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1 Can't Stop Partying

Weezer collaborating with Lil Wayne. It went exactly like I expected.

It's a disgrace to the great band weezer. - Quart

This is so bad that it just makes me laugh at how bad this song is come on it's WEEZER WITH WEEZY how can you not laugh at how riducliously stupid that is but it's also kinda sad too cause the acoustic version of this song found on Rivers solo album is much better. - christangrant

2 Beverly Hills

This is the most abysmal song that they ever released. Not to mention it's overrated as heck. - Mumbizz01

Yup this one sure is annoying and it sucks. - christangrant

3 We are All on Drugs

It's actually pretty good, it's got a message that's a little deep, but not too deep for weezer, it's also very catchy - mtndewlord

4 In the Mall
5 The Girl Got Hot
6 I'm Your Daddy
7 Let It All Hang Out
8 Troublemaker

I personally like this song. But seeing it this low on the list, I'm not gonna fret. - cjWriter1997

9 Where's My Sex

This one should be number 1, at least can't stop partying wasn't disturbing.

No... just no

10 Freak Me Out

This one's alright, it's got a cool atmosphere - mtndewlord

The Contenders

11 Hold Me

No way, this is actually one of the Make Believe hitlights

12 Feels Like Summer
13 Beach Boys
14 Mexican Fender
15 Time Flies

Too boring in my opinion

16 The Greatest Man that Ever Lived

It's so unnecessary and weird, and NOT in a good way. The lyrics are terrible as well.

17 Back to the Shack
18 Happy Hour
19 La Mancha Screwjob
20 Get Right
21 I Don't Want to Let You Go
22 Trainwrecks
23 Ruling Me
24 Blowin' My Stack
25 I'm a Robot
26 Losing My Mind
27 Ain't Got Nobody
28 This is Such a Pity
29 Pardon Me
30 Autopilot
31 Any Friend of Diane's
32 Everybody Get Dangerous
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1. Beverly Hills
2. Can't Stop Partying
3. I'm Your Daddy
1. Can't Stop Partying
2. We are All on Drugs
3. Beverly Hills


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