's such a prick to everyone. - TwilightKitsune

I can't stand Grizzly. I want to shoot him with a Desert Eagle

10 Professor Lampwick

He was so mean to chloe - Toptenanimallovers

The Contenders

11 Ranger Tabes

She was so annoying - Toptenanimallovers

12 Ice Bear Ice Bear

Ice Bear is the best bear, not the worst bear! :( :( :(

13 Panda

An annoying little wimpy nerd

14 Chloe
15 Charlie
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