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You go to vent out your anger only to get comments by rude and immature children that have no business on the internet, instead of giving advice they want to make fun of your rants and even send racist insults.


Nothing but a stupid website for ' pregnant tidbits. - jackintheboxisgross

164 is a company providing online tax preparation software for Americans to electronically file their federal and state income tax returns.

Who put this on here? Whoever did was obviously drunk.

165 Google Nose
166 Answers in Genesis
167 Jesus Is Savior

There is a reason that religious sites like this are hated. It's because not everyone has the same religion. Sites like these have to realize that.

I'm a christian and even I don't like this website. - lolololololol

This has such awfull web design that it's an insult to christians everywhere. My eyes bleed.

169 Wonkette
170 RationalWiki

It wasn't until recently ago when *those* people came over and pretty much turned this site into IrrationalWiki

171 Conservapedia

The title says it all - errrr

This website is discusting!


Go to there website and read one of their articles and you'll see why its here.

176 Fantage

You can't say anything on that site.

V 2 Comments

This website is full of talentless people and full of torture.

It's a website that informs you, and recites people's life into biographies. And most of them aren't even talentless. For example, Charlie Chaplin. - MontyPython

179 The Pirate Bay

At least it' good. - Jihadi_John_Isis

Piracy. What else can I say? - imacg4

This website is blocked on all countries. It gaves you virus. - Maria-Alexandra

180 Drawball V 2 Comments
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