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Who would waste time and money making these horrendous websites, certainly not me!

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People, stop lying about what God says. Isn't he supposed to forgive everyone? If so, than why would he hate homosexuals?

Then shouldn't God forgive atheists instead of forgiving murderers and rapists? - RandomWeirdo

This shouldn't be number one

Excuse me but your comment has poor grammar

LMAO what kind of website is this?

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2 Tumblr Tumblr Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website founded by David Karp in 2007, and owned by Oath Inc.

1. The people can be some of the worst people you have ever imagined. They are adults acting like 5 year olds (I'm talking about SJWs). 2. You are bound to get some pretty nasty hate no matter what you post. Like seriously I trolled for a day and I got death threats and people thought my blog actually represented me. I'm glad I decided to step away from the site filled with cliche humor and terrible people.

Too much misandry, too many crybabies, too many whiners, too much obsessive fanboys, too much porn, too much hate and negativity, and too much hypersensitivity.

This site ruined Ed, Edd n Eddy for me. Too many narcissistic grown ups how have the emotional maturity of a 2 year old.

Ah, Tumblr. What a majestic and whimsical place you are. Where the worst scum known to mankind all congregate at the bottom of the proverbial barrel. Where the "lel random " humor reigns supreme and all other humor is mercilessly slaughtered at the front door. Where if you aren't some "quirky" idiot, you've several things wrong with you. The quirky idiots are those who consider themselves "nerds". That word used to mean something negative until millions of quirky morons watched a Batman movie, called themselves nerds, and got offended about the negative connotation of the word until it became something positive. As for the crazies, a man by the alias InternetAristocrat created a series where he found the more serious things such as "headmates" A.K.A. making schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder something accessible and fun for everyone. He learned and taught people about how some people think anyone healthy, male, white, or ...more

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3 4chan 4chan 4chan is an English-language imageboard website. Users generally post anonymously, with the most recent posts appearing above the rest.

Hackers on steroids - purpleyoshi98

It is the best worst thing on the internet. - Stalin

People post pictures of dead bodies they killed, people make instructions to do things that can kill you, they post disgusting violent gore and nudity. It's awful

For weirdos

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It has best url name. - MrCoolC

Please don’t visit this site, it will give you a virus. - Raccoon234

But the big question is: how is this not taken down? I mean it's malware and all that but still... how is this not down since 2002?

It will basically destroy your computer. What it does is it plays a loud song saying "YOU ARE AN IDIOT HAHAA" while it opens tabs everywhere, all of itself. All while that song plays...

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What a racist website.

Don't you mean BEST WEBSITE?

Just kidding, this website is screwed up. I mean, how did the FBI not take it down yet? I'm pretty sure it's illegal and blacklisted.

It should be number one the worst website in america

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6 Pornhub

What? It's a very family friendly church site. - XxembermasterxX

I wish this website never existed - Pokemonfan10

Well of course you won't let kids watch porn, it is actually illegal for anyone under 18 years to watch.

Who added this a 7 year old or a "quirky" user here

"quirky" users are people on here who think they're so cool because they're teens and they're still into Disney and they draw stupid cats and they think sex is gross

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7 Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is generally more hilarious than actually bad. - Maplestrip

Most of the answers are ridiculous. Some are funny and some are just aggravating

The people there can be very rude.

The biggest crime of this website is misinformation.

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8 TheTopTens TheTopTens TheTopTens is a website created in 2005, which is used to write top ten lists, where anyone can vote, comment, and write posts about the lists.

Something very true, deserves a spot on the list not because of the site, but because of the people, we all have opinions, but some people obviously are on crack
When they write theirs.

