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101 Poptropica V 1 Comment

A guy on YouTube known as I Hate Everything made a video that accurately explains what is wrong with WatchMojo. Also, their actual site is ugly and the videos buffer way too much.

Really inaccurate, biased, or just plane dumb.

One of the blandest sites I've ever seen.

They treat everything like it's so interesting and they talk like news reporters

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104 A.V. Club
106 Panfu

I hope them Pandas fall off a cliff!

They copied Club Penguin!

I used to play this. I think its cancelled now.

108 Instagram

Why does this need to exist and why is it popular, its just like taking Facebook, take just the photo sharing part, and bam, you have Instagram, pointless

Instagram is completely unpleasant. It's just full of uninspired random pictures about people's lives that I don't care about. - stormyskies

For people who can't read

Ruined my community.

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109 Roblox

Full of 7 year olds that cuss, devote their whole lives into virtual inventory items called "limiteds", and some of them make groups that go war against each other. Don't even start with how ridiculous their war groups sound.

One million pounds for just a hat. He only cares about money

Roblox was the best back then, now it's ruined

What is this doing on here? Wow, you all just LOVE your Call of Duty...

Doesn't make an argument defending roblox instead just assumes everyone who dislikes it plays Call of Duty. - HiBye

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110 Bulbapedia

Wow. Whoever put this on here is an obvious Call of Duty freak.

I actully liked bulbapedia much better then pokemon database in my opinion.

111 Rate Your Music

No we are not retarded - jack2244


Doge is a better


Too many crashes, unnecessary commercials, crappy games, they only play new episodes, you can't see certain episodes, and the games take forever to load. That is why I hate this website.

My son also hates this websitel, the games are lane keyboard controlled that have crap graffics. There are far too many banners that cause the site to lock up the browser. And all videos are in in a tiny screen with more banners and commercials every three minutes! The site sucks!


But I like this site. The only place where I get to watch my favorite shows with a wide range of content. And I never had a virus ad problem on this site.

This website is terrible. There are ads everywhere and the video takes way too long to load and sometimes doesn't even come up.

I used this to watch Moshi Monsters: The Movie. I Don't know why I complained about it so much in my review. Now that I've watched a full veraion with better vision, I still consider it an eyesore, but it's better. Now I started to like this site. - redhawk766

I hate how it throws ads in your face. You know the ones: "ERROR! ERROR! WINDOWS HAS DETECTED A VIRUS IN YOUR SYSTEM. CALL 1-800-IWANTOHACKYOU" I wouldn't leave it idling if I was you. - GraphiteTail

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115 CD Universe

Ah, the childhood memories. Good times, good times. - Maplestrip

117 Wikia

They changed it to Fandom. WHY? - mayamanga


The F.ucking staff at wikia block you for no reason, Wasting your valuable time You will not get that time back on your life - bugger


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119 Noisey.Com

Go look up their list of The 123 Worst Muscians of All Time and you'll see why this is one of the worst websites ever made. They're not joking around with the list. THIS IS FOR REAL THIS TIME.

120 Wikipedia

When your teacher tells you not to use Wikipedia, trust them. The website has deceived me before. I had to do an independent novel study and choose out of a list of books. I looked up their plots and one seemed interesting to me, so I chose that book. After I read it, I realized it was nothing like Wikipedia told me! I had to choose another book the day before because the other book was so boring I wouldn't know what to even write an essay about. The only thing Wikipedia is good for is general info, DO NOT USE IT FOR SCHOOL!

Wikipedia is not the problem. Irresponsible kids (and sometimes teenagers + adults) edit it and add incorrect information because they don't care about what would happen if people believed their false claims. It would have been a great site, if only people were more considerate of others. You just need to be able to differentiate the correct information from the false ones.

Not always accurate, not enough information, and is often edited by trolls.

This isn't as bad as people say it is, normally people get the correct information, it's just when you find a trollish edit. This is a good basis for work, but never the only thing you use. - HiBye

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