Worst Weapons in Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando

While there are some real gems in the catalogue of RaC weapons, there are definitely those that are awful, this list will talk about the weapon as a whole and not just the upgrade or base version. Once again, the list won't include anything to do with weapon mods, ultra or mega weapons.

The Top Ten

1 Zodiac

This weapon is the definition of disappointment, as well as costing a stupid amount of bolts to get, the weapon itself isn't that good. For one thing, the gun only holds 4 ammo and each piece of it costs 10 000 bolts to get. As well as this, what is the point of it when it only takes one or two bouncer shots to clear a room, which will cost a total of 100 bolts to replace and holds at least 25 ammo? - kempokid

2 Walloper

None of the original game weapons really do that much, but this is the worst of them for sure. What is the point of a slow melee attack when you have your wrench, which allows you to attack faster and do ground slams? - kempokid

3 Chopper

The weapon does almost no damage past the first couple of areas and you have to stand still to use it, leaving yourself wide open to attack. - kempokid

4 Decoy Glove

I personally never found a time to use this weapon effectively, due to the fact that the game is built around killing everyone in a matter of seconds, making something like this quite pointless - kempokid

5 Gravity Bomb

The amount of damage on this is underwhelming, even when it becomes the mini nuke launcher. It also only holds 8 ammo, so all in all, useless. - kempokid

6 Spiderbot Glove

I have the same kind of issue with this weapon as I do with the gravity bomb, not enough ammo or damage. With this one however, its even worse to use in the heat of combat. The only reason that I slightly prefer it is because it gets you 3 platinum bolts in the game and it's a cool concept. - kempokid

7 Bomb Glove

The reason I prefer this weapon over the gravity bomb is because this has 40 ammo rather than 8/10. Other than that, it isn't very impressive. - kempokid

8 Seeker Gun

The damage on this weapon is underwhelming, which is a shame, because I really like this one, my only issues are the damage and the 1 second delay it has before attacking, which has gotten me hurt multiple times. - kempokid

9 Lancer

The first blaster weapon you get in R&C games always end up being utterly useless damage wise. Has lots of ammo but almost no damage that it’s better to use your wrench.

While I always like the basic machine guns in this series, this one in particular just doesn't do enough damage to justify using it. Even on the Maktar Nebula, the 2nd proper area, you already don't do much damage to anything. - kempokid

10 Tesla Claw

While this weapon was amazing in the first game, the damage it deals here just doesn't cut it. As well as this, there is some kind of glitch where holding down the attack button won't do constant enemy damage, meaning that you have to mash shoot, which is annoying. - kempokid

The Contenders

11 Lava Gun

Well this is kinda in the middle this weapon its original evolution is nearly useless but when it evolves it becomes quite strong.

12 Blitz Gun

This is also in the middle its amazing at early stages but when its later in the game its quite bad

13 Sheepinator

While it has no ammo it doesn’t mean it’s good. Only really effective small weak enemies such as protopets. Black sheepinator makes exploding sheep that are sadly not that useful. The Tesla claw can also do its job but better only with it costing ammo as negative. The only real use of it is to make cute little sheep.

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