Some people on this website are just toxic. If you don't like something that they like, they attack you in every list you've been just to try and make themselves and their opinions superior. - RogerMcBaloney

I actually think that this website deserves to be at the top. Reasons:

1 - Some lists are really repetitive. For example "Top 10 Things That Should Happen To (bad character)", "Top 10 Characters Who Hate (bad character)", etc.
2 - The users of this site take Dora The Explorer, Caillou and other shows they hate way too seriously ALL the time. In fact, the reasons in those bad Things That Should Happen to (character) lists are downright child abuse.
3 - The visitors are 50% of my least favourite internet people: they act annoying, disrespect opinions, take stuff too seriously and rage in all caps.
4 - Speaking of respecting opinions, the users are hypocritical since they hardly even respect opinions as well.
5 - If you say a good thing about something you like that the others hate, you'll get a ton of backlash, which really does prove the users disrespect opinions.

That's why I hate this site, signed by jamie261 (Scratch). YOU MAD, TTT fanbrats?!?! Come at me!

The admin is (gets suspended). - XxembermasterxX

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This website is nasty! Like who really wants to see a guy getting beat up till they hit tonsils?


I'll give you +1 because I agree, not because I want to "see a guy getting beat up till they hit tonsils"- - FernandoLemon

Disgusting ass website - Flowerrose

I love gore, but this website takes it way too far...

I thought this was gore... Not porn...

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10 GoAnimate

GoAnimate has been contaminated by grounded videos, which is 90% (this may be higher) of the content on this website. Most of these videos either have Caillou or Dora get grounded for dumb reasons. Besides the grounded videos, there are other common types of GoAnimate videos, such as a character getting in "dead meat" (that means getting expelled from school forever), a character getting held back from his/her current grade (usually 12th grade to stretch the length of the video) to preschool, character elimination, rants, Barney Errors (which aren't bad in my opinion), and more. Here is an example of a GoAnimate rant:
"Dora the Explorer? What? More like Fora the Failure! Oh my god! This show sucks! This show is about an 8-year-old girl named Dora who goes on failure adventures. The writing is lazy, the characters are stupid, the animation is horrible, the music is crap, and the voice acting is annoying. So screw Dora the Explorer. And screw Caillou. The Loud House is 1 million ...more - jackintheboxisgross

The voices sound like robots. Users on Goanimate disrespect other people's opinions. The grounded videos are about kids getting grounded for stupid reasons. The character elimination characters in character elimination are just emotionless. The rants are not even real rants. The ranters the same exact reasons for the same thing they ranted on.

Hey! I like this site! - myusernameisthis

Crappy site - ElSherlock

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"Why Cheese Is the Most Sexist Thing You Can Eat" *commits suicide* - ToddHoward

PETA is the KKK of animal rights. - neehawgamer

My least favorite organization. They lie, ruin popular video games, and criticize people who eat meat. I love animals, but I hate PETA. I really wish it never existed. - jackintheboxisgross

PETA gives vegans a bad reputation - Mranonymously

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12 BuzzFeed


BuzzFeed is awful - ElSherlock

One of those websites that rubs selfies and emojis in your face, absolutely terrible - purpleyoshi98

This website needs to be banned. BuzzFeed is the worst website of all time.

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Disgusting. - jackintheboxisgross

This website is disgusting excuse for porn

Not just only an anime and American cartoon porn but it also has bloods, gores, and people cutting limbs. This web is forbidden for normal people.

Is so disgusting and gross. Id rather kill myself with acid than look at this site

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14 Google+

It's closing next month in April 2 - ElSherlock

A failed attempt to compete with the other, more popular sites like Facebook and Twitter.

These guys went as far as to buy the full rights to YouTube and now they've completely ruined the website, to the point where even the original founders of the website expressed their annoyance.

Jeez Google, just stick to web surfing, not social chatting.

It's geting shut down in 2019.

Google needs to stop shoving this down our throats.

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I see your point and understand why you may dislike Facebook, but it is one of the very few ways I can stay connected with my family. I moved away from my home-country when I was very little, and only see my family on rare occasions (once every 1 or 2 years, and I stay for at maximum a month). With Facebook, I get to talk to them and see what's going on in their lives. Even if it's not beneficial for you, it helps me a lot.

