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Here we list the WORST websites EVER CREATED! It was a waste of time and money to make these rancid websites! Consider yourself lucky if you haven't been to these websites.

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Tumblr Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website founded by David Karp in 2007, and owned by Oath Inc.

Art, good jokes, speaking up about important issues, safe for minortiy youth, Pukicho, I-am-a-fish, Witchblr, the aesthetic shizz
Neo-nazis, otherkin, radfems, straight pride, romanticzing mental illness, fake sexualities, harassing innocent users etc.

Some of the stuff on Tumblr is ok, but the rest of it is idiotic humor and even worse, social justice warriors (SJWs). SJWs LOVE to play victim and blame the nearest majority group. They hate white people, men, straight people, cisgender people (which means not transgender), and even skinny people. They self-diagnose themselves with mental illnesses to play even more victim without knowing how much pain people with the ACTUAL disorder have. They make up many fake and BS genders and sexualities which also helps in playing victim. There are even some that claim they are a non-human born into the body of a human, they are called otherkin. I'm not kidding, some people think they are actually Harry Potter or a plant or some other crazy $hit. Burn this trash website!

Social Justice Warriors, people who romanticize mental illnesses, any type of degenerate you could come across, most likely lurks on Tumblr.

Social Justice Warriors are better than political extremists though *cough* 4chan *cough*

During the Tuesday after school, tumblr invested several video games website s including pchub and pcgamers. They invested my discord server and filled it with pornography of furries.

The fact that this is below Tumblr, which isn't really that bad if you know where to look, has me seriously concerned for the future of humanity.

Ah the most hated family in America.
They even had an interview on The Jeremy Kyle show! The man that needed a chill pill. (Remember it? Here's some old quotes - get a job, this is my show, you took illegal, this test says you are a liar, stop swearing)

Have you seen
Try their quiz Check Your Spiritual Health
Relationship with God click on
1. There is no God
2. God, if there is one, is not the Judaeo-Christian God
3. I believe there is a God, but I'm not interested in anything religious
4. I've been a Christian most of my life, so I feel I'm cool with God
and for the Jesus freaks
5.I have a personal relationship with my Savior.
They have forums, they like add articles for news websites every day
People write essays and letters about Jesus is comin' soon.
The website first came out in 1989.

Facebook, Tumblr and other social networking sites aren't deserve to be here, rude people are everywhere. What you expected? It looks like you hate the whole internet. And in the end they are not worse than this site or porns

Encyclopedia Dramatica

If you're looking for tasteless shock humor, annoying links to adult websites, and computer viruses, then this is the site for you. I stumbled on this website by complete accident trying to find information about a somewhat obscure YouTuber. I clicked on the page thinking it was just a wiki or blog-type page. Boy was I wrong. All I got were some insanely unfunny jokes about how "autistic" the YouTuber was. I clicked out the second I saw an advertisement for an NSFW website. A few moments later, my anti-virus software told me my computer was at risk! So yeah, don't go to this website, EVER!

As a victim of the site and its unscrupulous and evil ways, I'd like to point out that this site is nothing but trouble - they claim it's satirical but it promotes a variety of horrible things including stalking, trolling/cyberbullying, child pornography, racism and the like. Also the people on the forum itself are pure evil incarnate, the admins are complete asses. I got an email from the staff and they expected me to do a video about how great the website is... they wanted me to flat out lie. And even worse, they wanted me to call their owner handsome. *shudder*

This website should be taken down. full of ugly greasy pedophiles whose laughs screech like hyperactive baboons on helium whenever they see unfunny jokes. Never go to this TOXIC CESSPIT FROM HELL if you're a Christan, athiest, girl, boy, tall, short, young, old, white, black, straight, gay, autistic, etc. because they will bash anything that isn't "normal". No matter who you are they will find a way to bash your differences. The vile, stomach-churning abomination of a community who are made up of sad ugly basement-dwelling greasy edgelords who scratch and sniff their buttcrack every 5 seconds while making stinky, rotten and unfunny jokes out of disabilities.

Whenever it has an article on a real person, it mentions their mailing address and where they live.. That is not acceptable and ED is trying to invade that person's privacy as much as possible. Do not let this happen to any of us.

It is not funny, not a joke. ED is a breeding ground for cyberbullies. That site should be banned and erased from the Internet, completely.


