Worst Wikipedia Languages


The Top Ten

1 Herero
2 Hiri Motu

Hiri Motu (or Police Motu, Pidgin Motu, or just Hiri) is one of the official languages in Papua New Guinea.
Are there really articles in wikipedia in this language?

3 English

Why does this Wikipedia exist? I don like it, to less information and a horrible language itself.

The most common language in the world, but the other wikipedias are now getting stronger and stronger especially the Japanese and the German wikipedia. So better learn these languages.

4 Italian

The problem with wikipedia Italian articles it's that the content in most of them say something completely different of the 'master' English one.

Italian it is mine langage, and I am prod of to speaking this langage is the best in the full earth.


5 Kanuri

Less than 100 articles? Seriously! I can name common sense things like the alphabet that need articles! Kanuri should be #2 worst. Only one to beat it should be Herero, which has 6 articles ONLY.

6 Indonesian
7 Slovak
8 French

The 3rd most diffused on Wikipdia, one major language used for diplomatic issues.

9 Choctaw
10 Muscogee

The Newcomers

? Cornish
? Welsh

The Contenders

11 Kuanyama
12 Afar
13 Marshallese
14 Sichuan Yi
15 Ndonga
16 Russian
17 Waray
18 Bulgarian
19 German

Too deletionist and not tough enough on hate speech.

20 Latin
21 Arabic
22 Spanish
23 Portuguese
24 Dutch
25 Hungarian
26 Czech
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