Worst Wii U Games

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41 Wii Sports Club

This Game Is Good - VideoGamefan5


42 Batman: Arkham Origins
43 Smash Tour

A Complete Junky Mess, Worst Smash Mode Ever - VideoGamefan5

44 Mighty No. 9
45 Madden NFL 13

Overrated - VideoGamefan5

46 The Croods: Prehistoric Party!

It's just a party game - VideoGamefan5

47 Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
48 Nintendo Land
49 Super Smash Bros.

This game is awesome! Like, who doesn't know that? I have played it, and it is so much better than the normal Wii one. The Wii u one you can create your own maps, custom and make miis for them to battle in the game, you can defeat challenges to get stuff, and there's more but I'm going to far with this. Lets just say, try the game and look at all the features.

Is there some kind of law stating that every Wii U game has to be on this list?

The game isn't even out yet

People complaing because its unfair, TRAIN TILL YOU GET BETTER, ITS NOT HARD!

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50 Pikmin 3

This is the best game ever - ikerevievs

This is my favorite game... I'm a hardcore pikmin fan

Pikmin games are boring

While I haven't actually played this game, I find the Pikmin... Kinda creepy to be honest. Go play Pokepark for kawaiiness ^_^

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51 The Wonderful 101

I like this game a lot way is it hated

Ass-crack game

This games sucks

Stupid controls, Unfunny jokes, and PANTY SHOTS! what, Platnium Games?! Did you make Bayonetta, Star Fox Zero and Transformers Devestation? Or did you just make this stupid piece of crap instead of releasing Bayonetta 2 early?

52 Mario vs Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars

Don't buy this game, because this game is exactly the same game of MvDK Mini Mayhem for the Nintendo DSi. Why, because the 2D elements are the same, the sountracks in this game is the same too! It's a bad pain in the butt and there is NO bosses in this game. Wanna buy a better game, buy mini mayhem then!

53 Shovel Knight

Shovel knight is a great game what is it doing on this list

54 Bayonetta 2

I got this game just to see what the fuss was about. Glad I saved the receipt. It actually got quite aggravating fairly quickly, and I have no interest in an extremely rude and violent woman let alone her vagina.

The boss fights are repetitive, the controls are annoying, the story made not even the slightest sense thus I couldn't get invested in it, and the so-called heroine is an obnoxious, childish er... what Kyle's mom is according to Cartman.

I'm pretty sure "Whoever made this game, swarmed the Smash Ballot, and whichever Nintendo employees decided to just ok her inclusion without a second thought are the ones who must've been on something" was simply a response to "Whoever made this list must've been on something". It's quite possible that person had other, non-Smash related issues with this game but the Smash ballot was the their only defense against being accused of being on something.

The nadir of the current feminist movement

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55 Mother 3

"cough" "cough" it is a gba game "cough" "cough" - PugLlama

It did also get a release on Wii U Virtual Console in Japan. Still, this list should really be for titles originally released on the Wii U. - Entranced98

56 Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game

Bad Camera Angle, But Not A Bad Game - VideoGamefan5

57 Game Party Champions
58 The Amazing Spider-Man 2
59 The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild
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