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I will never look at SpongeBob and super Mario the same again :-(

Who the hell even thought of this idea

All cartoon, videogames, shows, etc porn in general from around the world is dumb, disgusting, and it's for weak minded people. Why must humans fabricate ridiculous things. - Jihadi_John_Isis

Porn is actually quite healthy for the human body. Example: A man who is sexually-attracted to a certain genre (sex organs, breasts, weird fetish) will most-likely get an erection to it, and would also masturbate to it which is also helpful for the human body. - DaForry

Rule 34 my friends

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44 HugeLOL

Taylor sounds like Megurine Luka on crack


This must be way higher - styLIShT

49 CBC CBC CBC News is the division of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation responsible for the news gathering and production of news programs on the corporation's English-language operations, namely CBC Television, CBC Radio, CBC News Network, and

What integrity in journalism looks like. No wonder wing-nuts hate it...

Left wing biased inaccurate "reporting".

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Porn ruined Safe sex that's why people kill themselves with pill or hanging.

There is the more famous, and that does the same thing. - nelsonerica

51 Omegle

I can't find a single normal person on this website. It is brain damage.

And then the creeps wonder why no girls are ever on this. Because of... Uh.. Just look it up in UrbanDictionary and you'll see why girls and women just steer clear of this hell. - Spottedrain

Almost every one asks for sex...

Funny watching gabe helmy on here - EliHbk

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53 LiveScience
54 Something Awful

Absolutely horrible... there's way too many stuff on that page. - Celestius

And why are you all complaining about a site that you can't read! - FallenCelestial

Whoever added this is racist. I'm quarter Norwegian.

56 IGN


57 TMZ

Stupid website that degrades our society

The only thing I hate about tmz is the annoying narrator. HE'S SO RETARDED!



This wiki is so stupid. They make spoofs and junk of various movies where they recast characters from other franchises as those from the movie they're trying to spoof. It's worse if the characters casted are from The Lion King or Thomas the Tank Engine, which often are the cancer that is killing this site, and pretty much don't fit the roles their fans cast them in. They even have 'counterparts' on their character pages, that not all characters there are alike. They also make pages for fake VHS tapes that never happened.

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