I agree that the amount of times people use Facebook is outrageous. You shouldn't make it your life. Go outside, play a game, discover new things, and find different ways to keep yourself entertained. Me? I like to sit my butt down firmly on a couch, and read a good book. That's one suggestion. Remember, kids. Life is precious. The world is beautiful. Find out what you can make of those two quotes.

I agree, I deleted my facebook almost 2 years ago and I don't miss it

This is a sickness that has spread all over the world. and now, Wats App will take this stupidity to a new level. Facebooks makes a person idiotic in ways that is so high level that people say "why could he break up with me on Facebook like a normal person", its made human beings value themselves with the system of "LIKES".

Ruins people. It's too obsessive, you just see people going around, giggling at someone's posted cat video.

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Oh my god... What kind of name of a website is that

Man, I'm laughing my ass off seeing these little kiddies commenting! Tell me, did mommy ever taught you not to stay on the internet for more than an hour a day? Also, did you know that your negligent parents brought all of you upon this world by having unprotected intercourse? Can't imagine how disgusting sex must have been for them! (sarcasm)

You know, it's not only kids who say that. I'm a sex-repulsed asexual. So I hate it too. - neehawgamer

Of course this exists. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Is this a real site? - ArpstaAmy333

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17 MySpace

Good until the redesigns that ripped off Facebook - purpleyoshi98

This site is ded. RIP - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

@Visitor don't you know what a opinion is? - Flowerrose

I Hate People Who Hate Myspace. This is the Best Social Network Website Ever.

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18 Urban Dictionary

Why are there so many thumbs downs for the comments here? Urban Dictionary is a biased website with many inaccurate definitions from a bunch of dumb teenagers. It completely lacks credibility.

Urban Dictionary is for trolls

It's a good source to find the definition of modern slang, but people use it to express their hatred. Like seriously, things like "black people" and "women" should not even be there, but idiots go and write offensive things. Go take a look at the definition of "white people" it should not even be there, let alone have a racist definition. I'm not white by the way.

This website has dumb people that put definitions in that make absolutely no sense. Every definition makes no sense and has tons of swearing. Every definition has like 10 swear words in it - DrayTopTens

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19 9GAG

This website is filled with unfunny jokes and dead memes.

Spreading cancer across the internet

Filled with stupid and annoying memes that died in 2006

Worst website ever. every single user on that website is rude and arrogant

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20 FurAffinity

I don't hate all furries, but this site is filled with all the worst kinds of them. - Vancedapurpleguy

This site is just terrible, not just because there's porn of animals, but because there's porn of children animals!

If you think Deviantart has it bad with porn and disgusting fetishes, it is 10 times worse in FurAffinity.

At least there are some furries who don't draw porn and fetish art.

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"Should I answer the question? Nope! I'll just anonymously bully people instead! "-The Average User - Supersalsa

It pretty much exists so people can get bullied anonymously

It has to be the worst - gemcloben

22 Sickipedia

By the name you know why this website is bad - ElSherlock

The name says it do not visit it - Mranonymously

The most disgusting website ever created.


What is DaForry thinking? That's disgusting! Doesn't that give a risk of AIDS?

Avoid that websites at all costs unless you want to die from cringe - MChkflaguard_Yt

I will never look at SpongeBob and super Mario the same again :-(

All cartoon, videogames, shows, etc porn in general from around the world is dumb, disgusting, and it's for weak minded people. Why must humans fabricate ridiculous things. - Jihadi_John_Isis

Porn is actually quite healthy for the human body. Example: A man who is sexually-attracted to a certain genre (sex organs, breasts, weird fetish) will most-likely get an erection to it, and would also masturbate to it which is also helpful for the human body. - DaForry

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24 IXL Math

Don't even try using IXL for learning. It drops kids low IQ. In fact, the questions are stupid, even more stupid that you can rage in one single question. My 5th grade teacher once showed it and when I used it for the first time, It was so awful. Don't learn at this site. - DumbFriesNub

I have to use it for school. The thing that ticks me off about this site is when if you have a high smart score (percentage) and you get a question wrong. When that happens, your score decreases drastically. That AGGRAVATES me beyond belief. - PhoenixAura81

I hate this website so much and I have to use this at school and when you the get wrong your score decreases.
Don’t go to this site.

