Worst Wide Receivers Entering the 2018 NFL Season

Wide Receivers seems like something that's been growing better, and well evolved compared to tailbacks who now have committee styles. Every team for the most part have some sort of #1 and #2 some have a nice 3rd option as well. Point is though there are just those players that are not accounted for on gameday.

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Kevin White Kevin Romone White Jr. is an American football wide receiver who is a free agent. He played college football at West Virginia and was drafted 7th overall by the Chicago Bears in the 2015 NFL Draft. White went onto have multiple injuries pushing him from the starting lineup, by the time 2018 season proceeded ...read more.

Every single one of these may have gotten hurt, and couldn't play a game, but Kevin White makes them all look like a god I mean seriously how is he still on the roster? All the injuries this guy has suffered to all come from the lower body particularly meaning the player that he was in college is not the same in the pros. You'll be so gone after this season Da Bears are better off without this infamous bust. - htoutlaws2012

Breshad Perriman

I really wanted to put Perriman as the top worst receiver coming into this season I really did, but you know what there is another player technically worse than him, but will get to it later. Breshad has dropped more passes I have seen. He enters this year with no 5th year deal which means play to your best our get outta Baltimore. - htoutlaws2012

John Ross

How does a 1st round pick only come up with only 1 catch for 12 yards that's not using him to your own ability. He is presumably the fastest receiver, but I don't see any evidence of that on the field since they don't throw to him at any point making me believe if for some reason his healthy, and once again nothing goes in his direction bust player, but he still has a chance to turn around slightly unlike... - htoutlaws2012

He only played 3 games last year.

Terrelle Pryor Terrelle Pryor Sr. is an American football wide receiver for the New York Jets of the National Football League.

The one hit wonder who worth a crap in Cleveland goes immediately to Washington and what do you know he absolutely sucked. Now he heads to the Jets which may be his last destination to hang around at. Pryor had potential to be maybe the type of wild card player who could do more than one position, but in due time he'll be forgotten probably. - htoutlaws2012

Josh Doctson

After starting a full season for the Redskins he manged to have some playing time, and while its not very impressive h could turn things around however if more drop passes continue its gonna be a long season for Alex Smith to get use to this mediocre receiving crop. - htoutlaws2012

Mike Wallace

Wallace hasn't been nearly the player he was when he started out in Pittsburgh, since bouncing from Miami, to Minnesota, to Baltimore, to now Philly its safe to say his decent only if the system works out for him fine, but seeing his like a backup option for any of the starters get hurt he'll try to have effort put in by letting Carson Wentz done. - htoutlaws2012

Corey Coleman

His defiantly the weak link of the Browns crop. At best his very inconsistent early on he could try to redeem himself, but when you drop a ball where you could of given this team at least one win is inexcusable and you must be included. - htoutlaws2012

Laquon Treadwell

Imagine if they never took Treadwell instead they got Michael Thomas who is good in a certain system you would of had a very dynamic trio there, but unfortunately you don't have that, but you have at least two good receivers just not the 3rd option who you have given little faith in the last 3 seasons. - htoutlaws2012

Mike Williams

Hmm... this pattern is interesting Mike Williams the I an offensive lineman for the Bills not very good blocker. Lions draft Mike Williams the II he blunders out had been okay with Seattle, but ultimately made room for him by other proceeding wide outs that came to town. Mike Williams the III comes in his first year and not supringly blunders out meanwhile the Chargers did have a nice offense overall take a good look Rivers already has Benjamin, Henry, & Allen to work with however we may be seating here going what was the point of drafting this type of guy with a lineage cursed name since the 2000's? - htoutlaws2012

Sammy Watkins Sammy Watkins is an American football wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League. Watkins was drafted 4th overall to the Buffalo Bills. His known for having injury prone problems on multiple occasions in Buffalo since coming into the league in 2014.

Starting with a guy who was okay at best with the Rams cut em loose to Arrowhead I can't see this being a good transition honestly. Specially when Tyreek Hill is the trendy player than as with Watkins whose an injured prone waste of space just like Sam '' made of glass'' Bradford. - htoutlaws2012

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Emmanuel Sanders Emmanuel Niamiah Sanders is an American football wide receiver for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League.
Ricardo Louis
Brice Butler
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