It's not necessarily the fact that there's people having sex; sometimes it's understandable (if someone is extremely lonely), and sometimes it's what triggers my misanthropy (like when people are just treating people like objects and not human beings). The worst part about it in my opinion is that things are so extremely exaggerated (size of genitals, situation leading up to sex, etc). It makes people have warped views about sex.

They also ruined other people's childhoods. Even though I like this website, but I changed my opinion and start hating it. I now hate it anyway, it makes me scared and I would rather go tell everyone that it's sick and gross. Yuck!

Porn is basically something that blows everyone's mind. Whether it's the size of someone's genitals, situation leading up to a couple wanting to engage, or someone lusting over a object.

How is this not number one its people having sex plus the woman are being abused. Never let your kids watch I don't care if there 1 I don't care if there 100!

4chan 4chan is an English-language imageboard website. Users generally post anonymously, with the most recent posts appearing above the rest.

Yess... yess... get butthurt about a fairly normal website with only a few things about it that are very different... spread misinformation about it... that's right... keep up the NPC mindset...
No seriously though the amount of stupid things people say about it(like on this page) and the amount of people who still don't understand it's simply a fairly normal website with just a raunchier/edgier community, is like, unbelievable. Just want to point out as well, this list should be renamed "Worst Website Communities", because bad websites are the ones with beyond awful design, horrible navigation, and so on.

Especially the /pol/ board which is full of Neo-Nazis. Most of the boards consist of edgelords and neckbeards. Not a good look either.

My oh my! I never knew this rancid strangeness will be on the list because I SERIOUSLY do hate 4Chan. It's contains so much idiotic disgusting people who likes using dumb memes. Not only that, they want to be the center of the attention and claim they're the boss of the internet. They even like to share disgusting thing in /b/. Such a horrendous site that contains everything in there that's horrendous as well.

I hate this site...

- Idiotic, disgusting people using stupid and insane memes like "(Random sitcom or Western Cartoon) is best anime"

- People thinking they are the boss of taste in Cartoons and Anime like saying "You have bad taste"

- People always bashing those bland/uninteresting/foreign/cliche/stupid/unoriginal/e tc. c artoons of the 2000s and Early 2010s (them being that is actually justified as no cartoons are perfect!) yet not bashing turds like Breadwinners, Teen Titans Go, Pickle and Peanut, e tc. e nough

- People hating on my childhood era of the 2000s and Early 2010s

- People complaining and not letting others have different opinions

- People showing disgusting pornographic fan-arts

- Annoying nostalgic people

- People talking in idiotic ways

- People always bashing shows I enjoy (even though I respect other opinions)

Did I miss anything?


GoAnimate (now Vyond) was more or less the 2b2t spawn of animation, which means it was awful, its mostly consisting of cartoon characters (notably Caillou and Dora), or whoever the creator hates getting grounded, punished, expelled from school just over a card (see Dead Meat videos) and pulling them back form 12th grade, barely anyone admits opinions, some of the community isn't even mature, it was meant to be for fun and a site for businesses to make ads, but its reputation has been tainted.

A website where a bunch of kids try to be adults by grounding "baby show" characters. Don't go on it unless if you want to laugh at grounded videos done by little kids.

GoAnimate has been contaminated by grounded videos, which is 90% (this may be higher) of the content on this website. Most of these videos either have Caillou or Dora get grounded for dumb reasons. Besides the grounded videos, there are other common types of GoAnimate videos, such as a character getting in "dead meat" (that means getting expelled from school forever), a character getting held back from his/her current grade (usually 12th grade to stretch the length of the video) to preschool, character elimination, rants, Barney Errors (which aren't bad in my opinion), and more. Here is an example of a GoAnimate rant:
"Dora the Explorer? What? More like Fora the Failure! Oh my god! This show sucks! This show is about an 8-year-old girl named Dora who goes on failure adventures. The writing is lazy, the characters are stupid, the animation is horrible, the music is crap, and the voice acting is annoying. So screw Dora the Explorer. And screw Caillou. The Loud House is 1 million ...more

One user I can't stand on this site is Julian Song. He claims UTTP users are immature, yet he's immature himself, despite being 17 years old. He also makes videos out of UTTP users, which is exactly what they want.

This website is hypocritical. It does not allow child porn, yet they allow child porn. Their motto is "if it exists, there's porn of it", and yes this includes CHILDREN and stuff only a few people know of.

It's not the porn that's bad. It's the fact that they allow child pornography, and artists are allowed to post porn they drew of YOUR characters. Yes, even without your consent!

