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21 Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games V 1 Comment
22 Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Call of Duty sucks

No. Call of Duty should stay on xbone, no one wants Call of Booty over good fun Nintendo games. - ShyGuySwag

Terrible :/ - spodermanfan1000

23 Devils Third

I haven't even played the game but it looks bad especielly the graphics evetything is low resolution

24 DuckTales: Remastered

This game was good on the original and remastered your quite stupid about this because it was good. Clement is going after you.

25 Deal or No Deal V 2 Comments
26 Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures

It Kills My Eyes I Just Had To Put This Game On!

I think the show is okay, but seeing their faces up close like that is creepy!

Just go play the Pacman World games, don't even bother with this.

I'm surprised they had the nerve to make a sequel as well. You can't polish a turd. - Entranced98

V 4 Comments
27 Super Mario 3D World

Who put this, new super Mario/luigi bros you and Mario kart 8 on this list? - Harri666

Who put this and Mario kart 8 on this list

WHAT THE HECK?!?! Take it off right now!

The only cons are 1. the game is a bit too short 2. it's too easy the rest is good

V 9 Comments
28 Splatoon

I love this game. It is the best Wii U game ever! I don't play online unless I'm at a friend's house because of bad internet connection. The turf wars aren't just it. There's a story mode about an octopus army taking a catfish with electricity called the Great Zapfish. It's up to you to get it back on the Inkopolis tower. Just look it up, or buy the game, and see what I mean. The enemies are CUTE. JUST LOOK AT THEM. They do have slightly derpy faces, but they are still very cute. This game RULES!

This Game Does Not Suck! How Dare You! Take This Game Off The Damn List!

In my opinion, Splatoon rocks literally. It looks gorgeous, feels great and in my opinion, the best third/first person shooter out there. And I am not yelling 'PUT THIS OFF THE LIST' because I am not a maniac. - PugLlama

I like the game but the crappy porn! THE PORN!

V 14 Comments
29 EarthBound

This isn't even a Wii U game it's a SNES game - Pikachu7586

Earthbound rocks! It shouldn't deserve that!

V 4 Comments
30 Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

People said this game is really good but I disagree it's more of the same old nothing that sets it apart other than new villains.

Who put this here? A 5 year old? This one's well designed, challenging and plays beautifully. - Entranced98

Hard, levels too long, not the best replay abilities, not bad though! - toptenzen

This game is awesome! A bit hard for newbies though

V 3 Comments
31 Injustice: Gods Among Us

This is a great game, what is it doing on this list? - VideoGamefan5


People think it's a mortal kombat rip off.
But its made by the same people who made MK
Its very fun to!

I don't think you understand how the top tens works, once it's on the list, you can't take it off, retard - Sanicball

32 ZombiU
33 Cube Life: Island Survival
34 Minecraft: Story Mode - The Complete Adventure
35 New Super Mario Bros. U

Why would you butts say that? This game is not that bad!

Some flaws, kinda hard, but not the 24th worst game on the Wii U! - toptenzen

Only a hug dumbass like you would say that

Dis game is better than 50000000000000000000000000000000 dollars so shut up

V 3 Comments
36 FIFA Soccer 13 V 2 Comments
37 Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed V 1 Comment
38 Need for Speed Most Wanted U

Well the Ultimate Speed Pack was added as in-game standard in this version. However, there were no more DLC's compared to the Xbox 360/PS3/PC versions. - SelfDestruct

V 2 Comments
39 Earthbound Beginnings
40 Wii Sports Club V 2 Comments
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