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Who would waste time and money making these horrendous websites, certainly not me!

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81 Club Penguin

Waste of time. I made an account and got instantly perm-banned when I first logged on... just saw a lighthouse and "BANNED".. My name was appropriate (bunnylover11) and I have no hacking stuff... Worst website EVER.

I used to play this. I stoped because when you lose your membership you're the same pathetic penguin you were before. That's it. - FernandoLemon

I tried it, and it was BORING, nothing really to do, the penguins look weird, the graphics are cheesy, most things about it are just WRONG.

RIP Club Penguin - The01Bro

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82 deviantART deviantART

All of the annoying furry porn and sonic/pony recolors is what ruins this site.

This website is SCARY! It has nasty as hell drawings of porn and fetishes! Avoid this site like the plague!

I hate Deviant Art because every time I look at pictures it keeps scrolling to about 50 pictures down, and I have to scroll back up to find the picture I was looking at! I also hate the stupid stories, which I get bored halfway no offense. they are NOT art!, I want to see drawings not writing.

Though I agree that some stories can be stupid, writing can actually count as art.

Porn - WendyIsGarbage

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83 Common Sense Media

Actual quotes from Minecraft reviews:
"However, at night time monsters come out and you have to fight them off with weapons and armor. This might scare your child into truly believing monsters do come out at night do to the world's realistic look."
The world isn't realistic! What? And how old are the children you are talking about? 5?

"I would strongly recommend that parents do not let there child buy this dangerous game"
Wow... just.. wow.

"Get it for your kids so they can pretend to kill people! NOT FOR KIDS - stay away from the hunger games ones."
If you think blocky characters dying with no blood or gore is too violent for kids, then I can't imagine what you will say when they want to get Call of Duty.

"My son however was shocked at the the animal turning red and making a noise like he it was hurt. We have stopped letting him play it because he simply doesn't need it."
Again, hardly violent at all... ...more - SammySpore

This website is ass! It's one of the worst of the worst.

While I do think the website is well intended, I think the parents on there are extremely overprotective over entertainment. The website also gives games and other entertainment really high age ratings. For example, some parent reviewers give games with even the smallest amount of violence an 18+ rating and say it's "too violent" for kids when their kid is around the age of 5.


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The tittle says it all. - FernandoLemon

Some random guy bought in 1999 or 2000. It's terrible.

I love it because it's so stupid. I don't like websites that have a point

What is that website? - Lucretia

86 Ranker

TheTopTens has better features than this!

Loads slowly, tells you that you can vote without logging in but the window just blocks the whole page...

The ability to downvote is the worst thing this website has. Upvote your favourite and downvote every last one of the other items, even if you don't know about them. Not right at all. - gaali121


I'm SCARED OF CLOWNS - Pokemonfan10

It's THE NEW IT - Pokemonfan10


Creepy site where theistic satanists go on.

This website sounds cool though... I will make an acccount - Lucretia


What's wrong with the website? It's Jewish? Whoever put this on here is an antisemite. - errrr

90 TV Tropes

This site is geared towards writers and scrip writers to know of, use or be able to avoid using the tropes in their work in progress. It's a highly informative website. It doesn't belong on here, it's for reserch.


There's nothing wrong with fighting for animal rights, but PETA takes this the wrong way, becoming one of, if not the worst animal rights organization. - DaForry

All they do is lie to the poor chumps who are gullible enough to believe them. - Ratman18

MatPat's Son - WendyIsGarbage

93 SportsNet!
94 Giant Bomb
96 Poptropica

Poptropica's a legend idiots

Loved the site, almost as much as Aj... - Lucretia



100 Scientology

Thank God Trump defunded them. Scientology is not a religion but a cult.

Nearly killed south park

Did kill Chef - errrr

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