Top Ten Worst Weapons in Fortnite

Realistically everyone has a Personal Opinion on what they Consider a Bad Weapon, Add your own and Vote what you consider the Worst.

The Top Ten

1 The Common SMG

I quess it is the worst

it sucks

dodo gun

2 The Pickaxe/Gathering Tool

10 damage per hit... does this even qualify as a weapon? - SharkyST


3 The Uncommon SMG
4 The Common Silenced SMG

Its like poking a guy with a stick blindfolded and it eats the ammo very fast. Worst thing you could find at the start of the match.

Disgusting aim, needs to be buffed or removed entirely


5 The Rare Scoped Assault Rifle

This is good idiots

it sucks

6 The Rare SMG
7 The Epic Scoped Assault Rifle

Best scoped weapon besides bolt-action

Its just trash

it sucks

8 Crossbow

Crossbow sucks nobody uses it so tack it out of the game

This gun is booty

This just sucks.

This weapon is frikin bad. It’s usually in rare mode but it’s still bad. Probably because it has unlimited weapons. But in case you are a noob and forget to gather ammo and more weapons this weapon is handy.

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9 The Common Semi Auto Pistol

It doues not make sense

10 The Common Burst Assault Rifle

This gun is a piece of crap

I think this is one of the best guns you could ever find in Fortnite battle royale. follow me on twitch

The Newcomers

? Zapranon
? Guided Missile

The Contenders

11 Uncommon Revolver

Poor accuracy and slow shooting

Slow shooting Costs a lot if if u miss it doent even do much damage

12 The Uncommon Tactical Shotgun


13 Hunting Rifle

Really hard for no scope

Completely useless

14 Common Revolver

Worst gun in game. Terrible Accuracy, terrible reload time, even if you DO manage to land a shot, it doesn't do enough damage to do much harm.


15 Smoke Grenade

It is not long they need to make it 10 sec

They suck bad

16 Legendary Scar

Its all round good but everyone goes for you and it eats at you bullets like mad

It's the best weapon dude

17 Minigun

It's only for base destroying and it's useless for solo

18 Bolt Action Sniper



19 RPG

One of the best in game by far


20 Common Pistol
21 Zach Snow

This guy is absolute ass at the game. If you could ban him and never let him play.

22 Uncommon Pistol
23 The Impulse Grenade

It is bad yeet

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