Top Ten Worst Weapons in Fortnite

Realistically everyone has a Personal Opinion on what they Consider a Bad Weapon, Add your own and Vote what you consider the Worst.

The Top Ten

1 The Pickaxe/Gathering Tool

I eliminated a noob who had a pistol with this and I honestly prefer this to the compact smg - Unnamed Google User Remade

I've gotten a couple kills with it... when the other player doesn't have a weapon.

Its not that bad since it does 20 damage now


2 The Common SMG

Worst gun ever sucks

I like the common SMG. In my opinion, normal suppressed SMGs are better than P90s. - sadical

Bad bad so boi bad

It is the best not

3 Crossbow

Just terrible

Glad it's removed. - B1ueNew

Crossbow sucks nobody uses it so tack it out of the game

This just sucks.

4 Grappler

This is not a gun. This is a item and not used in combat

Fall damage... really? - Fat_Turtle_Gamez

This gun is pretty awful, So useless, and does fall damage too - B1ueNew

That’s not a weapon - sadical

5 Revolver

It was a bad version of the hand cannon

I love six shooter and revolver

This thing sucks

The rude things that I say when I'm being attacked and I only have a revolver...

6 Compact SMG

Its good it can do a lot of damage at close range

Lmao it sucks


7 The Rare Scoped Assault Rifle

This gun is godlike at longer ranges where other guns would suffer from bloom


This is good idiots

It is the best

8 The Common Burst Assault Rifle

Bursts are ew - sadical

It's a good alternative for when you don't have a sniper rifle

it's trash

I won't even pick it up at the start of the match

9 The Common Silenced SMG

That’s my favorite weapon. - sadical

It's been buffed so this should go lower

Its like poking a guy with a stick blindfolded and it eats the ammo very fast. Worst thing you could find at the start of the match.

Disgusting aim, needs to be buffed or removed entirely

10 The Uncommon SMG

Yep amazing!

I love the the uncommon SMG

The Contenders

11 Common Pistol

It is a shredder

Worst gun there is

Got 2 kills with it today

Only good for spamming

12 Clinger Grenade

I've gotten tons of kills with it. In my opinion, I think it's a pretty good grenade

Same apart form the fact than the blast radius can kill you through walls. - monkeyman999604

13 Quad Launcher
14 Double Barrel Shotgun

One of the worst guns ever added

Stupid takes forever to load...

15 The Epic Scoped Assault Rifle

People would think this is trash, but no
If you have or didn't see a sniper but you saw a scoped ar and the enemy base is far away you have two choices:
Choice 1: launchpad to enemy base and get shot midair
Choice 2: take the scoped ar and shoot the enemy or its base with the scoped ar and finally maybe you can kill the enemy.
Any way please choose between choice 1 or 2
Tell me in the comments below!

Best scoped weapon besides bolt-action

Low accuracy, low rate of fire, low damage. It sucks!

Its just trash

16 Uncommon Revolver

How is this above the SCAR, like what the heck, the scar is awesome

Poor accuracy and slow shooting

Slow shooting Costs a lot if if u miss it doent even do much damage

17 The Rare SMG

Just Horrible

18 Common Revolver

How the heck did this get lower than its uncommon form, and the legendary scar? It seems like every gun is hated nowadays.

Wow the srtorm trooper burn is such a burn but its true

Even the storm troopers could aim better than this pile of garbage

Worst gun in game. Terrible Accuracy, terrible reload time, even if you DO manage to land a shot, it doesn't do enough damage to do much harm.

19 Gray burst AR

It is a pretty good weapon but not too good

20 The Common Semi Auto Pistol

Trash boi also wut why common smg we are in season 6

It doues not make sense

what the f

21 Legendary Scar

Most people voted for this just because it's overrated.

