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101 Staggering beauty

This is so epileptic website...

This gives people seizures


this website is so bad it's cringing! - thetopten

105 Miiverse

This is ao cvoll

I use miiverse a liitle bit now. But Nintendo runied miiverse by putting addims even though I like Nintendo.

The damn admin system on this site...

106 Poptropica V 1 Comment

A guy on YouTube known as I Hate Everything made a video that accurately explains what is wrong with WatchMojo. Also, their actual site is ugly and the videos buffer way too much.

Really inaccurate, biased, or just plane dumb.

One of the blandest sites I've ever seen.

They treat everything like it's so interesting and they talk like news reporters

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108 Bulbapedia

Wow. Whoever put this on here is an obvious Call of Duty freak.

I actully liked bulbapedia much better then pokemon database in my opinion.

You poor suckers Spend Way too much time too see if it is weak or Its Class here - BraixenBreak

110 A.V. Club
111 Panfu

I hope them Pandas fall off a cliff!

They copied Club Penguin!

I used to play this. I think its cancelled now.

113 Instagram

Why does this need to exist and why is it popular, its just like taking Facebook, take just the photo sharing part, and bam, you have Instagram, pointless

Instagram is completely unpleasant. It's just full of uninspired random pictures about people's lives that I don't care about. - stormyskies

For people who can't read

Ruined my community.

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114 Wikia

They changed it to Fandom. WHY? - mayamanga


Better than it was called wikia, now it runs like garbage on google chrone and internet explorer


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115 Rate Your Music

Basically most mainstream songs get lots of crack while people there will just throw all of their stars on rock and metal, which aren't even the greatest music genres in my HONEST opinion - Neonco31


Doge is a better


Too many crashes, unnecessary commercials, crappy games, they only play new episodes, you can't see certain episodes, and the games take forever to load. That is why I hate this website.

My son also hates this websitel, the games are lane keyboard controlled that have crap graffics. There are far too many banners that cause the site to lock up the browser. And all videos are in in a tiny screen with more banners and commercials every three minutes! The site sucks!


This site is very terrible, it has a game creator so bad that you can't even program the damn screen to side-scroll, like really? Even then the games made on there is terrible, and the only "good" ones is the ones that try to be ironicly bad. As bad as it is, at least it isn't popular. - PinataonSugar

One does not simply search up "warrior cat spoof" without finding one from this crap website.

How is a site dedicated to making mini projects essentially bad? - FallenCelestial

Scratch is awesome! it dosnt deserve to be on this list! people are just jelous of other people on How "FAMOUS" They are, the only problem is people remixing and NOT giving credit - HannahMan

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119 Famous Birthdays

CANCEROUS. If you look at who they consider "famous", you WILL cringe. - errrr

Ok what? This is a fun website to go through when you're bored! - ProPanda

120 CD Universe
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