I wanted to know what was this rule that people talking about. And I don't regret everything about looking up this with characters I like (sarcasm, and also I hope that the people who make r34 underaged characters get arrested because I saw some and it was just nothing but gross that in fact, I had to clear history and data)

Someone PLEASE shut this site down! It normalises underage pornography, which is nowhere near morally okay. The FBI or whichever authorities need to have this brought to their attention. Disgusting, vile website.

Yahoo Answers

Has to be worst site on Internet, not a fan of Facebook but at least it does not actually impede you from gaining useful information. The amount of medical harm, wasted money and general disinformation garnered from yahoo answers is staggering. The Internet at its very worst. That Yahoo, although probably not legally responsible should at least take a moral responsibility to clean up their tremendous mess and maybe save any brand value they can brand boggles the mind.

Two helpful things:
1. if using Google as your search engine make sure to add -yahoo to exclude their sites, thus hurting their revenue streams.
2. Use and support Wikipedia, they are non profit and have the best vetted information on the Internet.

I used to like this website, until I realized that there's literally no question on there where people aren't being rude and trolling. There is absolutely no way I would recommend this site to anyone unless you want people criticizing you for what you like, or whatever other reason. YouTube is just as bad.

Go to the religion section and look at all the stupid wars. You'll want to scoop your eyes out with ice cream scoops. That's why this site is great for trolling!

The questions on here are just plain ridiculous. Such as someone saying they had a 13 year old that wasn't potty trained. What in the world?! Facebook is a corporation and an online social networking service headquartered in Menlo Park, California, in the United States.

It's now a battleground filled with misinformation and manipulation. These Baby Boomers who are using Facebook are being fed in this site with tons of fake news and people with authoritarian tendencies. They won't change because these far-right accounts brainwashed them into thinking anyone they're always right, and everything that you've heard is a lie. Ridiculous.

Most people that are on there literally focus on baby videos and Looney Tunes memes. Like my mom. Who laughs at a baby poking himself in the eyeball? Like really.

I see your point and understand why you may dislike Facebook, but it is one of the very few ways I can stay connected with my family. I moved away from my home-country when I was very little, and only see my family on rare occasions (once every 1 or 2 years, and I stay for at maximum a month). With Facebook, I get to talk to them and see what's going on in their lives. Even if it's not beneficial for you, it helps me a lot.

I agree that the amount of times people use Facebook is outrageous. You shouldn't make it your life. Go outside, play a game, discover new things, and find different ways to keep yourself entertained. Me? I like to sit my butt down firmly on a couch, and read a good book. That's one suggestion. Remember, kids. Life is precious. The world is beautiful. Find out what you can make of those two quotes.

Facebook sucks, so does Twitter and Yahoo Answers, same thing goes with 4chan and Google+, but none of those sites are bad like YouTube, YouTube has dropped like a bomb, and there are no good people or videos, everyone and everything on YouTube is messed up, it has the worst people, stupid vloggers, sexual and drug elements, and people even talk about poop, and they're doing it for money.
Even the best star messed up, by destroying such a masterpiece channel, because of money, that person's greedy.
It's so gross and terrible that it makes those sites and the worst Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and MTV shows worth watching, and it makes ISIS a crystal gem.

Please guys stop defending YouTube and just accept the fact that YouTube is falling apart, there's nothing good to do about it, it's dead, Facebook seems like a masterpiece compared to YouTube, so while this is about Facebook, it shouldn't be number one, YouTube should be number one.


BuzzFeed is a website that was created when some idiots thought it would be funny to make a website with a cheesy design, Nostalgia-Pandering, and hateful articles. This website should be number 1.

They did insult my childhood. With their comment on the abandoned Japanese Gulliver's Kingdom. Saying strange concept. Why would you base a theme park on an 18th Century English Novel? I went to a Gulliver's theme park when I was a kid we have many in England. Gulliver's Kingdom in Matlock Bath, Derbyshire, England opened in 1978, Gulliver's World in Warrington, Cheshire, England opened in 1989, Gulliver's Land in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England. There is a new one called Gulliver's Valley, Rotherham. The fairgrounds nowadays have hotels.

There was a study that showed that popular things get popular by triggering emotional reactions (except sadness). The emotions that cause the most reaction are: anger and happiness. Anger causes the most reaction. That's why buzzfeed is a pathetic mix of dumb comedy and propaganda (e.g. race baiting, gender baiting, even orientation baiting). Buzzfeed is super manipulative and unfunny.