This website just ruined my life

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Actually, no.
It's one of the best.
First of all, unlike the terrible Facebook, Twitter doesn't have a issue right now. Facebook has the biggest hackers in the world now. Hacking into posts if you click on them your computer's done. It's over.

Even twitter isn't safe from porn - ElSherlock

They suspend people for no reason - Mranonymously

Another good website - PeeledBanana

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Don't visit this website. It has viruses

28 YouTube YouTube YouTube is a global video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States. The service was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. In November 2006, it was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion.

What really makes this site so bad is that users are posting illegally sexual and drug related videos, and making fun of foods, people, and other things, yet they're insulting relationships and making these disgusting videos, they even swear too much, why?
They're just doing it for nothing other than shock value and money, they care more about money than anything, what has the world come to?
I would like to apologize to the YouTube company for not being aware enough of the fact that many YouTube users are doing stupid things because they only want money, there are better ways to make money, by doing something more original, that was what YouTube was back then, awesome viral videos, funny songs, movies you can watch for free without hassle, and of course, the legendary stars, nigahiga and Fred.

But all of those are either gone or messed up, even the best people messed up so much that they ruined their lives and are too hungry for money, they think their stomachs are too ...more

! This should totally be above thetoptens. Why? Well, first, about 60% of youtube is this worthless crap of dumb youtubers doing horrendous stuff. (AKA Logan Paul.) Then 39% is the people who do useless stuff on youtube. Like randomly shaking butt at the camera. The lat 1% is the stuff that you'd want to watch. And they make MONEY off of it! Some people also went to JAIL! And then, the make a video about it to impress the dumb youtube fans. They could do much better stuff, like helping those in need. And they ADDICT people too. Whenever my siblings talk about the latest youtube stuff, I just roll my eyes and wonder, "Who made this crap website? " Also, they show dumb ads, and it always buffers. While I understand that might be unfixable, they could at least do something about the total freaks. Youtube is dying, and I feel bad for those channels that are actually worth it because they are surrounded by people like Logan Paul, and all the dumb fans. I hope youtube never comes back, and ...more

While I'm not saying all of YouTube is bad (I still get a kick out of some of it) it's just not as good as it used to be.
People make all kinds of cringe compilation videos attacking various groups: fat cringe, Christian cringe, SJW cringe, deviantart and Tumblr cringe, etc. It's just an excuse for cyberbullying in the name of "humor". And when people actually make good content (i.e. the horror community) YouTube tries to take it down. That's fair... why?
The comment section is even worse. I don't bother reading it anymore because it just makes me sad and angry. People on deviantart are more respectful.
And when Google took it over, well we know how well that turned out.
Long story short, while there is still some good things about YouTube, it's also gone downhill fast.

Why is YouTube not number 1?

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29 Encyclopedia Dramatica

This website is full of stupids and bad jokes. They are trolls, cyber-bullies, and discrimination. They're making fun and harassing on women, ethnics, cultures, religions, politics, and mental disabilities such as autism. This website must be banned.

Whenever it has an article on a real person, it mentions their mailing address and where they live.. That is not acceptable and ED is trying to invade that person's privacy as much as possible. Do not let this happen to any of us.

It is not funny, not a joke. ED is a breeding ground for cyberbullies. That site should be banned and erased from the Internet, completely.

This belongs on the Deep Web

This site is garbage and should be removed from the internet.