It's alright but extremely overrated the new mech they added is the REAL best - Unnamed Google User Remade

Hmm - Fat_Turtle_Gamez

Someone put it here as a troll

22 Hunting Rifle

It sucks, scoped ar is better than this crap

Better than bolt

It actually works pretty good, in all honesty. It’s not that bad once you get past the fact that it has no scope. - Fat_Turtle_Gamez

It's actually pretty good!

23 Eli the White Mamba

Just kidding he sucks, he will steal your loot and your kills.

Watch out! He will no scope you!

Can build his own port a fort in a matter of 3 seconds!

He never dies even if he gets pumped in the face

24 The Uncommon Tactical Shotgun

Pump is better than tac - sadical


But y though

25 Pistol
26 Jetpack

It only lasts a few seconds If you use It a lot.

27 Bolt Action Sniper



28 Guided Missile

Wut? This ain’t trash it better than you

29 Zapranon

Best gun to have

30 Green Hunting Rifle

This is just awesome unless you're against a purple semi-auto or something

31 Minigun

It's only for base destroying and it's useless for solo

Ah. Defaults with miniguns. You never know what will happen...
You just know it will be stupid and hilarious. - Fat_Turtle_Gamez

32 Boogie Bomb


When I was a noob I thought it did damage🤯 still the best weapon in the game

I got kills with this. No joke 😂

33 Common Tactical Shotgun

It is so garbage and only does 9 damage on headshots. Get rid of it EPIC GAMES YOU stupid forTNITE MAKER

THAT’S A BUG BITE - sadical

34 Purple Scar

I think the purple scar is an amazing weapon

35 Smoke Grenade

It is not long they need to make it 10 sec

They suck bad

If you are around a ton of enemies then you can throw the smoke and get the revive in but otherwise its trash, or its good to run away. - monkeyman999604

36 White Tactical Shotgun

It does 250 head and 100 body, why is this in the game it doesn't do enough damage to kill an opponent, please remove this from fortnite.

37 Trap


38 Normal Grenade

They bounce

I think this has its ups and downs mainly because you can get lucky bounces and you can get unlucky bounces it's just how it works. - monkeyman999604

I don't like grenades they almost never do damage for me

39 Thermal Scope

Only good for spying on people through walls and bases

40 Suppressed Pistol

When I see the legendary glow and only find this I want to shoot myself with it instead of the enemy. - Fat_Turtle_Gamez

I can never get a kill with it

Worse than silence smg in just about everything except reload time. Doesn’t live up to epic legendary standards

DuDu Gun

41 Zach Snow


This guy is absolute ass at the game. If you could ban him and never let him play.

42 Uncommon Pistol

Worst ever

43 The Impulse Grenade

It is bad yeet

44 Handcannon

Pretty much the revolver all over again, just a little more accurate.

I SUCK WITH THESE - Fat_Turtle_Gamez

45 Grenade Launcher

It is good for taking down bases

46 Legendary Bolt Action

This weapon is useless becuase you have to reload after every shot and it is not even that good. Go back to call of duty dumb noob bolt action sucks

You may have to reload after every shot but if you hit a head shot then it's a kill and two body shots, but with the semi auto it's a max two shot and at the least a four shot I think your outrageous. - monkeyman999604

It’s is insane

47 Dual Pistols

It’s jush two pistols mix together but still better than you and your mom

Bad grammar and spelling and making mom jokes, yep definitely a dumb fortnite kid - B1ueNew

48 Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

It got unvaulted recently and it is the worst sniper ever

Awful - B1ueNew

49 RPG

How tf is this on here? - Fat_Turtle_Gamez

I hate RPG now because when guided missile is removed and RPG released. Guided missile is better than RPG. RPG is worst weapon ever and people avoid it and low damage. Lower damage than sniper


Best gun in game

50 Pump Shotgun

Only 5 ammo and slow shooting

Yes but its consistent you can land a 180 head shot and then its just one more shot, but with the tac it does like 13 damage to the body and 26 to the head. - monkeyman999604

Terrible if you’re bad, amazing if you’re good. Personally, I prefer heavy to pump, but that’s just me. - Fat_Turtle_Gamez

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