The website that gains its popularity by combining the two types of media that get a lot of attention: humor and any kind of prejudice. They love race baiting and sex baiting, which is probably where most of their popularity is from.

The Newcomers

? Family Zone

This garbage website sucks.

The Contenders


The only article I found offensive was the one on autism. At least this is better than ED, because they don't use autism as an insult (but only on the autism article) and the website doesn't give you a virus. My fave quote from Uncyclopedia: "If you see a large purple Loch Ness Monster telling you to set fire to things, DON'T LISTEN: it's a delusion. However, you can go ahead and do whatever the green ones tell you." LOL

You do realise it's probably meant to be a satirical site making fun of Wikipedia. That's why it ain't the worst site ever cause it's meant to be a satirical site.

There is nothing but forced jokes and random gibberish on here. It's like most of the articles were written by the Family Guy staff. No wonder why it is called "Uncyclopedia"—this website is meant to be unfunny.

Sadly, it's more accurate then Wkipedia at times. Promies run the site now and oeople can't edit something without having it rejected. Try it, look for something that is wrong and offer up an edit suggestion.

But the big question is: how is this not taken down? I mean it's malware and all that but still... how is this not down since 2002?

Thanks for the comment, random website.

You are too, creator of this site

I Hate This Website with a Googleplex burning passion, Because It's make your pc get a virus

The website creator is the idiot

This website is nasty! Like who really wants to see a guy getting beat up till they hit tonsils?


I'll give you +1 because I agree, not because I want to "see a guy getting beat up till they hit tonsils"-

I love gore, but this website takes it way too far...

I love gore. What's wrong with that you big babies?

Porn, but with torture instead of sex. Torture porn?

Black people are nice. What did they do., not everyone’s white, so cry yourself a river, build a bridge, and GET OVER your STUPID RACIST MIND.

Don't you mean BEST WEBSITE?

Just kidding, this website is screwed up. I mean, how did the FBI not take it down yet? I'm pretty sure it's illegal and blacklisted.

What did black people do? Most black people are nice!

It should be number one the worst website in america

Urban Dictionary

This website is filled with unnecessary definitions, like the sexual definitions about non-sexual topics, and the name definitions. This website needs to remove these dumb definitions.

You might not believe me on this but, when I first entered Urban Dictionary. I thought it was a good place to find modern definitions and all that. But, there was a time where I looked up "Dank memes," and I clicked on the audio button for the term to be pronounced. The way this website pronounced 'dank memes' just made me laugh pretty immaturely. But after the pronouncation, I heared voices of real people saying, "Dude, what is your problem" and I thought I was talking to people. So all I did was to hit my home button two times and get rid of Safari (Yes, I was using urban dictionary on the phone). And seriously, urban dictionary just gives me the creeps and... that's the story why I hate it...

It's a good source to find the definition of modern slang, but people use it to express their hatred. Like seriously, things like "black people" and "women" should not even be there, but idiots go and write offensive things. Go take a look at the definition of "white people" it should not even be there, let alone have a racist definition. I'm not white by the way.

Why are there so many thumbs downs for the comments here? Urban Dictionary is a biased website with many inaccurate definitions from a bunch of dumb teenagers. It completely lacks credibility.

Urban dictionary is one of the stupidest sites ever. Should be number 1. Only contains sexual definitions for literally everything.


An unfunny website that is less funny than Vine. It also has Chinese Spyware, which is why Trump tried to ban it. Stay far away from this website.

In my opinion, TikTokkers are actually worse than Viners. There is so much cringeworthy content on this site and the challenges are just as hideous.

These cowards covered up a suicide just to save face. That is disgusting behavior if I've ever seen it.

The trends on this website are starting to get uncanny.


This site is garbage. It is where all the egos attract attention and where egotistical brats bully others for no good reason.

Does anybody even use Myspace anymore?

It got less popular when Facebook started growing. Before Facebook was invented, it was THE social networking site. I have made a character that uses MySpace and he likes it.

Good until the redesigns that ripped off Facebook

Number one reason why people commit suicide.

YouTube YouTube is a global video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States. The service was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. In November 2006, it was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion.

This cancerous homophobic site created the Nazis and every single YouTuber is responsible for The Vietnamese war and pollution. IDC

What really makes this site so bad is that users are posting illegally sexual and drug related videos, and making fun of foods, people, and other things, yet they're insulting relationships and making these disgusting videos, they even swear too much, why?