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Oh look, another guy who lives with the mentality that Call of Duty makes you a murderer. Charming. - GraphiteTail

Get this off the list - queenfan91

I'm a kid and not scared of killing and maming

It's fun to go on, but it's full of violence and children should not see people kill each other, plus, when a planet gets destroyed, all the people on it burn and die, you should never see that, it's too much for people, it's too disturbing, billions dead, not even Call of Duty can beat that. - nelsonerica

Then be a responsible parent and don't let your kids see it if you don't want them to. It's not that hard really. - DaForry

31 Roblox

It used to be great, but now it's just 50/50. - Vancedapurpleguy

Full of 7 year olds that cuss, devote their whole lives into virtual inventory items called "limiteds", and some of them make groups that go war against each other. Don't even start with how ridiculous their war groups sound.

One million pounds for just a hat. He only cares about money

The robux thing is terrible. You have to use real money to buy it. But if you get builders club you can get free robu- oh wait, builders club costs money too. And 90% of the comments on this site are basically scams for free robux. And also how come every game I go in there is at least one person speaking some other language? - Pieclone

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Porn ruined Safe sex that's why people kill themselves with pill or hanging.

There is the more famous, and that does the same thing. - nelsonerica

33 Uncyclopedia

What I have seen of this website, it's UN-funny! - giddyjoker

But it's funny... - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

The Wikia and Wikipedia version. - ChuckECheese

There is nothing but forced jokes and random gibberish on here. It's like most of the articles were written by the Family Guy staff. No wonder why it is called "Uncyclopedia"—this website is meant to be unfunny.

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What kind of website is this - YoshiApple

That thumb up was an accident and I don't know how to undo it, I’ll just leave it there. Sorry not trying to offend anyone. Ty - Reney

Nah its okay I don't really care about people giving me a thumbs up - YoshiApple


I can't tell if that's children's laughter or children slaughter, well I certainly hope it's the 1st one and god knows I'm not gonna go there and check even though I play horror games - myusernameisthis

*laughs like a crazy person*
Take that however you want. - Ashes

Don't let it be "children slaughter"! - BorisRule

Was this meant to say children laughter or children slaughter? I hope it's the former.

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Only people who hate him would put this on here. Lol.

You already knew something Justin Bieber related would be on this list.

This isn't even called music.

I wish to see Justin Bieber dead.

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37 Omegle

If you want to know why your parents always told you to never talk to strangers, try chatting on Omegle (just bring lots of eye soap). - Supersalsa

This is why you shouldn't talk to strangers - ElSherlock

Live pornhub

I can't find a single normal person on this website. It is brain damage.

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38 IGN

You can't spell ignorant with IGN. - Hellohi

I think that there is nothing wrong with this site.

Completely biased and terrible reviews. - Randomator

Terrible reviews - venomouskillingmachine

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39 Pokebase

Ok this one imma go into full detail. This is the QńA one I’m talking about. If you are not a nerd, good luck not having your account deleted by another person. That’s right. Another person can delete your account on this website without any of your will. Not only that but the people there are jerks. Like for an example. Hellfire Taco, Fizz, & PX TM. Users who are such @$$-holes who don’t respect non nerds such as me. 7 reasons this website sucks. (7 deadly sins)

1. The Rules
- The rules on this website are insanely hard. Good luck not breaking them. Like if you ask a moveset question, instead of shifting your question (in the comments) and notifications to the original post. They get mad at you and go super hard on you for a simple mistake.

