Worst "Weird Al" Yankovic Songs of All Time


The Top Ten

1 Girls Just Want to Have Lunch
2 Dare to Be Stupid

This song is awesome! It's very underrated and does not deserve to be on this list!

3 The Saga Begins

Really?! The Saga Begins is a Weird Al classic and is also one of his best songs ever, and this ends up #2 on the worst weird Al songs list? UNBELIEVABLE!

4 Bob
5 Like a Surgeon
6 A Complicated Song

This one is so funny!

7 Canadian Idiot

Its just kind of lame compared to his better ones.

You have no humor in you - Grumpybob

8 I'll Sue Ya
9 Attack of the Radioactive Hamsters from a Planet Near Mars
10 Polka Face

The saga begins rocks - 445956

The Contenders

11 Do I Creep You Out
12 Now That's What I Call Polka!
13 UHF
14 Bedrock Anthem
15 Polka Party!
16 Ringtone
17 Taco Grande
18 Since You've Been Gone

Why is The Saga Begins at 2, or even on here? That one rocks, this one sucks. - istooduptoabully

19 Lasagna
20 Mr. Frump In the Iron Lung

Come on guys, most of these aren't bad. You gotta go way back to get any truly tasteless material out of Al.

21 Pancreas
22 I Can't Watch This
23 It's All About the Pentiums
24 Trapped In the Drive-Thru
25 Gump
26 Dog Eat Dog
27 The Biggest Ball of Twin In Minnesota
28 White & Nerdy

Really? Why is this song on this list if it ranks #1 on the list of best weird al songs?

*puts up middle finger* - DapperPickle

29 The Night Santa Went Crazy
30 Headline News
31 Word Crimes
32 Smells Like Nirvana
33 Virus Alert
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