Worst Weapons In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Advanced warfare has some really good weapons, but it also has a lot of really REALLY bad ones. Which one do you think is the worst?

The Top Ten Worst Weapons In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

1 MK14

Sledgehammer Games has not only failed to buff this gun properly, they actually made it worse. They lowered the damage a lot, the fire rate is slow, and it has a small magazine. This gun is outclassed by the other assault rifles in every department.

Awful gun, the amount of shots it takes to kill is outrageous considering its fire rate. The Sheiva in Black Ops 3 overpowers this awful gun any day. Sledgehammer, y'all need to fix this absolute crap weapon, increase damage, and maybe more people will purchase supply drops to get the dang thing.

It's actually pretty good. The na45 is an example of trash.


Grenade Launchers don't work if you can dodge the grenade before it explodes: case and point, the MDL


3 MP-443 Grach

Though most pistols were buffed to make them somewhat useable, the Grach remains just as terrible as it was at launch. Why would you make a 2 round burst pistol that needs at least 3 rounds to kill?

It's better after the buff

Worst gun ever… by a long shot


This gun is very good at shooting down aircraft in Lockdown Mode, but unless you have a good variant like the Death and Taxes, it is horrible in player vs player combat. The crosshairs are too large and the gun shoots too slow.

5 ARX-160

This burst-fire gun has low recoil, a big mag, and shoots fairly fast, but the range at which you can get one burst kills is pathetically low. Some of the variants like the Holepuncher and Steel Bite are absolutely phenomenal, though.

6 SN6

This gun is pretty accurate for a SMG, but the time it takes to kill someone is awfully long.

This gun is fairly accurate, but it has awful range and an average fire rate. The other SMGs all outclass it.

7 Tac-19

Even after the buff it got, the Tac-19 gets doesn't get a lot of one shot kills, especially since it is pump action. Some of the variants are quite good though.

8 EPM3

It has a high fire rate cap and low recoil with good damage and range, but not many people can pull the trigger fast enough to use it effectively.

This weapon is slow, SLOW!

Go watch chaosxsilencer s top 10 slow killing guns in Call of Duty history this is num1

9 Stinger M7

It's an alright launcher in general, but having to stand still and lock on to aircraft very slowly is a death sentence in a super fast game like Advanced Warfare.

10 Crossbow

The crossbow is extremely hard to use when everyone is jumping and boosting all around the map.

sucks m

The Contenders

11 EM1

Not a really good weapon have to hold for a long time to kill them. Actually one of the best weapons in the game with good stars but need to be like a good 4 round burst like the ae4 and ohm

12 Atlas Gorge
13 EMP3

It's a bad semi gun that has tons of recoil and bad sights

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