2. The Users
- I swear I’ve never seen such @$$-nine people in my life. I gotta say for a short tempered, arrogant, and rude guy, Hellfire Taco sure has a lot of actual people who like him. It’s insane. Everyone on ...more - BeastKool


Why did I sign up to this? It's terrible, especially remaking stupid music videos with the characters. the movies are just cheap and the clothes are terrible. the design of characters is just so ugly like it was done on paint, the movement is terrible and the music is terrible. I hate that game were you dress up based on the theme given to you and then the judge picks the winner, and sometimes they pick outfits that don't even match. what is the point of a good website when it is terrible in the first place? I agree with the guy below, shut it down, it's pointless. - ArpstaAmy333

I feel the same thing, I signed up to that crap website years ago, and I still regret it today - Jennizilla

I joined this site and quit after 5 minutes - Pieclone

I once made an account on this website years ago. Since it was one of the dullest games I've ever played, I gave up. I'm not sure how long I played it though. Now I get pretty angry every time I see one of their ads because the site is so... boring. - jackintheboxisgross

I feel so sorry for the sad punks that are currently playing that stupid game. Maybe one day when all them losers stop waking up at the wrong side of the bed, they'll realize that Moviestarplanet is nothing but a lying scam!

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I personally do not like the interface. Combining Reddit and Twitter just does not work. Use Seen.Life instead if you are sick of Facebook's constant pandering of neoliberal ideology.

Filled with racists and Neo-Nazis
I'm baffled as to why this isn't number one. - PerfectImpulseX is a good website. I love the usebase. They are so funny with their memes. LOL. The humor here is much better than that of plebbook is not a nazi website. It is actually full of anarcho capitalists or traditional conservatives.

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42 SJWiki

Why do we need a wiki for SJWs? - SurcaneWolf

It´s a wiki ran by SJWs, should be enough. - Supersalsa

43 Animal Jam

The idea isn't bad. A game kids play to also learn a thing or two. But it is very badly carried out. - neehawgamer

People only care about arctic wolves even though there are much better animals to be. They probably only be them just to show off their black long and every time you go on a rare persons trade list there is a masterpiece saying "no begging" or "headdress not for trade" - Pieclone

Ajpw is better

It's horrible! You have to be a member to get the cool animals and when your membership expires you're the same lame animal you started off as. It's a waste of money just for pixels.

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44 Rotten Tomatoes

Terrible at rating movies fairly. Mostly seems to rate on whether the hype was justified or not.

I Don't really care about this movie rating site, I just get confused on why they don't like the movies they hate on - B1ueNew

Terrible review sites and the audience review are cringe worthy and the one that rate the movie a 1 usually said they didn't even watch so idioctic.

Incredibly harsh ratings for good movies. - Catacorn

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45 Access Hollywood

Just as bad as the show


Dear person who thought that it was funny to buy this domain:

It's not. Bye. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Now it redirects to a food market that can probably give you a virus - myusernameisthis

Sounds like it is a parody of Google. X-p - giddyjoker

I thought this said at first LOL. - Vancedapurpleguy

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48 Alluc

It's a site where you watch and download copyrighted shows for free, it's illegal to do that and you can get arrested, Plus, it gives you viruses and you don't ever want that. - nelsonerica

49 RationalWiki

RationalWiki is anything but rational. It just complains about anything that goes outside the SJW/atheist worldview. Sure, I agree that some stuff they talk about is irrational, however most of it is just a bunch of atheists complaining about religion.

I never thought I'd say this, but Wikipedia is more rational than this site.

Full of SJW and left-wing bias. Still good at debunking pseudoscientific and nonsensical theories though. - Raccoon234

Want a left-wing version of the already terrible Conservapedia? RationalWiki is just that: a left-wing version of Conservapedia. - SurcaneWolf

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50 Wikipedia

A lot of vandalism happened on Wikipedia - ElSherlock

This website is okay, as long as you don't look up certain subjects. - giddyjoker

Grawp vandalism from 2007-08 - ChuckECheese

When your teacher tells you not to use Wikipedia, trust them. The website has deceived me before. I had to do an independent novel study and choose out of a list of books. I looked up their plots and one seemed interesting to me, so I chose that book. After I read it, I realized it was nothing like Wikipedia told me! I had to choose another book the day before because the other book was so boring I wouldn't know what to even write an essay about. The only thing Wikipedia is good for is general info, DO NOT USE IT FOR SCHOOL!

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