Worst Weezer Albums

Weezer does have some solid albums, but they also have a few terrible ones. And here's a list of some of their worst albums. EPs will also be included. The last four items are filler, but again I needed ten items and that's the only reason why they're there.

The Top Ten

1 Raditude

@Metal_Treasure the hell are you talking about? Lou Reed is a god, the ending result of Lulu is another thing but Lou Reed is a great musician - Pato_cargo

Why did Weezer agree to do a collaboration with Lil Wayne? (Terrible rapper by the way) - Croy987

Sometimes musicians make weird and bad decisions. Why did Metallica agree to do a collaboration with Lou Reed, and ruined their reputation? - Metal_Treasure

It's considered their worst album for a reason, it's insufferable and downright heinous to sit through.

1. Raditude
2. Pacific Daydream
3. Make Believe
(this three are the only weezer albums that I found bad)
4. Red
5. Hurley
6. Green
8. Maladroit
9. White
10. Blue
11. Pinkerton - Pato_cargo

2 Pacific Daydream

Worth at least one spot on this list.

3 Hurley

Update: Listened to it and it's average.

Haven't listened to it yet but I've heard bad things about it.

And how exactly are you going to put this one almost over the top if you didn't heart it yet? - Pato_cargo

4 Weezer (Black Album)

Listened to it, and it's a great album.

This album JUST came out ffs.

5 Weezer (White Album) Weezer (White Album)

Not top 10 material in my opinion, it was a decent album and better compared to a majority of the crap they made rom 2005 - 2010.

Pretty decent in my opinion.

6 Weezer (Red Album)

Update: Listening to it right now and it's mediocre...

Also haven't listened to this one yet but I've heard bad things about it.

7 Weezer (Teal Album)

I thought this was album was good, please don't get triggered.

8 Everything Will Be Alright in the End

I kind of like this album, sure it's no Pinkerton but it's awesome.

9 Death to False Metal

Update: HOLY CHRIST this album sucks... other than the song Trampoline it's garbage.

Haven't heard good things about it, might consider listening to it if it's as bad as people say it is.

10 Make Believe

Pretty mediocre, and only has maybe four good songs.

The Contenders

11 iTunes Originals

Not terrible but again I needed ten items.

12 Christmas with Weezer

Not as bad as any other albums on this list so it's pretty low.

13 The Lion and The Witch

Kind of a filler item, but again it's a mediocre compilation album and I need ten items.

14 Six Hits

Not terrible just a mediocre compilation album, and in all honesty they have more than six hits. Also I needed ten items... so this is sort of filler.

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