Top Ten Worst Weapons to Fight Zombies With


The Top Ten

1 A Twig

It would break on the, first hit. - nintendofan126

2 A Toenail

To small, and not sharp enough. - nintendofan126

3 Your Teeth

There's a good chance that you, might get turned in to a zombie. - nintendofan126

4 A Pillow

Great for pillow fights... Bad for fighting zombies. - nintendofan126

5 A Whoopee Cushion

How are you gonna prank zombies? - nintendofan126

6 A Leaf

It wouldn't hurt them, at all. - nintendofan126

7 Dust

Weaker than the leaf. - nintendofan126

8 A Marker
9 Water

Yeah, pretty stupid - YanRocky

10 Cheese

Let's make a zombie pizza! - nintendofan126

The Contenders

11 A Gun

It can definitely kill zombies, but it attracts a lot more.

12 An Inflatable Ten Ton Hammer

I don't think zombies would fall for that. - Erikelelf

13 Your Hands

Whatcha gonna do,slap them?

14 Ebola

You might catch Ebola too

15 A Dildo
16 Cotton Candy

Wha.. Why would use cotton candy to fight zombies?! WHY?! - Jordansalesguy2392

17 A Pencil

You can use it if it was a really sharp pencil

18 Stuffed Animals
19 A Blanket
20 A Soda Can
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