They're just doing it for nothing other than shock value and money, they care more about money than anything, what has the world come to?

I would like to apologize to the YouTube company for not being aware enough of the fact that many YouTube users are doing stupid things because they only want money, there are better ways to make money, by doing something more original, that was what YouTube was back then, awesome viral videos, funny songs, movies you can watch for free without hassle, and of course, the legendary stars, nigahiga and Fred.

But all of those are either gone or messed up, even the best people messed up so much that they ruined their lives and are too hungry for money, they think their stomachs ...more

Yvng Slime*2 is a troll who keeps making cringy comments and replies in the comment section. Report this idiot once you see him.

! This should totally be above thetoptens. Why? Well, first, about 60% of youtube is this worthless crap of dumb youtubers doing horrendous stuff. (AKA Logan Paul.) Then 39% is the people who do useless stuff on youtube. Like randomly shaking butt at the camera. The lat 1% is the stuff that you'd want to watch. And they make MONEY off of it! Some people also went to JAIL! And then, the make a video about it to impress the dumb youtube fans. They could do much better stuff, like helping those in need. And they ADDICT people too. Whenever my siblings talk about the latest youtube stuff, I just roll my eyes and wonder, "Who made this crap website? " Also, they show dumb ads, and it always buffers. While I understand that might be unfixable, they could at least do something about the total freaks. Youtube is dying, and I feel bad for those channels that are actually worth it because they are surrounded by people like Logan Paul, and all the dumb fans. I hope youtube never comes back, and ...more


This is the worst website I've experienced online. very difficult to use with major cyber bullying going on. The most unfriendly neurotic types frequented here that post the most dumb founded words and false knowledge with very biased views, any personal comments could be labeled as rants, you need to have positive coins to make post, it's the most awful terrible emotionally attacking website one can encountered online.

Even though it's still possible to find nice people here, this site is still filled with too many cyberbullies and opinion lashers.

The community is just a bunch of pretentious, condescending, dumbasses; who believe that they're part of an exclusive Internet club that only allows smart people to join.

I went to reddit once, and it was a total disaster! One person bullied me because I liked Johnny Test!


Full of obnoxious and full time aggressive losers who think they know what a real meme is. The site's full of overused and old 2010 memes that the fanbase still thinks are funny. No dank memes found at all

Worst website ever. every single user on that website is rude and arrogant

Spreading cancer across the internet

This website is filled with unfunny jokes and dead memes.

The name seems a bit stupid (really, that was the best name they could come up with? ), but when you get down to it, the site really just your everyday porn site.

This site's only at 7 just cause of the name. It's not really that bad, just a porn website.

Oh my god... What kind of name of a website is that

"I'm 6 years old and I don't even have a vauge understanding of sex and I think its gross"

It pretty much exists so people can get bullied anonymously

"Should I answer the question? Nope! I'll just anonymously bully people instead! "-The Average User

It has to be the worst

Google+ Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.

A failed attempt to compete with the other, more popular sites like Facebook and Twitter.

These guys went as far as to buy the full rights to YouTube and now they've completely ruined the website, to the point where even the original founders of the website expressed their annoyance.

Jeez Google, just stick to web surfing, not social chatting.

Not as bad as 4chan but I still see why people hate it: Lots of trolls, cancerous memes, lots of people with bad spelling and grammar, and sometimes even animal abuse.

Google needs to stop shoving this down our throats.

This is Bob. He wants
to take over Google +

Do you, by any chance, remember this buddy?

You mean the bob that did commercials for sex pills back in the late 2000's?

IXL Math

An infuriating website that when you get something right, it doesn't give you much, but when you get something wrong, it takes away a huge chunk of your points.I hope teachers stop using these websites.

I have to use it for school. The thing that ticks me off about this site is when if you have a high smart score (percentage) and you get a question wrong. When that happens, your score decreases drastically. That AGGRAVATES me beyond belief.

Don't even try using IXL for learning. It drops kids low IQ. In fact, the questions are stupid, even more stupid that you can rage in one single question. My 5th grade teacher once showed it and when I used it for the first time, It was so awful. Don't learn at this site.

IXL WORST LEARNING WEBSITE EVER it makes you think to much! And when it takes you back that's not ganna want to make kids keep going its going to make them frustrated and want to stop.

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